Hate It Or Love It: The-Nightmare Puts His Falsetto On Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”

- By Bossip Staff

Lawd, Terius. Who told you this was necessary?

Of all the people to feel the need to go remake Kelly Rowland’s hit “Motivation,” The-Dream had to be the first one out the box.

Luckily, it’s just one verse. And it’s really not THAT bad… but it’s The-Dream, which automatically makes it a little suspect.


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  • Honut Sinti


    • auto

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    • Salina

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    • E.C. from D.C.

      Sounds much better than the r. kelly spin

  • Low self esteem hoe

    The nightmare?! Lmao

  • sholla21

    Kelly and Wayne did a good job with the first version.

    Dream is turning this song into a nightmare. Okay not quite but…yeah, totally unnecessary.

  • Bizmark

    SUSPECT!! Nightmare GO HOME!

  • blackscome1st

    I’ll make the nightmares go away…Baby I can be your motivatioonn, o O O O H. I just wanna feel your hannnds alllll over me babbbbe..:)

  • John D. Hater

    There’s nothing funnier than a fat boy talking about how he can “hit it.”

    • GueSs Who


  • ThaTruth

    Lollollollollollol@ The Nightmare!
    Dream’s verse was wack. Wayne is already answering to Kelly, there wasn’t any point for his hamburgler azz to be on.the track.

    • Heaven


    • twin0877

      OMG! you just made my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!

  • keya220

    Omg!!! The nightmare??? That is too funny!! He looks like a damn nightmare!!!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Not really feeling it. Sorry.

  • dont come for me

    What was the point. He need to get at that spit gathered around the side of his mouth. Kung fu panda looking b!tch

  • opal

    lol the NIGHTMARE!!! Him and Wayne singing about Nivea

  • wisdom

    It didn’t need his vocals. It’s ok.

  • tj

    my ears hurt cuz of this mess

  • sholla21



    But why?

  • jdmann

    Dream should have told her he gon hit spots she don’t know she got Ima get on your nerves baby. I put the P in Pimping before me they called it Imping.


    WACK! His voice just doesn’t go with the song.

  • Brownie

    His voice being that high is really creepy… I could only listen to about 10 secs of that crap

  • JaZzIe91

    #RadioKilla I love The Dream.

  • Toni

    Why would he play himself like that??

  • Ready or Not

    I liked it..sounds good…

  • ceewalk

    ROTFLMBO @ the “Nightmare”

  • RootzWoman

    I have a serious problem with a man whose voice is higher pitched than mine. *shudders*

  • Nia

    I like this song, go head Dream!

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