Jesus Take The Wheel: Supreme Court Orders 30,000 Thugs To Be Released From California Prisons

- By Bossip Staff

Hide your wife, your kids, grandma’s old silverware… shoot, you might want to go hide.

The Supreme Court has ruled that it is pretty much a crime against the constitution to keep as many people as are currently being hosted by the California prison system. Their suggested solution? The State of California needs to figure out a way to move and/or get rid of 30,000 inmates over the next to years.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, writing for the majority in a 5-to-4 decision that broke along ideological lines, described a prison system that failed to deliver minimal care to prisoners with serious medical and mental health problems and produced “needless suffering and death.”

Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel A. Alito Jr. filed vigorous dissents. Justice Scalia called the order affirmed by the majority “perhaps the most radical injunction issued by a court in our nation’s history.” Justice Alito said “the majority is gambling with the safety of the people of California.”

The majority opinion included photographs of inmates crowded into open gymnasium-style rooms and what Justice Kennedy described as “telephone-booth-sized cages without toilets” used to house suicidal inmates. Suicide rates in the state’s prisons, Justice Kennedy wrote, have been 80 percent higher than the national average. A lower court in the case said it was “an uncontested fact” that “an inmate in one of California’s prisons needlessly dies every six or seven days due to constitutional deficiencies.”

Monday’s ruling in the case, Brown v. Plata, No. 09-1233, affirmed an order by a special three-judge federal court requiring state officials to reduce the prison population to 110,000, which is 137.5 percent of the system’s capacity. There have been more than 160,000 inmates in the system in recent years, and there are currently more than 140,000.

State officials will have two years to comply with the order, and they may ask for more time. Justice Kennedy emphasized that the reduction in population need not be achieved solely by releasing prisoners early. Among the other possibilities, he said, are new construction, out-of-state transfers and using county facilities.

Out-of-state transfers? Why do the rest of us have to deal with these unruly Californians???

Yeah, this ruling is probably going to create more issues than what it’s trying to solve.


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  • nursedred

    Most of those people will be nonviolent offenders. House arrest is cheaper for the state since the inmates have to pay for it themselves and much safer for the prisoners and the random people they meet once being released if they don’t have to spend time in the thunderdome.

    • JustAshley

      I agree. Non-violent offenders make a good grip of the prison population. These non-violent offenders get put in jail with rapist and killers and they end up being killed or abused. When these same nonviolent offenders are released from prison they are even more messed up than they were BEFORE they went in! Its a vicious cycle.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Welp, if Schwaranegger wasnt TRICKING OFF all of Cali’s money, this wouldnt even be an issue

  • 2012NOW

    Just in time for ACORN to register them to vote.

  • Low self esteem hoe

    There goes the American system!!!!!

  • Zoe

    The solution to the problem is to make the U.S Army mandatory for all male from the age of 17 whether they are U.S Citizen or resident. Many countries including Singapore and (Israel who draft both men & women at 18 years) have adopted this strategy which seem to help in reducing crime rate within the country. These youths now have a sense of purpose and does not become a menace to the society.

  • drenk

    thats what happens when you lock up non-violent offenders!!!!

  • Curious1 aka Go Hard or Go Home

    Only in America…

  • ignoranceisbliss

    The American prison systems needs to be overhauled because so many of those 30k people in jail or prison are there for nonviolent crimes mostly having to do with personal self destruction: Drug Use.

  • Honut Sinti

    Now that picture that uses brown-skinned people jumping off walls and out of trees to illustrate the “escape” context of the story is just all kinds of racist. Come on!

  • Shilee

    ROTFFL @ the pic hahaha

  • Karmal


  • blackscome1st

    The world is ending….I swear.

  • Tyler Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid who pay to see my sh*tty movies.

    bye ya’ll

  • clarichardson


  • clarichardson


  • SayCheese

    I understand your point. But they are going to cost more to train. They don’t just let anyone in the forces. You have to know how to read, write and have good health and 20/20 vision. So just taking random Non-violent offenders isn’t a good thing to do.

  • blackscome1st


  • blackscome1st


  • msw health educator

    Ladies and gay males beware wouldn’t say a word if I didn’t know…ok! HEALTH ALERT. DECENT MEN STAY AWAY FROM HER AZZ WHEN SHE and gay male when they HOOKS UP WITH PRISON GUY! THEY GOT THE PACKAGE IN PRISON!!!!

    Dah…..non violent rflol those men are in that system because they are repeat offenders! YOU DON’T GO TO JAIL FOR BEING an ADDICT! YOU GO TO JAIL FOR BEING AN ADDICT and THIEF, ROBBER OR PROSTITUTE! Please stay in California.

  • nursedred

    You can very easily go to jail in Cali. You can go to twin towers today minding your own business at a train station. Here’s how: eat a sandwich on the platform with an old traffic ticket you never paid. There’s only one county jail in LA so your ‘got a ticket you ain’t paid since 02’ self is going right in with the killers and if youre broke which is probably why you didn’t pay the ticket then here you sit for anywhere from a week to a month wasting tax dollars and contributing to overcrowding when they could’ve just gave you community service

  • msw health educator

    Dont worry about jobs everyone for those “sick” prisoners they will be put on SSI, food stamps and medicaid 30 days after they are released. The problem will start when they establish the group home aka re-entry house with 10-15 people in your upscale neighborhoods :-). Investors buy foreclosed properties with 4-5 bedrooms in very nice neighborhoods charge them rent 2 men to a room $200-500 a week. 10 men in 5 bedroom house @ 250 a week each = $2500 a week = $130, 000 a year BANK. THE NEIGHBORS ARE WORKING HARD TO PAY THEIR FAMILY MORTGAGES πŸ™‚

  • msw health educator

    County jail is not state or federal prison πŸ™‚ Maybe hummm they oughta pay their traffic ticket? Is it illegal to eat there??

  • nursedred

    Yes it is illegal to eat on the train platform. The person this happened to had no money to pay the ticket or post bail so he had to stay in jail

  • nursedred

    Its illegal to eat there but that ordinance isn’t posted anywhere but the law is ignorance of the law is no excuse

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