Beyonce’s New Single Leaked??? New Music: “Till The End Of Time” [Audio]

- By Bossip Staff

The reported new single from Beyonce has hit the net over a month before her album’s release date. Titled “Till The End Of The Time”, the follow-up to her track “Run The World (Girls)” features the songstress belting out over the bass ridden beat.

Have a listen over at

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  • finally

    With that song bey is officially back

  • Bri

    That should have been her first single…LOVE IT!

  • MIC

    lUV IT!!!

  • MEL$$$

    me likey should’ve been first

  • T-lady

    officially digging this go bey

  • Sasha FLOPPED!

    This album is going to FLOP epically LMAO

    • Bianca Thomas


  • Jj

    Lobe itttt sooo much.cnt wait 4 the Album

  • simone

    i wish they would stop leaking her shit!

  • bre

    all these songs have a theme: end of time, end of the world. i think satan is trying to tell us something….

    • darealwifey

      I noticed the “theme,” too. Isn’t this her 2nd song with “end of time” in the title. Whatever. Folks want to worship these musicians in peace, so, have at it. If it’s got a beat, and somebody can shake their azz, that’s all that matters to most people.

  • lively09

    Love it!

  • BAM

    @ Beyonce

    Come out with something more original….maybe we will like you more.

  • BAM

    Another major lazer produced track…..okay so she’s making shittie dance music too….I’m over it and over her. What is she gonna do next… dubstep? Um…if u thought this was better than “girls”, re evaluate your thinking!!
    What is also up with the military themed productions. Are we sopose to follow Beyonce’s command?

  • CeCe

    @Sasha flops…… Definitely agree! Beyawnce days are numbered! I never bought any of her CD’s and by listening to this song and the last song I won’t start buying! Very overrated! But let her fans and Stans tell it she’s like god the way they be worshipping this false idol! It’s pathetic! I’m not a hater it’s just my opinion and if y’all Beyawnce fans don’t like what I said……Well u know the rest! Dueces!!!!!!!

  • wisdom

    I like this song better. Bey changed up a bit. This could be a hit for the summer.

  • sholla21

    I like Girls but this is a lot better. Hope that single does well on the charts.

  • whadda

    this is some shiggity 😦

  • sho

    fela inspired at beginning hummm joker..
    but its her voice i can’t really play this loud, shes got her niche who may grow with her.

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