Crotchy-Licious: Coco Launches A Clothing Line To Give Women “An Extra Life For Her Gift”

- By Bossip Staff

Coco wasn’t content keeping her skanky getups to herself, so she is now launching a line so other women can let it all hang out too. Sharing is caring right? Needless to say, we’re afraid, very afraid, to see what this line looks like.

Coco held a launch for her new line, Licious, at Grace Hotel in NYC last night. The clothes are being marketed to “the everyday woman with curves” and are said to “have that extra stretch within their step” for those that “need an extra lift for her gift.”

SMH… So basically this isht is all made from Lycra and Spandex.

The line is made up of dresses, swimwear and jeans in sizes 2-14, available in a range of bright colors. Coco recruited models to showcase the looks last night. She also introduced Team Coco, her workout collection.

We’re hoping it offers a bit more coverage than what we’ve seen her working out in:

“My clothes are meant to make a statement,” the former Playboy model said. “I’m not dull in any way and all the bright colors and styles show that.”

“This is for the woman who wants to show off a little more. I always had a problem getting my clothes to fit right, I was always getting them tailored so I know what women go through.”

SMH @ this broad getting spandex “tailored” !


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  • CAN AM

    How many of you sistas dare to step in those 10inch heels? Damn. 🙂 Good luck Coco.

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  • nu2deepmami

    Why are you so fascinated about this trailer trash and Uncle Tom?

  • oscardel



    WOW, how times have changed. Or maybe not. I was in the store the other day and I saw a PIC of Snoop Dog, and some busted looking BECKY selling some cheap liqueur. It really amazes me how America sees the Black man when it comes to white women. It’s okay to have that PIMP image/mentality with a busted or WHORISH looking white woman on his side, but don’t let America see a Brotha like
    President Barack Obama, or some other intelligent looking fine AZZ black man with a white woman on his arm, AMERICA would be hatin’ on the brotha all day. Ice T knew when he married Coco, he married his soul mate. Both of them are PAID HOES!!



  • CUT the BULLSH!T

    You mean, always happy to be obsessed about black women, hiding your envy with hatred……so obsess away, I know there’s nothing more important in your life than black women and what they’re doing.

    Good day 🙂

  • Pretty girl

    She must be making a line of clothes for hoes and strippers, because that is the way she dresses, like a hoe and a stripper. And Ice T was her pimp before marryin her and she was a hoe. Wonder if he still continues to not call her coco but bytch like he said. The reason why they have no children together is because pimps don’t allow their hoes gettin pregnant by them.

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