Some Blended Family Preciousness: Swizzy Flies Across The Pond With His Boys To Celebrate His Princess

- By Bossip Staff

What a difference a year makes.

Right after Swizz Beak’s UK-born baby turned two last year, her mother went in on how Swizz was a deadbeat who refused to claim his daughter and bailed on the birthday party he was supposed to throw.

In the months since, not only has Swizz been Twitter bragging about his princess left and right, he’s developing a relationship between little Nicole and her older brothers 11-year-old Prince and Mashonda’s 7-year-old Kasseem.

Here they all are at what seems to be the UK version of Chuck E. Cheese’s having a grand old time with no baby mamas in sight.

Shout out to people who put the kids first and make their dysfunction make sense. Check out more photos from Nicole’s big day below.


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  • ShortStuff

    For a funny looking gaunt man, he makes some cute kids. His daughter is adorable & his sons handsome. I would love to see what little Egypt looks like though.

    • gottasaydis

      Well I hope Diddy takes note and see how a man gets his kids to bond…

    • auto

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    • WTF!

      Damn Swizzy has some strong genes, you can’t tell that all these kids have different mothers. Good look Swizzy, NOTHING should stop any Man from being apart of his children lives.

    • Nicole

      yup ur right.. he got some cute kids.

  • Trina

    I don’t see how Alicia puts up with that smh. I could never date a man with that many children out of wedlock.

    • MiMi

      Believe it or not some women can bring out the best in a man. I never was down with all that Mashonda mess. Men can’t deal with all of that drama-they bail quick! All of that whining, complaining and never being satisfied-she’s a drama queen. Everybody needs some form of peace in their lives, if they can’t get it @ home, then where? I wish Swizz and Alicia a happy healthy marriage.

    • ssquared

      Wow…all them different baby’s mamma. I cosign. All I have to say is, “Hey Alicia. Good luck with that. If you like it, I love it.”

  • Wow!

    Cute kids,and for them all to have different moms,to look at them you would never know it;they all look like the dad.But eww 4 kids with 4 diff women!REALLY?What woman would find a man with that rap sheet attractive in the least bit?But you know,to each is his own!Glad they’re making their “dysfunction” work.*TOODLES*

    • luVn_liFe

      @ wow!
      i agree with you 100!those kids are definently brothers and sisters no denying that!
      And i couldnt be with someone that had that many kids from that many diffrent others.Or even one kid to be exact
      Thats just my preference.

  • wisdom

    Awwwwww. I’m really starting to like Swizz as a father. His kids are adorable! It’s good to see men that spend time with their kids. Even though he had drama in the past it’s good to see him doing the right thing and bringing the kids together.

  • http://google Wicked

    In spite of his canine behavior, gotta give him credit for making cute kids.

  • Nuffsaid

    Gossip always Tryna make something positive into something negative.
    1st off, Jahna filed petition for child support in July 2009 and the DNA test was done in August 2009, After it was proved he started paying a month(sept2009) later with no problems so obviously Swizz needed proof. Not to mention he was still present b4 that, his tweet pics prove that. (and he was also going through his divorce)so, too many factors to be throwing shade.
    Jahna’s letter was a bunch of phony boloney and Mashonda seemed in on it.

    Lastly, his kids are beautiful. Swizz seem to be tryna do his job wonderfully. They all look happy. #nuffsaid

  • Mama Mila

    All of them look like alike too. He makes some cute kids….

    To bad it took being Mr. Keyes for him to do this.

    How could he deny that cutie pie little girl.

  • Care

    The little girl looks like her mommy…cute kids

  • ur baby

    He need to he made her….wow he’s just a cheater….wonder what Alicia think about that bcuz she’ll be the nxt victim

    • veryfunny

      ooooooooow!shut up…give that a break and comment about those beautiful kids,thats what this is about.

  • so what?

    He makes cute kids because he sleeps (unprotected) with pretty women. Its not rocket science!

    I’m not being negative but seeing your daughter once a year, and sending monthly payments does NOT make a good dad. These leaked photos are a pathetic attempt to make Alicia’s shambolic arrangement I mean marriage look less ghetto.

    • Ummmm

      I thought this post was about him and his kids. What does Alicia have to do it.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Who said he sees her once a year? How often is a man that works more than full time expected to see his child in another country? He could see her more if him and Alicia take her from the mama. Should they do that?

    • virgo

      cosign 100%

    • virgo

      Meant to say I agree with So what? Visiting a child occasionally doesnt make a man a good job. Is he there for her school events, to take her to the park, to put her to bed a kiss her goodnight and comfort her if she has a bad dream? Both him and the child’s mom should have thought of that when they were committing adultery.

      For the life of me I can’t understand why people think it’s okay to have kids by multiple men/women.

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    Alicia picked a winner didnt she,a married man who cheated on his wife with god only knows how many women,and she supposedly stole a man from his wife,hard to steal something thats already out the store

  • justthink

    I have a question for everyone who keeps posting things like “how could he deny his child/or it is about time he claim her”. First even the ex wife said they found out about his daughter after she was already one years old, and they where going thru the divorce. If people would stop just throwing shade on him long enough to realize he took test in aug. of 2009 he has a pic of them when she was really little. Just because he didn’t hold a press release who knows what the situation really was. Her mother even said in her blog she never had any interview about her child so this mysterious letter that was posted wasn’t from herm

    • mary

      I think the issue is that he had an extramartial affair that produced a child. Some people can’t seem to let that go but if the women involved have moved on, I don’t see why everyone else can not.

  • yeahso

    Every time I see these kids,
    I think about alicia and then that line form ‘Me,Myself and I’ plays in my mind-> “Next thing I know I’m dealing with your three kids in my home,love is so blind it feels right when it’s wrong”

    • Mrs. Rance

      In the black community many of us…no most of us have children outside marriage. Dealing with someone’s children from other relationships is a fact of life in our community. Life is not a Beyonce song.

    • Justsayin'

      Haha! Get’em Mrs Rance

  • yeahso

    Every time I see these kids,I think about alicia and then that line from ‘Me,Myself and I’ plays in my mind -> “Next thing I know I’m dealing with your three kids in my home,love so blind,it feels right when it’s wrong”

  • dumbchick

    Alicia could have had any man she wanted but this is what she chose…a baby daddy w/4 baby mommas. ugh.

    • Fear of a Black Nation

      So whats that saying about her

    • BFree

      Alicia aint dumb, u c her son isnt there and neither is she! Let him handle the BAFUNERY! lol

    • Fear of a Black Nation

      So if your sleeping with someone whos doing illegal shyt,are you innocent because you didnt help with the drop off?

  • Detroit

    Wonder why he chose to have pics taken and have them posted all over the internet?? To do this for the camera’s just so america won’t think ur a deadbeat is simply pathetic!!!

  • marna

    Project life has some of us really confused because if we knew an average man, working a 9-5 and paying off child support and student loans, with 4 kids by different women, we would not check twice for him.

    Who, single man or woman, would honestly invest their youth in that? Spending money doesn’t turn people into saints.

  • rosshell masden

    as pictured swizz beatz had cheated with someone else before he got with alicia keys…now mashonda needs to stop putting alicia under the bus

  • anon

    The kids are adorable; I want a ton of kids they are blessing

  • Lisa

    Hmm with a good mature woman you can’t go wrong Alicia would never deal with him if he wasn’t handlng his. Sometimes the right person can make you a better man. Unlike the previous wife who tried to come between him and his oldest son after she had her own.

  • uku

    he has beautiful children…be proud Swizz..

  • Chitowninthehouse

    Glad he is trying to do the RIGHT THING….Love the pictures

  • I Stay SMH

    7 year old?

  • Angie

    Alicia conceived out of wedlock and committed adultry, so she can’t judge him on anything. not that any of us can judge each other. We can just state and know whats wrong. On the other heand, hgis children are beautiful and I’m glad he participates in their lives, regardless of his lifestyle.

  • rene

    OM Goodness what a beautiful family.

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