In Cute White Kids Who Are Probably Undercover Freaks News: Bieber And His Boo Get To First Base On National Television

- By Bossip Staff

Awwww isn’t this tender? Cameras were strategically placed to show Biebs and his boo Selena Gomez giving each other wholesome virgin kisses. Can anyone say, “PR move”? Yeah, we thought so, too. Thanks Billboard awards.

Still, for those of you that are into that mushy stuff, this is a sweet moment that makes you think that love truly exists. With that being said…you think he tapped it when they got home? He had to have, right? Oh you knew we had to go there.

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  • Tia.

    Lol. That’s none of our business whether or not him and selena are having sex, but they probably are…

    • auto

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    • kalifa

      his little groupie freak fans will probably launch an a$$ination after this…. 😦

      that selena gomez seems a little too mature for justin though…. she seems ready to throw that p*ssy at him and say “man up b!tch”

      notice how she got mama bieber on lock 🙂 caressing her shoulder and sweet smiling ….. well played 🙂

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    That shyt was over done,when i did happen to tune in that shyt was happening,how many times to you need to kiss someone when your gonna be gone 1min…when in a month he will be someone else

  • lovensmutts



    He is too good for her but at least she is half white.

    • Fear of a Black Nation

      so if she is half white,then whats the other half….because being mexican is not your ethnicity,its your nationality

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