Isn’t This Ironic? Ray Lewis Says That The NFL Lockout Means People Are Going To Be Bored Enough Commit Crimes…Ummm Is It That Serious?

- By Bossip Staff

Who the Hell asked Ray Lewis to talk? Oh right, ESPN. Cool

Ray Lewis is channeling his inner foolishness and decided to speak on the NFL lockout. While everybody is talking about legal ramifications and issues with court cases, Ray wants you to know that you might get jacked if the Lockout continues:

“Do this research if we don’t have a season — watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game,”

Basically, people are going to be so bored on Sundays without football that they’ll start committing crimes. This also could mean that NFL players themselves could get bored and start getting themselves in trouble like Lewis himself did during the Super Bowl a decade ago when he had nothing to do. Lord knows we don’t need a bunch of Pacman Jones’s running around causing trouble. Bring on the NFL to save some lives!

What do you think? Should Lewis have kept his mouth shut or is he talking the truth?

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  • mike

    What a fricking retard so how do we stay out of jail the 9 months that football is played in convinced now that athletes spend to much time playing sports and not enough time learning shid else cuzz the are some of the dumbest people on the planet and way to over payed considering if the were no sports most of these idiots would be in jail or asking me if I want fries with my food effem all

    • auto

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  • CAN AM

    Where’s the faith, Ray Ray?

    • CAN AM

      On second thought, Ray, if you get bored, come see me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    Ray was in the middle of a manslaughter case,while the super bowl was playing,whenever the season is over the players are the ones acting a fool

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Well look how many of these football players get arrested during the season and off season. I think he is talking about the players and not us regular folks LOL

  • Kenedy

    How about all these NFL players go back to college & finish their degrees during the lockout (for those who haven’t yet, which im sure is alot)…& if they had chosen a crappy major like history, banking only on the NFL, good luck to them, they should start from scratch & get a more lucrative degree….That’s a thought.

    • Rae Rae

      …or just take up a hobby like pottery or crocheting (no need for violence). lol

  • Marquita

    There’s already a few of the players who have gotten hemmed up. He might not be that far off…

  • sportstalk23

    That was the last thing Ray ever needed to say considering while not charged dude was caught up in two dudes getting murked back in the ATL years back. That situation is still cloudy about what he was involved in. Besides anybody whose is rich playing a kids game, decides to commit crimes for boredom needs to lose said career and wealth. No excuse to commit crimes cuz your azz is bored, read a book, help out a soup kitchen, read to some kids. Or in quite a few of those ballers spend quality time with those 50-11 kids they got

  • Sam

    What a dumba$$. Do this research?

    I bet he can’t even spell research.

    What a dumb dumb DUMB thing to say. He couldn’t just say it. He had to say it with those crazy eyes.

    He fails as a football leader if that even remotely happened. What kind of football leader would even allow such nonsense to occur?

  • marilovesrog

    preach on Ray… how dare all you haters come on here questioning this positive mans words? Ray is a shining example of a leader. the mess he was caught up in back in the day was proven to be SELF DEFENSE.. he is a righteous man and is coming from a good place. know the context of a mans words before you rush to judge him

  • marilovesrog

    oh yeah and RAVENS ALL DAY BABY..

  • gsharei

    f that nicca. he had something to do with killing my cousin. idiot then dummy now.

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