Coupled Up: Old Head Lionel Richie Spotted Getting His Middle-Aged Swirl On

- By Bossip Staff

Lionel Richie was spotted accompanying his lady friend to lunch at La Scala Monday. He’s got his old man swag on 10.

You don’t see many aging R&B stars who can rock this look, fortunately Lionel’s curl has held up over the years for him.

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  • dana

    He looks so 1985!

    • auto

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    • it is what it mofo is

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  • nu2deepmami

    Another Negro who died and went to heaven….

  • It's Me

    Lionel still looks young, haven’t age a bit.

    • MiMi

      If he looks like he hasn’t aged a bit it’s probably because you recently discovered him. I can’t believe that he got his azz whopped and trashed his first marriage over this becky.

  • undressingHER

    they look…intelligent. Whatever that means…they just look it.

    • Beautiful white woman

      Black and white love is the best!

  • Tired of Bossip

    i wonder why he doesn’t like black women. he even adopted white kids

    • islandgirl

      I know he loves that becky

    • tommykimon

      I think his first wife was black if I’m not mistaken.

  • Ben

    Where are the pictures of the Obamas in Europe, Monica and Shannon Brown were celebrating 6 mths of being married where are those pictures,Al and Deborah Roker were at the MET where are those picturs. This is getting too boring most blacks are with other black why are you so afraid to show black couples.

  • XO

    LR never had another hit sine he dumped first wife Brenda.

  • Beautiful white woman

    So we are “beckys”? You all are bonequesha’s, topramenisha’s,and la qweefa’s LMAO!

    • LuLuBlonde

      LOL! I hate the “Becky” reference too…. it’s stupid. Becky over LaQuanna, Laquisha, Bonquisha, etc. anyday

  • tommykimon

    He’s needs to drop the jeri curl.

  • Saywhite

    It is an affect of racism that creates the black man ugly Becky situations.

  • lt

    lionel still hasn’t learned his lesson.

  • Peppa

    Someone in this thread is Thirsty, Presed, Desparate and Boring.

  • Dashiki Fawntaquita

    LMFAOO this site is a joke for real, they even put a little smiley face for y’all all the way at the bottom. Why is a negro by the name of “white woman” pretending to be white? Are you that lame?

  • von

    His first wife was black you know your typical angry black woman.

    • babydeejordan

      Angry black women?? I think not..LR committed adultry and his first wife…who happens to be black kicked his a$$. If LR wants to date ugly white women….most look old and dusty by the time they turn 40 that’s his business…but definitely not a typical angry black woman…whoever that is…I’m black…I’m a woman…and I am not angry..guess I’m just no typical huh?

  • J-Girl not down w/the swirl.

    Why is there always some Becky’s on this page talking Sh!t? Dam# Gina, we can’t have nothin!! They even took over Soul Train the last few years it was on.

  • Lmao@TheNyggaWoman

    @ BabyDeeJordan,
    you are angry, trick yo post sounds furious as ish.

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