Diaries Of A Dirty Skank: Family Of Sperminator’s Baby Mama Not Surprised By Mildred The ‘Maneater’s’ Affair!

- By Bossip Staff

Sh*t gets deeper…

Everybody has that little dark secret and apparently Midlred Patricia Baena’s is out!

According to TMZ,

“No one in Mildred Patricia Baena’s family was surprised when they found out she was the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child.

She was extremely aggressive when it came to chasing men — like a heat-seeking missile. They say her flirting was often “inappropriate,” but her tactics frequently worked — at least short-term.

Our sources says Baena almost always made the first move — going after whomever she wanted — and Arnold was no different.

We’re told when news of Arnold’s affair with a household staff member broke, but before the baby mama was named, Baena’s friends and family knew it was her.”

Is it safe to say that the Sperminator was preyed on and is the victim here? Or is the married man at fault regardless, for not sticking to his guns?!

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  • Hollywood

    Your man is probably cheating on you with a hispanic lol

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      I doubt that very seriously… dont think yoiur gd men aint chasing black pu–y.. if you dont think that your bean eating azz is delussional!!

  • thikkums

    She is soooo UGLY, dang governor if ur gonna cheat, at least cheat with sum1 who wouldn’t scare da boogie man….

    • ssquared

      Yea, I have to agree. She is very hard on the eyes and Arnold should have fired her a$$. I mean, I don’t think Maria is the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen. In fact, I don’t think anyone would even consider her pretty if it wasn’t for that Kennedy money, but dang, she aint the bottom of the barrel like this ugly chick. This chick ain’t easy on the eyes at all!

  • C-Rocka

    Way to go- offend a whole race of people over one person’s ignorant comment.

  • Really

    What type of person would go after their boss and be up in the wife’s face? It takes a person on a whole different level of being a lowdown dirty bytch. But I cannot judge, as we all have flaws……but that’s grimy.

  • goin deeper

    Whats wrong with “nappy” hair??….Its just harder to comb, but its still hair..is it the hair or the skin color??

  • shayna

    Two immigrants prostitutes that came to america seeking decent families to extort! The Kennedy’s are not going let you get away with that 🙂

  • shayla

    Hispanics females really do believe that sleeping with any man that can afford is fair game. All the Hispanics females ask where are the black men our men are do cheap…lol …I am like girl your in for rude prostitutes awakening!

  • ceewalk

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! ROTFLMBO..the comment was very ignorant…indeed





  • Really???


  • CutieReppinNY

    One of my co-workers told me he doesn’t date Hispanic women because they are very promiscuous. Maybe it’s just part of the culture.

  • Centertex

    This maid looks like a man…
    an ugly man!!

  • Centertex

    Why are you on this website if
    you don’t like and respect Black
    people! Get a life!!

  • Darlin

    …..every time I see this pic, I lose my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Arnold must have put a orange sack on her head when he was hittin that!


  • Tm30

    Yes, it’s his fault, he should have fired her when she started this…if that’s what really happened.

  • Veve

    Ooooph!! That face! La cabeza grande! There’s only one explanation for her “accomplishing” this; Santeria.

    • Brooklyn

      bwahaha! That made me laugh. So funny!

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    Fu-k you , you burritto smelling , bean burping, drop the chalupa smelly hag, how you gonna come on a supposedly black blog and down grade my race.. fu-k you and that ole stringy azz smelly hair.. aint a dman thing wrong with nappy.. and for your info its not nappy bytch.. its tightly curled.. get a life lopw wide butt dragging to the ground idiot!

  • hollywood

    Halle beryy only has good hair cause she’s mixed with white lol

  • Observer

    This woman is trash. MARIA: Find her and go spit in her eyes.


    she looks like a fat octo-mom

  • Ms Lady V

    I’m in Cali and the hispanic women I see out here look exactly like her.@Hollywood if you can’t even admit that she is unnattractive then you are in denial.The hispanic men out here are always in black women’s faces and they have their pig belly wives at home with there 8 kids.The only attractive hispanic woman I see are on tv.You are also extremely stupud for saying you can be promiscuous because you get attention.women of all races get attention if they are pretty,that doesn’t mean they have to sleep around

  • Evie

    Oh, her comment was completely ignorant but stop it- sexier than who? Speak for yourself because I’m clearly looking at someone that no black woman envies. So, what game are you two playing- who can throw out the most idiotic stereotype of the day?

  • d

    HollyHood…face it, hispanic women are just d&*k hungry, thats why your population is exploding so rapidly…All u do is lay down, have babys and then go clean people’s sh#t off their toilets or mow lawns. They “madres” aka wh*r#s teach them to have a 6-10 kid minimum

    • tommykimon

      DAMN! Is it like that? You told her LOL

  • Niquie

    LOL..I’m a black woman and I have to say that was an extremely racist thing to say. If a white woman would have said that about black women we’d be offended as hell. I agree that many latina women are beautiful but so are many black women. But there are so called “skanks” in all races.

  • Brooklyn

    I think it is quite obvious that men do not always cheat because of beauty. Men are attracted to confidence which we all know you do not have to be attractive to have. SN: I think it’s funny how men will wife Latinas, White and Asian women who will do different “tricks” whereas they will not do the same for let alone respond to black women.

    This chick is smart. She got herself knocked up by someone who will have her set for life. There are plenty of ways to avoid not getting pregnant and since she has been around the block a few times I’m sure she knew what she was doing.

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