Surprise: Guess Who Put The Sperminator’s Latina Baby Mama Drama On Blast

- By Bossip Staff

We told you Maria Shriver wasn’t the innocent victim she’s playing in the media.

According to new TMZ reports, Maria is the only reason the rest of us even know about Arnold’s Side Seed with Sidepiece Patty Baena.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger baby drama story was leaked to the media by Maria Shriver’s own people … and they did it because Maria was so angry at Arnold, she wanted to do it herself.

TMZ has new information from sources connected to Maria. We’re told when Maria found out that Arnold was the father of Mildred Patty Baena’s son, she was “hysterical” and wanted to hold a news conference blowing the lid off the scandal.

We’re told Maria’s friends talked her off a ledge and a plan was eventually hatched to leak the details to the L.A. Times and TMZ.

And we have new information about when Maria found out about the baby. Now we’re told Maria learned about Arnold’s love child in late April or very early May.

The timeline further supports the story TMZ broke earlier — that Maria was miserable in her marriage and wanted out for a long time. As we first reported, Maria was looking at pricey L.A. condos back in January with a Beverly Hillls realtor.

Maria has told friends for nearly two years she wanted a divorce but never pulled the trigger. Maria, we’re told, is now ready to end the marriage.

We still think Maria’s known about this kid since the first time she saw him. But she’s a Kennedy. And her parents probably convinced her not to leave until after Arnold’s run as Governator and until her kids were of a certain age.

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  • noble

    With 88 new stories everyday and so much self-serving spin, who knows what to believe?

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  • Veve

    Does the person who owns this blog have a bone to pick with Maria Shriver? Who cares if she leaked it? No one put a gun to the “governator’s” head and forced him to pork piggies!

    • Veve

      Sad but true 😦

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    How do you think all these personal details get leaked,of course someone close gets the news out….

  • faebae

    The marriage was just bussiness. The little boy look just like him so she knew. She prolly knew from the first time she saw the boy.

    • dat jerk

      i believe it clearly states in the above article that she (Maria Shriver) DID know about the child from the FIRST time she saw him. **R.I.F**

  • Gered

    so what she at least deserves that!

  • just me

    Soooo… she’s not innocent because she wanted to tell the world the truth?

    • ShawnNeverSettles

      That’s what I said,… I posted a few spaces below you and trust me that would have been the least of their worries, please believe.

  • Tia


  • Darlin

    Come one people……….even if she knew… HOW much MORE can this poor (rich) woman take? The bottom-line is that he cheated and she just needs to get some of his money. And let him and senorita nachos go and live on a fruit truck somewhere.

  • lovensmutts


  • It's Me

    ok next story already. They have had their 1 week of spot light. America can we move on now?

  • Dah

    And so the f* what? It still does not change the story.

  • RMEs

    I know I really shouldn’t even be entertaining your comment because it’s a bunch of nonsense but I just have to say it. Maria is NOT beautiful at all. It doesn’t mean she deserved to be cheated on its just a misconception that she is attractive.

    • RMEs

      I thought I was posting under Palest Latina. My bad.

  • Sigh Bossip

    I not mad at you Maria….you did what you had to do!

  • resurrected

    It her life and experience she can tell who she wants. I don’t think that she new that long because her children nor the child on the side knew about any of this.

  • chrissy17


  • Tm30

    I can’t blame Maria. But Unfortunately, in our society today, loose women are glamorized. The only one to really suffer is the kid. But then again maybe not. Arnold was dirty, that kid could have been conceived in their marriage bed. It just doesn’t get any lower than that.

  • Queen R

    And now for some news. A deadly tornado since 1953 ripped a town almost off the map! A tornado can happen anywhere and in minutes your life can be changed forever. Pray for those people in Joplin, Missouri our prayers and help is needed.

  • lt

    as quote goes, “hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned”.

  • http://bossip tanya

    I would have too. He would have been thinking he was going to run for re-election or something else. Hell no you will be shamed the same you did to me. I don’t blame her ! I always thought it was her or the maid !

  • Wishyouthebest!

    Yes she has. If it were me, it would have been a totally different headline… “First Lady beats the tar out of the maid on a city street”.

  • Queen divine

    Both her parents are dead….smh yall ppl dont know chit

  • jasmin

    Ironic we all encourage maria to share her story. We defend her & title her victim. When the same thing happened to Mashonda ppl felt she should stfu & get over it. Crazy how black ppl cannot support one another. Both ladies were betrayed, but their stories are being handled the complete opposite smh

    • Veve

      What the hell?? Why does race have to enter EVERY DAMNED conversation on here?

      And btw, she-who-will-not-be-named got less sympathy cause she wouldn’t stop flapping her lips about it in interviews and constantly tweeting. Wahh wahhhh WOMP.

  • jasmin

    Cheating is wrong, regardless of what sex, race, etc participated. I observed the support maria (a white women) is receiving while mashonda (black woman) was told to shut up, move on, step her game up, blah blah blah. Pain is pain. Why should one be encouraged to share/inspire others, while the other should suffer in silence? And fyi, I’m not to be confused with a race-baiting troll. I’m just stating the obvious

  • get real

    Arnie is lucky he didn’t get hit in the head with a golf club or SHOT…some women would not just sit around eating chocolates after such a hideous deception.
    SO SHE DIDN’T KEEP HIS BABY MAMA’S golden egg/gold diggin’ secret…WOULD YOU????
    People will pick on Maria no matter what…she does more charity work than 99.9% of the people on here…give her a break! Why dontcha pick on POOR ARNIE??? He’s the one who LEAKED!

  • tommykimon

    Wow you sound just like her. Self hate much? Also if you hate black people so much why are you on a BLACK gossip site everyday?

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