The Obamas Take It To Buckingham Palace To Meet The British Royals… Chelly-O Looks Bangin’ As Usual!

- By Bossip Staff

We LOVE this!!! Our President and First Lady Barack Obama and Michelle Obama landed in London last night for a two day State Visit at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II. Today they toured the U.S. Ambassador’s residence at Winfield House and were treated to a Ceremonial Welcome in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and we have the iconic photos here.

We especially love this photo of our First Lady chatting it up with the new Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton, aka Prince William’s newlywed wife!

Some details on what all the ladies wore:
Michelle wore a pale green, embroidered dress by Barbara Tfank with a cropped pink jacket, silver kitten heels and a brooch. The former-Kate Middleton chose a geometric-cut beige sheath. Camilla selected a cream-colored suit topped off with a hat and Queen Elizabeth II donned florals.

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  • getemslimm

    Damn thats a good look! I love my Potus and Flotus!

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    that new princess thinks shes so cute. girl please.

    • MIZZLE


    • kay

      well she’s a princess…. who the f are you?!

  • ManchesterUKer

    Charles is having a bit of a comb-over fail, oh well at least they sufficiently drugged Prince Philip

  • lovensmutts


  • Tall Gyal

    Our President and First Lady are doing a Great job…and looking so good while doing it. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

  • i know the truth

    the obama’s ain’t $hyt. isn’t it strange that as much anger and noise the tea party and Republicans raised against obama, there are no viable candidates that are capable of defeating him being put forward? why? because Obama is their front man–& black people are not thinking critically about him because he’s a so called black man, and thus they think he’s with them–but he’s selling us “down the river” He don’t care about black people anymore than ronald regean or richard nixon–and ya’ll are impressed because he walks cool, sounds down, and has a black wife who seems down to earth–while those things might be true–we need to go deeper to really understand what is happening.

  • devotee86

    Ummm william has his fathers receding hairline…ill take harry anyday…and u wouldnt have to wait for his father to die to be crowned princess either..on another note it seems charles will never be king…his mother is still kickin and it dont look like shes goin nowhere

  • what

    I suppose that I know the truth has a better president in mind? I suppose you’re ok with the white man screwing us over for years? I feel that Obama has done his best seeing that Bush screwed us ALL for 8yrs…I might not agree with every decision Obama makes but then again I don’t agree with every decision made by CEO’s of small companies. But they are leaders and if you know anything about success and life they are respected as such… would you like to tell Obama how to run the country?

  • Heres a great idea

    I know the truth…how about you run for president? How about you figure out how to get the U.S. out of debt inherited by us, thanks to Bush? Were you always a president basher? What does her looks have to do with annyythhhiinnggg, doubt if she was up to your standards that would help with recession and wars.

  • what!

    I know the truth…how about you run for president? How about you figure out how to get the U.S. out of debt inherited by us, thanks to Bush? Were you always a president basher? What does her looks have to do with annyythhhiinnggg, doubt if she was up to your standards that would help with recession and wars.

  • herudagod

    He just meeting some his puppet masters

  • Tia

    Love that green shoe with the blue dress First Lady!


    The Obamas are the most powerful family in the world! and i voted for him f you didnt vote dont comment and go hide in a whole and …

  • prissa

    @devotee – aint that the truth?? How old is the Queen anyway? Seems like she’s been queen for a hundred years and then some! WOW.

  • Dread

    Does he not realize that we have floods and tornados that are devestating the midwest and that its not the time to be taking trips over sea’s..You black people thats supporting him and praising his wifes choice of clothes need to go in on him like you all did bush for doing a fly by when katrina hit..What he’s doing is far worse..

    • Ben

      You are just a bitter hater you never come on to post anything but angry, stupid comments always attacking black people.

  • Ben

    Obama was not to know that a tornado would hit and his trip was preplanned unlike Bush who was in the US when Katrina hit and still did not care.The President will be in the mid west on Sunday, what could he even do if he was around-nothing.It is not worse it is just some of you only see Obama through his race so nothing he does is good enough.he Vice President is taking care of the mid west which is more than what Cheney did in New Orleans.

    • chaka1

      Well…Hurricane Katrina was different. We knew it was a Kat 4 or 5 two days before it hit. The weathermen were going crazy with it.

  • afro british

    Love the Obamas. Welcome to England.Kate Middleton nearly bowed to her Majesty Mrs Obama.

    • CUT the BULLSH!T

      LOL. Despite all of the attention she’s received lately as pretty much the future queen of England, I’m sure she was excited about meeting Michelle. But I do think generally, they do a lot of bowing/curtseying in England.

    • afro british

      Wish her the best she does seem down to earth, she struck gold lucky girl. LOL

    • kay

      there really isn’t a lot of bowing or courtesying in england. in fact there’s none. this isn’t japan. i’ve never seen any english person bow

  • Dread

    Ben..I’m not hating i’m calling all you hyprocites out for thinking this guy is the second coming of god..You don’t like it dont respond..He wasn’t in the midwest this wked because he was too busy making a trip to visit his WHITE mothers heritage ..This half breed president dont care about black ppl he only cares about muslims and illegals whi break the law everyday..And if you think joe biden is in the midwest then your completely dumb and blind..RED OR BLUE PILL..

    • Ben

      You are a hater you never have anything to post unless it is negative.Obama has set in motion federal and state aid for the mid west which is being overseen by the VP, I did not say Joe Biden was there.I am sure you never had a bad word to say about Bush-the crabs in a barrel mentality you have is very sad.

  • chaka1

    Yes. The Obamas are representing WORLD POWER!!!!

    Loves it!!! Loves it all!!!

  • Dread

    ben..crab in a barrel huh?Well just because I dont care for the president like a majority of americans except for the AA’s i see on here and listen to on the radio your dead wrong I was as harsh on bush as i am on the muslim obama..If you dont like my comments oh well my opinions and not yours..I cant stop you from reading my comments just as much as you cant stop me from making them..

  • Dread

    Ill continue to speak on the things i see wrong and try to open peoples eyes to what i and others see as wrong with the way this president and his administration is handling and steering this country the wrong way..You don’t like it then start using common sense and question the things that YOU know arnt right..

  • http://deleted ReALiSt!! ... I'm NAT TURNER ToDaY WiTh A UZI!!

    Michelle Obama is one ugly specie – she looks like a silverback gorilla’s long lost sister….

    I heard Obama is Irish now, since he found the missing hyphen in his name alias O’Bama… Maybe, you sheeple can stop calling him the black president now…

    • CUT the BULLSH!T

      Gimme a f*ckin’ break. You’d be the first one on your knees if you ever came across her in real life…..they’re doing more than you’ll ever do and have accomplished in one day than you ever will in your pathetic sorry life…..LOSER!

  • Ben

    Realist you look like the bastard child of Stanley Crouch
    and a camel that is why you never leave your mothers basement.It must kill you to see an educated, sophisticated sister as the First Lady-keep hating it is all you have.

    • CUT the BULLSH!T

      I had to Google Stanley Crouch…..omg, I’m over here WEAK……LMAO.

  • JustAshley

    B.O.S.S.I.P! Ya’ll need to cover the Cannes Film Festival and the film about Princess Diana!!! Shocking to say the least!!!

  • Don Global

    He just went to BOW TO HIS REAL BOSS !!! People wake up..He did not get invited to the wedding.So the Queen just pat him on his head a said don’t worry’s a doggie biscuit ! Notice how she stands far off..Don’t want to catch nothing ! LMAOF !!!

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