Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: The “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya Checks Himself Into Rehab

- By Bossip Staff

Maybe all those gay rumors and pictures of him wearing panties drove him to drugs…

According to TMZ reports:

We’re told De La Hoya is seeking treatment for a substance abuse problem and checked into a California-area facility within the last few weeks.

De La Hoya has posted a flurry of very introspective tweets in the past few days, including, “Take a deep breathe and let out all that anger that makes you hate. it really is going to be o.k.” and “Stop finding excuses not to live. life is controlled by what you make of it and not of what it makes of you.”

De La Hoya retired back in 2009. He had a career record of 39-6, held several championship belts, and won an Olympic Gold Medal back in 1992.

The drug of choice hasn’t been specified but we hope that Oscar gets his life together during his time in the clinic.

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  • uhohitslelani@aol.com

    bwahahahahahah, I knew it!
    Ever since he was on “Surreal Life”. smmfh

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  • Robert

    There’s nothing funny about addiction

  • candygirl

    I figure that shyt all men are hinding there gayest they all need to come out the close

  • Double

    That’s sad, I hope he gets the help he needs before he ends up dead.

  • drenk

    im glad this tranny didnt try and say he has bipolar disease, or is stressed or is dealing with “exhaustion”

    im sure after the getting cleaned up he can be back in fishnets and heels like the good ol days….


    It looks like he was kidding around with his wife and the media took it to the next level

    • Fear of a Black Nation

      Would you kid around with your wife or husband like that then release them to the media

  • YoungObama

    Those pictures are hilarious. Glad he’s in Rehab.

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    he always seemed alil soft to me

  • Duhmazing

    First of all, glad he is getting the help he needs, secondly, for all of those who want’s to laugh at his choice of attire, remember, he can still kick your @ss!



  • Sha

    I understand the addiction part but are these celebs really that bored that they have to cross dress and be so strange behind close doors or is everyone actually gay or bi underneath?

  • christie_love

    I hope that he gets well,smh.

  • http://www.aol.com Ben

    Where are all the dumb latinos who are always telling us how superior, bright and light all latinos are Bianca, panamanian miguel, palest latina-great role model.

  • spongetta citronella

    Its official, De La hoya likes it up the azz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sport


  • sandy773

    OMGGGGGGG 5/23/11, 10:39:AM

    That’s not his wife..

  • Veehova37

    Clearly Photoshopped…NUFF SAID!!!

  • WomanWasMadeForMan

    The pics are real they are not photoshopped- there’s more photos than that out there on Oscar in highly questionable situations.

    • Jose

      pics aren’t real… that shi_ts hella old. The skank who released them had even confused they were photoshopped.

  • Lady Orpheus

    De La Hoya’s alleged rehab stint isn’t his first De La Hoya made headlines outside of the ring. In 2007, photos of the boxer were leaked that purported to show De La Hoya, accompanied by a woman who wasn’t his wife, dressed in women’s clothing.

    The following year, the former exotic dancer who leaked the pictures dropped a $25 million lawsuit after experts revealed that the photos were doctored.


    Couldn’ta been more on point. I could have told anyone a long time ago this dude did coke. You could easily tell from his dimeanor in the spotlight while promoting those fights. “Golden Boy” promotions, that says it all. All them big-time-high-flash muhfukas snort that yayo.

  • donna

    Any fool with decent eyesight can see those photos are not real. His head in all the pictures are too big for the body, especially in the first photo. And you can clearly see in the neck area in the third one.
    All in all, he is one hell of a fighter, and I wish him well.

  • Honut Sinti

    What, you no likey?

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