For Discussion: The Recession Has Hit Black Men The Worst, Being Called “Black Mancession”

- By Bossip Staff

The Great Recession is sometimes known as the “Mancession” because men were hit so hard by unemployment, but a better term for it might be the “Black Mancession.” While recent data show white men are finding more job opportunities than they did last year, black male job seekers are still in an economic black hole. In April, the jobless rate among adult white males was 7.9 percent, up from 4.1 percent three years ago but down from 9.3 percent in the same month last year.

Compare that to the jobless rate of 17.0 percent among black men, down from 17.7 percent a year ago but more than double the rate of 8.4 percent three years ago. “Since the 1920s the two-to-one ratio has defined black-to-white unemployment in the U.S.,” said Charles Gallagher, chair of the sociology department at La Salle University in Philadelphia. But, he added: “This recession has been particularly hard on black men.” A continued hemorrhaging of jobs in urban areas, a decline of jobs that pay well but don’t require lots of education, and a decline in government jobs in cities, , have all combined to hurt black males, he said.

Losses in good-paying manufacturing jobs also have hit black men hard, said Harry Holzer, author of “Where Are All the Good Jobs Going?” and public policy professor at Georgetown University.
Even though we’re in a recovery, he said, “it’s been very, very slow, and back men are showing the least progress with little sign so far that unemployment rates are improving.”



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  • ti

    The biggest lie in American history! It’s not here anymore.

    It may not be what you want to do,but you can find work!

    • audi

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    • harlemqueen

      Combat racial discrimination by employers

      To promote equal opportunity for job seekers, active protections must be in place. These include vigorous enforcement of antidiscrimination laws, increased support for affirmative action policies, and tax incentives for employers to promote workplace diversity.

      Support the Employee Free Choice Act

      The Employee Free Choice Act gives workers the choice to organize unions, raises penalties when the law is violated, and promotes good-faith bargaining so that employees can negotiate a first contract. Strong unions promote income equality and raise wages for all workers.

    • Brown Barbie

      @ BALANCE, That’s the realest ish said on here!

    • WTF!

      There is no way we should have a conversation about the high unemployment rate among Blacks in this country w/out bringing up the fact that African Americans have a poor relationship w/money. We have been conditioned to beg for things we NEED and spend on things we WANT. We have a wasteful spending habit of 900billion dollars per year. We don’t make our dollars work for our benefit. What could we achieve if we invested our dollars into OUR community? We can put out own people to work, fund our own schools, create our own businesses. However the same Black ppl complaining about they can’t find a job our the same ones that will tell you that supporting Black owned businesses is racist.

    • Salina

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  • CAN AM

    No matter what goes wrong, black men will always feel the pinch. It is simple racism and they know it. Despite some of the extremely mean comments about black women on this site, I will always have love for black men. If we don’t support them, they will be left behind to die on purpose.

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      I get tired of black people screaming about investing in “our community” when a lot of us didn’t grow up in a predominantly black community. I grew up in the suburbs, live in the suburbs and so do my children. Whenever I have gone with someone I know to a predominantly black anything, it has been made very clear that I am not welcome and I don’t fit in with their “crowd” so why should I care about the “black community” when they don’t care about me or themselves? Don’t get me wrong, I love myself and my children are black and I prefer black men out of any other race of man on this earth, but that is where my “pro black” view stop.


    You can always start a business.Even if it’s just cleaning floors or yards.Your money & your schedule will be yours…and you NEVER have to worry about being fired.

    • Chaka1

      AMEN! *Hand to Jesus*

      Black men need to:

      1. Start a business (not bidness)

      2. Enter into the MEDICAL and TECHNOLOGY fields. That’s where the real jobs are.

      The days of working in factories, like farming, are over. There is no manufacturing in the U.S. High-tech is where it’s at.

  • robbie


    • Sepia830

      LOL. Don’t put that on Obama. What was the black man’s excuse BEFORE the recession?

  • Kim

    I agree with ti to an extent…the job market/ economy is making a comeback but it’s very slow. There are jobs, but you gott look in the right places.

    But I’ve seen a lot of people (black, white, whatever) that are taking advantage of the situation…living off of unemployment and government funding for school & not even TRYING to get a job & using the poor economy as an excuse to not work.

    • harlemqueen

      What’s more, persistent racial discrimination has enhanced the effects of various factors that have limited the employment opportunities available to black men over time. A cross-sectional analysis of employers by Harry J. Holzer of Georgetown University found that employers are generally more averse to hiring black males than those from any other racial and gender group, especially in jobs that require social or verbal skills and in service occupations.

    • Curious1 aka Go Hard or Go Home

      found that employers are generally more averse to hiring black males than those from any other racial and gender group, especially in jobs that require social or verbal skills and in service occupations.

      uh..D’uh…whose FAULT is this..that comps want an articulate,educated, socially disciplined male to work in their corporation…gimme a break..LOL…

    • Chaka1

      Thank you! If you walk in talking like Kanye, you are not going to get hired.

      Learn how to speak. Learn how to sell. Learn how to work efficiently. Learn how to work smart.

      You will get a job…

  • Sh*t's Real In America!

    Sh*t’s Real In America! Sending our troops off to die for middle east opium trade drug was. Soldiers coming home cripple mentally and physically. America Giving towel heads a billion $$ for jobs. Only 2% of the 2011 college graduates have jobs. 2011 high school grads NO REAL PROSPECTS FOR JOBS. OBAMA how are you going to ask the YOUNG REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS TO ROCK THE VOTE 2012?????

    Tired of looking at and reading about the lawless always fighting middle eastern and thugs destroying their country in the media. Is this what our current government wants our young citizens to do??? Sh*t’s real in America! CLOSE THE GOT-DANG BORDERS SEND THE GENERATIONS OF ILLEGALS HOME!

    • Kim

      Let’s not forget who got us into all of this mess. Bush really f’ed this country up; when you’ve been down in the gutter you can’t expect to fix everything overnight, but we’re getting there.

  • melby

    Black men just find another way. There is still some GREAT black men out there no matter what anyone say. I don’t care who your with as long as it’s real love keep trying to do what’s right for you and your family. I have nothing but love for the ones that’s doing what they have to do.

    • harlemqueen

      Develop comprehensive re-entry services for ex-offenders

      Prisons coupled with high rates of incarceration have actively widened the gap between poor black men and everyone else. States and local communities must develop policies and programs across agencies aimed at reintegrating former prisoners into their communities with full-time, consistent employment and developing a continuum of services and supports from prison to the community. Prisoners also need access to job preparation and education programs, since research suggests these programs lower recidivism rates. Employment discrimination and legal barriers against ex-offenders who do not pose a safety or security threat must be redressed. More importantly, policymakers must examine ways to break the cycle of incarceration and prevent initial entry of black men into the criminal justice system.

  • oscardel


  • The real "Whatever"

    Wonder who is going to take this bait? Half of those dudes have non tax paying hustles. Street pharmicist, mooching off mom or gf etc.

  • Prisoner2938(FormerlyNotReallyInterested)

    The economic woes of black America are no secret. With the majority of U.S. jobs being transported overseas it is no coincidence that black males are suffering in the job market. Part of it stems from lack of education and job training. The other half is the economy. Historically, blacks have always been at the bottom of the economic latter in America. Last hired and first fired will always apply in our society. It is what author William Wilson calls “laissez faire” racism. Those of you familiar with Adam Smith will understand.

    • harlemqueen

      Support the creation of “green jobs” in low-income communities

      It is imperative that black men have access to meaningful employment opportunities in thriving and sustainable industries. Many jobs in the renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and green building fields are middle-skill jobs that require more than a high-school education but less than a four-year degree. And these jobs are well within reach for lower-skill and low-income workers as long as they have access to effective workforce training and support programs. Green jobs also pay decent wages and can provide opportunities for advancement and high-level skill development.

  • Sh*t's Real In America!

    CAM AM that was so lame? Who the heck supported and fought for their right to hump or even look at Becksters without being hung from a tree!!!! BLACK FEMALES! Beckster’s Daddy, grandfather, Uncle, brother said when she gets a nicca she is a nicca. Yes we love our little nieces and nephews….ok! Its black MEN saying the ignorant stuff and knows that when the sh*t gets deep to run to or call black females. lol….when he becky and the kids get shifted its their black relatives let them in….ok.

    • ImmaLetYaFinishButUhhh...

      So true, SRiA!

      They’ll eventually find a way to blame this on black women.

    • harlemqueen

      So, what is going on? Black men seem not to be included in this slow recovery and what does it mean for the long term future of the black community. The unemployment rates reported are always lower than reality. What is the rate if part-time and underemployment are factored in. Where are the crisis level emergency outcries, because as we speak, decades of economic gains in the black community are being destroyed?


  • 2012NOW

    Barry and Mooch off for another Euro vacay.
    Go ahead, people – let the lying racists liberals continue to tell you, you are all victims and it’s “the man’s fault”. the lying liberal racists are “the man” – go ahead – continue to vote for the Dems that keep you in victim mode by lying to you – show them you are as stupid as they already believe you are.
    You aren’t – show them you aren’t.

    • harlemqueen

      Recessions hurt us all, but they hurt poor and marginalized populations the most. A conscious and careful analysis of the actual and anticipated effects of economic and spending policies on communities of color and low-income families is critical to ensuring an economic recovery that will “lift all boats” and provide sustained income growth and employment opportunities for all communities.

  • harlemqueen

    To address this crisis, policymakers must address the root causes of black men’s difficulties in the labor market, including high rates of incarceration, limited education, child support arrearages, and discrimination.Racial equity and equal opportunity must be at the forefront of policies that will promote economic recovery and create jobs.

    • harlemqueen

      Black men’s dire employment situation demands a targeted and effective policy intervention to counter the negative trends in workforce opportunities and behaviors that have developed over time and that are currently on the rise. Policymakers should adopt a range of policies—many of which are race neutral—that will have disproportionately positive impacts on black men.

      Soaring unemployment rates among black men mean that increases in the number of black households in poverty are sure to follow, and poverty will only deepen for those households that are already poor. Some estimates, such as Mark Zandi’s on Moody’s, forecasted a rise in the unemployment rate to upward of 11 percent in 2010, meaning that several million more Americans will be living in poverty in the coming years.

    • DR.FUNK

      Not looking for “targeted help” from “policy makers”.Had plllleeeenttty of that the last 50 years.THIS is where it’s got us.Your manifesto is nothing new or innovative.Just let’s individually & collectively aim our efforts at entrepreneurship.That’s a good start.

    • LuLuBlonde


      By the way you type, I picture you to be the natural and educated Lauren Hill type… Dahonestlie is here once again spewing her hatred of black men….tsk tsk

    • CAN AM

      HarlemQueen rocks!

    • Truth Hurts

      These policymakers you are mentioning are politicians that are typically white and have a law degree so helping a black community are typically on their “last to do” list. They really enjoy the steady flow from black clients through attorney fees. All are not like this but there are some that are.

    • Chaka1

      Policymakers are no longer interested in the individual plight of the black man. You must rescue yourself. If you see racism, call an attorney (thus our need for more black attorneys). The solutions are more black businesses and black need to get more service, health, and technology focused careers.

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

    WOW – so you mean the almighty white woman into whom the black man puts such faith, respect, promise and credence can’t seem to get his unemployment numbers lowered any at all?? She can’t employ him since she loves, respects and worships him soooo much?? Tsk tsk tsk!! Whodda thunk it???


      The majority of businesses in america are owned by white men, dumbazz, your silly azz couldnt wait until you had something to say about a black man. SMFH

    • harlemqueen

      A common reaction of African American women when seeing African American men who are in interracial relationships (especially European American women) is anger.

      Most of the time this particular “Anger” comes from knowing blacks who may have a sense of self hatred: being “Black” in the US is undervalued, and even denigrated. One young man who was intervied for a book talked about the way that most of his friends who were Black all seemed to feel obligated to qualify their ethnicity and racial status by pointing to ways that they were “mixed.” There is something very perverse about a society that leads its people to feel bad about themselves so much so that it becomes important to be something other than who they may really be.

      On the other hand interracial relationships used to be hard for me to observe, but I think if you can find someone that you have a wonderful relationship with, then you have scored a touch down! A lot of people are running around and are afraid to commit. I think if we, as a black race, looked at that issue, it might tell us alot.
      I think alot of us are afraid to commit!

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      Just as YOU can’t wait until you have the opportunity to dog a black woman – and I’m merely asking a question..

      Though white businesses are owned by majority white men, white women work all through them in the capacity to hire.. Why aren’t they hiring these men they love to much?? If she has your back the way you all claim she does why isn’t she there more?? Could the problem be that she only cares to be around when the money is already being made??

    • Prisoner2938(FormerlyNotReallyInterested)


      Don’t waste your time with that idiot DaHonestTruth. You can present her with all the questions you want. She will only throw up a deflection in order to avoid answering them. It’s the typical response of a defensive person.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      @ VeryVeryInterestedtothepointofHATORATION:

      Isn’t it funny that both of you would do exactly what you just accused me of doing – DEFLECTING!! Insulting me isn’t going to get any questions answered or any truths faces.. The question was – on a good day – black men will be swearing by God that the white woman is the answerto all of their problems and prayers and has their back moreso than their own ever could in every supportive way!! I am just wondering where all this back having is when it really matters like with employment and racism that just about everyone in this thread spoke of.. Can you answer that??

      @ HarlemQueen:

      No – no anger here. Just pure laughter.. It truly find it hysterical when black men who claim what I said above cannot answer where that support and love is when its needed for him most.. The black man will tear a black woman down and then condemn the entire race of us for not having his back but will consistently give a white/non black women a full p@ss for only being there when things are on track, good or best of all GREAT!! But when confronted by those he tears down about where his “golden ticket” or “white queen” is when she’s needed he becomes defensive.. That’s funny to me..

  • daahlingnikki

    Best thing would be to go to school and get job training…and men stop thinking that you can’t be nurses or cooks…some of the best chefs in the world are men if you have culinary experience you can run a kitchen or start a food truck business, manage a restaurant or open you’re own…and RNs can make 40-50 dollars an hour…healthcare will always be in need of nurses and techs…pharmacists make 6 figures…think about it…. everybody gets sick and everybody eats…

  • FTW

    I have a job and go to school. My president is black and my boss is too. Sorry it has to be like that but that’s the way it is. It’s logic really, if a predominately white company has less jobs to give; who will get those jobs? These people are surviving like everybody else. Why would I give you a job over my cousin, brother, or neighbor? That’s what happens when you base your whole financial situation on getting a job from someone that could possibly hate you. Black men need more businesses, dosen’t have to be fortune 500; open a corner store, just create jobs for your people.

    • harlemqueen

      Black men have traditionally held the highest union memberships rates of all demographic groups. In 2008, 15.9 percent of black men were members of unions, the greatest participation of all groups and higher than the national average of 12.4 percent. However, black union membership has been declining at a faster rate than membership among whites since the 1980s.

    • FTW

      Ok, but what’s your point? America switched from a manufacturing industry to a service industry decades ago; when Regan was President; in the 80s. Less factories = less manufacturing jobs. Who owns the factories? Who gets the jobs? The unions reflect the change.

    • FTW

      Unfortunately this is true, there are some entitlement issues with black people that won’t allow them to go above and beyond. Mexicans are hard workers but i wish they would take some of that energy to build their country; not waste their energy doing menial tasks for gringos.

  • harlemqueen

    If the election of America’s first African-American president was expected to give blacks an economic boost, it hasn’t emerged yet. Indeed, the percentage of African-American men with a job has dropped to its lowest level since records began in 1972, according to the government’s monthly jobs report released last week.

    Even as the economy added a better-than-expected 244,000 jobs, the percentage of black males over 20 who are currently employed dropped slightly to 56.9, the Labor Department’s April report shows. For whites, the equivalent figure is 68.1 percent.

    Before this recession, the percentage of black adult men with a job had never dropped below 60 percent, according to Labor Department statistics.

  • Kim

    I am 31, I was out of work for a year because my husband is in the military & we had to move. There was a company near our new location that was ALWAYS hiring in my field. For 5 mos or so I applied for ALL of them including other full-time jobs this company was hiring for…well, no luck there.

    I spoke to someone in HR there & he said the better jobs they usually hire from within; he said the best thing for me to do was apply for ANYTHING (file clerk, temporary, part-time) just to get my foot in the door THEN I can apply for a better job & would get hired cause I already work there!

    That’s what I did! I took a part-time position in the Call Center makes $5 and hour LESS than I did at my previous job,worked CRAZY hours AND weekends which I haven’t done in years! Then, when a better job in my field came open, I applied for it and I got it!

    Now had I just gave up I would be jobless, but I did what I had to do to get the job I wanted so don’t tell me there are NO JOBS because they are out there…but don’t expect to get what you want right off the bat. Luckily, my husband made enough to support our family while I was off work..but if he didn’t guess what? I’d have my a$$ right up there at Wal Mart, Wendy’s, Micky D’s if necessary! No one is going to HAND YOU A JOB!

  • Tron

    most black men are lazy…and wont work unless its on their terms…thats why the mexicans and what not get the jobs! They dont complain about this and that and will work their butts off! Most black people complain and have the worst job performance and will not go above and beyond normal duties.

    • Prisoner2938(FormerlyNotReallyInterested)

      Very interesting theory. Though, if Mexican and Latino immigrants work hard and out perform black men in the labor market. How would you explain the overwhelming amount of Hispanics on welfare and government benefits? Can you explain why southern border states are bankrupt because illegals are exploiting the health care system? Last year alone, illegal immigrants accounted for $500 Billion in hospital bills alone in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico that was placed on tax payers.

    • harlemqueen

      The jobs immigration does create are often for other immigrants and at the expense of Americans. “Once in place, ethnic hiring networks are self-reproducing since each new employee recruits others from his or her own group.”11 A GAO study found that a decade of heavy immigration to Los Angeles had changed the janitorial industry from a mostly unionized native black workforce to one of non-unionized immigrants.12

      According to the Census, the employment of black Americans as hotel workers in California dropped 30 percent in the 1980s, while the number of immigrants with such jobs rose 166 percent.

  • The real "Whatever"

    Google new nursing graduates cant find a job. Hospitals have implemented a hiring freeze so the recession proof healthcare job is a myth. Plus medicare is constantly getting slashed. There are grants and programs for all the low income to develop skills for jobs. Most really hate to go to school for over a year or barely made it thru H.S.

    • Curious1 aka Go Hard or Go Home

      This is true…and a sad state of affairs for nursing…

      The Healthcare Lie is growing..

  • FTW

    My dentist is black, so is my doctor; my cleaners; barber; butcher (halal); the owner of my favorite restaurant, financial adviser, and my bank. My super market is Jewish owned, they’re cool and create jobs. Just want to give a shout out to them for owning their businesses and creating jobs for my people. No offense to anyone. I hate prejudice. I learned in Econ we have to let the dollar circulate in our communities. So that’s what I practice.

    • MR.MAKE.YA.FEELGOOD.(always read the fine print)

      Hello. My name is Mr. Make Ya Feelgood. And I approve this message.

  • Kim

    And FYI, I have a Bachelor’s in Accounting, I’ve worked with Executives & I took a position way lower than what I was used to & qualified for to get to where I wanted to be at.

    My mom was laid off too, but instead of crying about it she went to schoool for nursing; got her LPN and now works at a hospital AND a nursing home. You cannot tell me there are NO jobs! I’m sorry if you want to work you can get a job SOMEWHERE.

  • noble

    Heavy duty SIDE EYE @ ‘But I got a job’ —-not sure what your getting a job where you are has to do with my not getting a job where I am…

  • Kim

    BTW of the many black men that I know 2 are unemployed. 1 has been laid off for about 3 years & CLEARLY is not trying to get a job, I mean he’s got a degree, he has affluent people in his family that could get him a hookup…he’s just content not working.

    The other one’s wife is in the military working her a$$ off, he has a degree in computer technology but can’t get a job becasue (get this) HE DOESN’T WANT TO CUT OFF HIS BRAIDS!!!

    Not saying these are typical of all or even most of the bm out of work; but it’s out there. I hear from my friends of men mooching off of women & using the “recession” as an excuse.

  • jason

    I am so tired of hearing people say that black people are lazy, and they know some people who would rather not work!!!!! To me that statement is equivalent to people who say all black men are criminals, because they know some black men in Jail. I have been out of work since the beginning of the year. I am a Certified Public Accountant. I can get temporary employment jobs easily, but in this day and time you need a job with benefits.
    At some point we as a people have to realize that getting a job is about who you know and not what you know. Other races look out for their own….period. I have worked jobs where sometimes I have to worry more about issues with my own race more then other races. Look when you think about blacks as a race…..what industry are we leaders in? Sports…..nah were just players…not owners…we don’t own any teams, arenas, stadiums. Clothes….nah we just wear clothes and what ever we choose to wear becomes the new it thing, as a race we can make or brake any product.

    • harlemqueen

      Right on brother!

      African Americans are crucial to the consumer economy, with a population of 39 million and buying power of $892 billion – a figure expected to exceed $1.1 trillion in 2012 – according to a Packaged Facts study.

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