EFF A Faux News Tweet! Racist A$$ Journalist Says Obama’s “Chuggin’ Forties”

- By Bossip Staff

These clowns just can’t stop finding something racist to say about Obama.

Our president is over in Ireland putting in work and this clown, Eric Bolling wants to add his two cents via Twitter.

First of all, Obama is clearly drinking his beer out of a glass and didn’t Fox News’ Messiah, George W. Bush take vacations every Wednesday or something? So later for that. Remember when we all thought Obama killing Bin Laden would signal some sort of change to the way he’s treated? That seemed so long ago.

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  • killa ree

    SCREW this guy im am about to take to twitter and get at this lame…

    • auto

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  • Fear of a Black Nation

    We get it already hes black,damn can you stop giving these fools attention….the shyt is so over played that its not even worth getting upset over

  • Sheila

    @Amber…I see your putting your ignorant a&% comments in again. How do you know a lot of black men are useless?? What is your “finding” based on?? It’s based on complete ignorance!! It’s very apparent you are a fuc%&n racist, so why are you on this site??

  • angie sloan

    Chuck Prez……..live ur life bc these ppl. r trying to take it frm. u…..love u Mr. President..God Bless U and ur family always…

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I hate faux news. Why is it that the get away with the most extreme right-wing stuff? And didn’t Bush take like forever to get to New Orleans and called American citizens refugees? I mean daxn it is not like he is just MIA or doing nothing. Part of being a President is working on foreign affairs and you have to visit and schmooze every once in a while. My God! This man can do nothing right for these mother f*ckers!

  • Juliemango

    It looks like the irish have a greater appreciation for pres. Obama by the way they welcomed/treated him. Oh yeah hes part irish – irish pride!!!

  • team nymphis


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  • Unico

    I am waiting for the day that Fox News goes of the air… seriously, they’ve been screwing up worse than usual since the Dems got into office. Sometimes it is rather amusing.

  • lt

    wow! this is laughable. fox keeps making themselves look more and more dumb as usual, lol.

  • robbie

    white folks can put away some liquor all day everyday – I learned FOX news was republican when they started on air – is why i had no concern for Lark McCarthy and Tracy Neale. still no concern for the station itself – NBC for me.

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