Random Ridiculousness: Woman Runs Her Friend Over With Car After Being “Teased For Having An STD”

- By Bossip Staff

Man, don’t fawk with Brittany Ogletree and her STDs!!

Authorities arrested a Lorain woman early Friday morning after she allegedly struck a friend with her car while intoxicated. Brittany Ogletree, 21, of Lorain, was taken into custody at 2:53 a.m. along Lorain Drive for suspicion of felonious assault and operating a vehicle while intoxicated, according to a police report. The report filed on the incident claims Ogletree struck Donna Brown, 23, of Lorain, after being teased about having a sexual transmitted disease. The alleged teasing came after Ogletree, Brown and several other individuals had been out at a bar drinking and returned to a property at 2160 Lorain Drive.

The report states as several people stood outside, “Brittany became very upset and aggravated,” over the teasing. A witness told police that Brittany, “Began making threats towards people and yelling and screaming at them.” According to the report Brittany got into her vehicle and drove at the group trying to hit an individual named ‘Jimmie’. The report says she missed ‘Jimmie’, and struck Brown.

When police came upon Brown, according to the report, she pulled up her pant leg and showed the officer a bone sticking out of her skin, three inches above her ankle. Brown was taken by Life Care to Mercy Hospital.



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    • kalifa

      moral of the story: dont hang out with hoes who have std’s & cars 🙂

      if the hoe had a bus pa$$ she wouldn’t be able to do sh!t to you 🙂

  • Atl_Finest

    Damn, that bytch 21??? Sista’s don’t realize that obesity ages you 15yrs. These young fat black women walking around looking like they going through menopause.

    • ariel

      “GUD LOUD” that was hilarious and mean all rolled into one lmao..

    • veryfunny

      Like for real when I saw her,I thought she was in her late 30ties,only to read and find that she is 21,I had to kneel down and thank God for my looks.

    • geemoenettie

      I know. I feel so sorry for my boys when they start dating.

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      So true!

      This is why I want to lose some lbs

      After Raven Symone’s weight loss she went from looking 27 to 17.

      I never knew wt could age you!

  • noble

    *tearing up letter I was mailing to Brittany saying she has crabs*

    • JourneyGirl

      now that’s funny!

  • Prisoner2938(FormerlyNotReallyInterested)

    How did people find out this old looking broad had an std? Probably because she told everyone like a dumbazz! I don’t feel sorry for her. She shouldn’t have told her business in the streets. If she didn’t want people to laugh about her situation she should have kept it to herself. Moreover, if she kept her legs closed she wouldn’t have an std. Do you women ever consider keeping your legs closed? Is it really that hard?

    • Aaw, thank you!

      It’s only hard when it’s hard



  • I know, I know.

    She didn’t get teased for the mustache??

    I’m singing new acapella kut klose surrender


  • Boondock Saint

    “Waah!!! Aunt Bunny got an STD….and a moustache! Goony-goo-hoo.”

  • noble/ Brittany aint comin after me, NO suh

    *setting fire to Brittany Has Warts email*

  • noble .. love you Brittany girl

    *throwing phone out the window with the Brittany Has Heebiegeebies text on it*

  • Peedy

    Rotflmao @ Noble….way too funny! Lol *hopeing brittany dont get out* lmao

  • Blue Moon

    Lol geez dats y u keep certain info between u n ur doctor..dnt tell ppl things lyk dat coz they will use it as Amo 1 day..nw look,her azz is in jail SMH

  • Nini35

    Lmao,something’s u can’t tell ya so called friends

  • drenk

    the part about a bone sticking out made me cringe!!!! I bet they were calling her Brittany STD instead of brittany ogletree

  • Ms. T

    omg @ aaw, thank you and LMAO @ Noble

  • Truth Seeker


  • noble (in witness protection program)

    LOL @ Peedy! Please tell me who will be teasing Brittany ever again in life? No SUH. The ‘Let’s Tease Brittany’ days are OVER. Brittany will run your tail down. *whispers*–‘Brittany girl I am so sorry’ while racing to call Western Union to cancel the Brittany’s Drawls Are On Fire telegram*

  • noble/ Brittany PUT the car keys down

    *flying to go throw net over pigeon on roof with Brittany Has Cooties note*

  • noble/ BRIT, no we were laughing at something else

    This is a special announcement. …I’d like to cancel my Brittany Has Foam Bubbling Up Out the Back of Her Pants tv infomercial due to some, uh, unforeseen circumstances. That is all. …mi no speaka la inglace. *leaving the country*

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    WAsup with the pointer sister look


    21-yeah right!!!! 31-maybe….while she was running down aquintances-she should have been running down the man who gave it to her!!! The only way anybody would have known would be for HER to have told it……DUMMY!!!

    • spongetta citronella

      Great Points!

  • noble

    Was it mean? Wasn’t supposed to be. Gotta work on that. Had enough mean already for the day. My apologies, forreal. 😦

    • JourneyGirl

      no, funny as hell!

  • G.M.

    looks like more ladies are on the receiving end of “Angry Black Woman Syndrome”, it’s about damn time 🙂



  • von

    Damn, you 21? Fat Ugly, Mustache and leaking Pu**y.

  • Bilderberg King

    With them STD’s she need to worry about getting her lip waxed instead of her azz..

  • christie_love

    Wow, she look like she could be a linebacker for the NFL!

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