Epitome Of A Bad Father: This Worthless Scum Was Sexing His Daughter Days Before Stabbing Her 15 Times And Trashing Her Body [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

This has to be one of the sickest motherfkers we’ve come across… SMH

45-year-old Rodney J. McIntyre is currently being held without bond for the first-degree murder of his daughter, 17-year-old Ebony Franklin, whose body was discovered in an alley dumpster on November 28. Despite being a suspect in the case, McIntyre was only arrested last Saturday for the crime.

On Monday federal prosecutors detailed evidence in the case, including how McIntyre’s semen was found in Franklin’s body — news that caused a number of her friends and family present in the courtroom to cry out. Prosecutors also based their charges on cellphone records, which helped them pinpoint calls between Franklin and her father as well as prove his location relative to the area where her body was found. Police interviewed witnesses who said Ebony was with her father when she disappeared — despite his claims that she was with her boyfriend. Franklin lived with her mother and stepfather in Capitol Heights. Her mother reported her missing on November 27. Franklin’s mother said her daughter planned to spend the weekend of Nov. 26 with her father, but he told her she planned to stay with her boyfriend instead.

McIntyre originally told police he was supposed to meet Ebony in front of a Target store at 1pm on Nov. 26, but she never called. Prosecutors say he was lying all along.

“Ebony was dropped off in Columbia Heights to meet up with her father, but she was never seen by any other person ever again,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Jocelyn Ballantine, who called the slaying “premeditated and deliberate.”

Police also claim McIntyre used his daughter’s phone to text and make calls in attempt to throw suspicion on someone else. In one message McIntyre allegedly wrote:

“Remember, the ITCHBAY told on my man nowyoo get her out the trash.”

McIntyre had a job as a custodian at a boxing gym only a block from where Ebony’s body was discovered and cellphone records showed that between 2:47 and 4:28 pm on Nov. 27 McIntyre’s phone was used near the dumpster, despite McIntyre’s denial that he was in the area.

McIntyre was interviewed by police several times. During one interview he was asked about a sexual relationship with his daughter, but he denied there being one. After authorities asked whether his DNA would be found on her, he told police, “I don’t know how to explain it.” He also said he wouldn’t admit a relationship with Franklin to them, but that he would tell her mother.

Now here’s the really crazy part. After Franklin’s body was found, police discovered his semen had been inside her for up to three days. When pressed for an explanation McIntyre said he gave Franklin a bottle of his semen, which he claims she used to try and get pregnant.


Eventually McIntyre admitted he and his daughter had sex on “several occasions,” including the Tuesday before she was killed. The Judge hearing the case has ordered that McIntyre be held until his next hearing, which is currently scheduled for July 7.

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How crazy is this isht??? SMH! Please put this sicko UNDER the jail!


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  • nu2deepmami

    Hell is waiting for this thing…can’t be called a human.

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    • kerry (bossip has too many name changers)

      Girl child aint safe in a family of mens. Oprah circa 1986.

    • it is what it mofo is

      the comments here are ok, but i’d rather give a mofo point of view on askamofo.com, “a pro black women website”

    • Mrs. Rance

      I was thinking the same thing and was wondering if his daughter accepted his advances because she too thought he was cute.

      I guess that interview took place prior to his arrest.

    • ThunderKitty

      I know lulu blond is a troll and I expect statements like that from him//her but MsRance WTF is your problem? I can’t believe you even voiced that out loud. He should not have touched his daughter violently or sexually at all. D a m n there are some stupid and sick mofos on this site.

    • Salina

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    • G.M.isafukinfraud

      @MrsRance u r a dumb cun+ a$$ b1tch 2 even say some insensitive sh1t like that! Just because ur twisted a$$ prolly rode ur daddy’s d1ck while ur mama was @ work, don’t u DARE demoralize this young brutally murdered girl by suggesting that she in some way brought this on herself! Ol meat cleaver face a$$ b1tch! U look like u would say some dumb sh1t like what u typed in real life. Somewhere out there, is a miserable muthafuka who has 2 deal with hearin ur loose diarrhea a$$ mouth. Have some compas(sion & tact 4 once in ur life. B1TCH!

  • Enygmai

    This is just sick..

  • Brown Suga

    Sick, Sick, Sick!!!….smdh….

  • Mama Mila

    Animal! I hope they kill him in jail.

  • faebae

    Omg was all I could say. I means there’s no words for this story. People are truly goin crazy these days. And are sick!

  • E-media =plantation2k

    Ugh. Hopefully he gets a belly full semen and blood in prison. On a daily basis. Damned devil.

  • Tony Redds

    That poor lil girl..smh

  • ok....dayumm

    This is why they need to keep building prisons to house crimnals as long as legally possible. Some people are worse than animals and need to be caged away from society.

  • DaHonestTruth

    My dad also molested me in my younger years.

    • Truth Seeker

      I hope you’ve found some resolve with what transpired. I pray that God heals your heart and mind and that you find ways to reach others that share your circumstance and show them that you can overcome the plight. I wish you well.

    • Me

      I’m REALLY SORRY to hear that. I know several females who are victims of sexual abuse. It can be really hard to deal with. You sound like you’ve made a very successful life for yourself, in spite of the situation. I commend you for that. I hope you find the love, support, and release you need. I hope you are free. I have a friend who developed a mental illness because of abuse. She’s still working hard to overcome her experiences. Both of you are in my prayers. (I’m saying a quick prayer for both of you right now, before I get busy with the day and forget. LOL!)

  • brittany

    OMG that is terrible. how could do that to someone let alone your own damn child. what reason is there to do somethin like this. i feel bad for the family. there’s a place in hell for people like this

  • team nymphis

    ok! 17 fckn your father.who the fck does that.she knew when she told her momma she was goin to daddys playhouse that she was gettin sexed.why not tell momma what’s really happenin at daddys loveshack?this is some of the most disgusting shxt to hit the net.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      Because she was not getting “sexed”. She was getting SEXUALLY ABUSED by a sick piece of black dog shyt that called himself her father who eventually killed her, likely because she WAS getting ready to talk to someone!!

      Leave it to an even sicker piece of black dog shyt to find a way to blame the victim!! Sometimes you sick b@stards take this stand behind the black man at all costs shyt too far!!

      I hope this piece of garbage gets beaten to death in the jail he will hopefully rot under..

    • Rosalind

      I am so glad someone else understands where I am coming from! DaHonestTruth, you hit the nail on the head!

    • JustAshley


      Child abusers do this thing called “grooming” whereas they start out abusing kids at an early age and basically confuse them by saying this is “how daddies love their little girls.” The victims are so confused and traumatized that after a while they stop fighting back or they even go along with it- convinced its normal.
      No doubt he’s been abusing her for a long time. She probably wanted it to stop. May she rest in peace.

    • ~ChynaPeach~[Team Nymphis]

      Ladies, ladies, ladies… Calm down. Take it easy on my ehubby. He was just asking a logical question.

    • WoW

      Mammas need to let thier daughters know they can come to them with anything without the fear of punishment, a beatin or belittling. Women raise your daughters to be strong, to have self-respect, to have morals, values and to know what is truely right and how to recognize and identigy what is wrong. These are your children not your friends!

  • Veve

    He needs to be castrated. And then left alone to bleed to death. Life in prison would be too good for this piece of sh|t.

    • http://www.fabweavesbydebbie.com Souljagir

      It figures she probably didn’t tell because as you can tell from the nature of the killing (stabbed 15 times) that he wasn’t stable and probably feared he would do that to her. You never know what a person would keep to themself put in a situation like that.

    • islandgirl

      but why she even went there?

  • http://thisisnewstome.com lani3000

    Lord HAVE Mercy on us ALL.

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    So said and disgusting,with all the bad shyt that happens in the world still cant get use to this stuff

  • Nikki P

    I’m about to throw up all my Dunkin Donuts coffee….RIP Babygirl DANG!!!!!

  • islandgirl

    wow r.i.p smh this is the end of days. Is this the first time he sexed her? and if not why did she keep going back? somethings not right about this story.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      Because she was not getting “sexed”. She was getting SEXUALLY ABUSED by a sick piece of black dog shyt that called himself her father who eventually killed her, likely because she WAS getting ready to talk to someone!!

      Leave it to an even sicker piece of black dog shyt to find a way to blame the victim!! Sometimes you sick b@stards take this stand behind the black man at all costs shyt too far!!

      I hope this piece of garbage gets beaten to death in the jail he will hopefully rot under….

    • You's a dumb a$$

      Perhaps she kept going back because that was the custody arrangement.

  • Cj

    This happened in my city. I remember when it happened and to read that her dad did this makes me sick on my stomach.

    I hope that the brothers on the inside take care of this worthless gump.

    • michelle

      Trust he getting pumped real good right now as we speak….

  • bre

    Its funny how when he was geting interviewed he made it seem like he had been a absent father and just tryna make up for lost time… smh this has to be the sickest story ive ever heard!

  • http://www.fabweavesbydebbie.com Souljagir

    OMG I wonder if he went to the funeral? With Miss you Ebony Hat on? WTH, talking about he’s been to jail for attempted murder and all that other ish? A person of interest they should of locked him up that day!!!!!! There’s too much pointing to him from day one to let him continue to be out in society to have done that to someone else (shame on you dc police chief)

    • Kriztina

      He did attend the funeral. It’s not the chief’s fault there is so much not out there surrounding this story, like the group/gang of girls that were threatening her. The police chose to follow that angle. The situation is not funny! She wasn’t bad person.

  • LAMO


  • UrbanBeauty

    Just plain sicknening!

  • TT

    My GOD, what kind of person would do that do their child.

    Satan is alive and well and living here on eath.

    RIP, GOD’s child.

  • UrbanBeauty

    Just plain sickening!

  • Tray

    GOD forgive me…he gotta go!
    And in a painful, tortuous way.

  • geemoenettie

    Damn! Damn! Damn!

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