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There’s no question that the breakout star of “Braxton Family Values” was Toni’s youngest sister Tamar — whose outspoken manner lead for many to label her a diva, a gold digger and just an overall brat. But with a second season of “Braxton Family Values” on the way, we decided to give Tamar the chance to explain herself.

Here’s what she had to say!

We don’t want to call you bossy but were you always as outspoken as you are now?

I don’t think I’m bossy at all, so thank you for that. But I am outspoken and I’ve always been the same actually.

Congrats on Season 2, is there anything you want to show more or less of next season?

Not as far as I’m concerned. My sisters and I were having a conversation though and one thing we noticed, a lot of times when people see me poppin’ off my sisters don’t say nothing back and that’s not really usually how it goes.

So it’s more give and take?

What? Yes! So they were saying there won’t be any more of that. It’s not me. Sometimes when I say something they do get startled like “I can’t believe she just said that.” They’ll be like “Okay, Tamar whatever.” But I’m going to let you know whatever I feel whenever I feel it.

We remember one of the first memorable things that you said was that you wanted to adopt a little Asian girl and name her Disney and raise her black. When do you plan to adopt and/or have a child because I know your focus has been on your music?

Vince and I have only been married for two years. Of course we want kids, but not right now. Number one, he is super duper busy and we travel a lot and I do want to achieve my goals. So it’s in the plans so I guess whenever it happens it happens. But we’re not planning it right now. But I do want to adopt an Asian girl and name her Disney. And he thinks that’s a great idea, so I’m not alone. I know I sound crazy sometimes and people think it’s ridiculous but he likes it too. It’s just something that we like!

Why stop at an Asian baby, why not go the Angelina Jolie route and adopt from several places?

I don’t know how many kids I want, maybe one or two at the most. I might want to have my own, maybe. I really don’t know what the future holds but I know that’s one of the plans that we have.

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