Dirty Dog Diaries: Arnold Schwarzenegger Complained About A “Sexless Marriage” Prior To Slizzard Sexing & Impregnating The Help

- By Bossip Staff

The Sperminator ain’t sh*t:

Arnold Schwarzenegger began a secret affair with his housekeeper after complaining about his ‘sexless’ marriage with wife Maria Shriver, iit has been claimed today. A former friend of Mildred ‘Patty’ Baena has revealed details about how the pair’s liaison allegedly began – including their first drunken encounter – in a new interview with the National Enquirer.

Maria Medel, who attended the christening of Baena’s love child in 1997, also claims the housekeeper was ‘obsessed’ with the Terminator star.
‘When I met Patty she had already been working for Arnold for several years,’ Medel told the American publication. ‘She had a minishrine to him in her house – his movie posters, pictures, newspaper clippings, action figures.’ Medel claims Baena, 50, confided in her about the affair.

‘Patty said Arnold had been complaining that his marriage was sexless and Maria was never around, flying all over the world for her TV news job.
She continues: ‘She said that one night after Arnold had been complaining about feeling lonely and unloved, he started drinking. After a few drinks, Arnold asked Patty to have a drink with him. ‘One drink led to another, and then another. ‘Patty said they started kissing and that led to their first sexual encounter. They had unprotected sex.’

SMH. Arnold was like, “Go ahead take one more sip, just one mooooore sip………”


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  • Fab.

    *waits for GM to make sexist comment*

    • G.M.

      lol XD i dont make sexist comments…u obviously dont know the definition of the word and there isn’t a comment u can find on this blog where i’ve made sexist comments saying how men can do this but women cant becuz they’re women.

    • Fab.

      Oops. Sorry. *waits for GM to make misogynistic comment* that better?

  • ???

    For real. If there was no sex, why do you say that he ain’t sh*!?

  • mwuah

    Blah blah blah! Of course hes gonna LIE to her about not getting some. That was all game. she was stupid/ thirsty and believe his no good azz. Thn she bragg to her girlfriend now everybody gettin paid for this foolishness. Smh. Messy.


    The truth of the matter is that while Maria was out working on her career, she FAILED to work with her man to ensure that something like this would never happen. Most men are stupid creatures, but this maid basically replaced Maria in the home and that’s why this affair happened. I would NEVER have another women in my home while I was away on business-that’s a recipe for disaster.
    Most men have no sense of morality, so they see no harm in doing dumb crap like this, Arnold should’ve called his wife and told her how he felt instead of confiding in a broke down El Salvadorian tramp looking for a come up. I would never throw away 25 years for a simple tryst. This is why communication is important at all times. Marriage is hard work and making excuses for infidelity after taking vows before god and family is simply UNACCEPTABLE!

    • terminator

      Maybe he had tried to talk to her and she ignored him…
      and stop blaming the man when his wife should have fulfiled and kept her mind on her wifely duties..ie being a good wife. Stop criticizing ‘all men’ when we are speaking about 1 man -Arnold.

  • G.M.

    The topic is “Sexless Marriages” where men and women call in to share their experiences & stories…for all those who constantly want testimonies from men/women who are married, have been married and want to hear whats waiting for them on the other side then i suggest u have a listen.

  • currvalicious

    @les u stupid! lol….hilarious

  • howudoing

    Me too..Nobody in the neighborhood noticed lil arnold running around. Looks exaclty like his a$$$

  • always knew

    this is a good article, should serve to remind us all, wht men are used to having children out of wedlock, hiding it and not being responsible..

    Good to see, the dirt fairly being applied.. Wht men are deadbeats too..

  • what

    I know. SMDH at stupid people talking about a sexless marriage. This is how he became governor.

  • lenabear123

    I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

    _ Blac k Whi te Da te. C’om _

    This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

    If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!

  • VA666

    @Gail.. I was getting ready to post the same thing but you beat me to it! LOL Maria was pregnant at the same time the mistress was so it obviously couldn’t have been too “sexless”. He just wanted to have his cake and eat it too like most men. Simple as that. SMH at folks blaming the wife when he was the one who stepped.

  • The voice

    Men are always blaming the woman, a man could have the perfect woman, and still cheat on her because somehow be certain that she will stay with him regardless; they even go as far as saying “if you leave me, you’re just going to go to another man that will cheat on you too” LOL the joke, sadly some women believe them, 100 years old back out there Dating, that’s a good look Arnorld.

  • The voice

    Btw: i can spot the sexless loveless, taco bell living at, brothers on here Lol

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    cosign. now if he has 2 other secret kids…thats a lil different.

  • dana

    Poor Maria….probably had weird STDs and alleged UTIs! Arnold humping everything and everything he was humping was humping their husbands who were humping everything! The CDC needs to give her the survivors of the decade award!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    LOL…you are a fool!

  • Sabrina Q

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  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I agree with the other poster, how was it sexless when the kids were a few days apart. I will go on an say I also agree with the poster that he was using that a g to get some p*ssy and she ate it up because she wanted him badly. Sounds like the g run in the hood on a daily basis.

    Now can they drop all the dirt on this at one time. I am tired of this story already and a trickle here today and there tomorrow is dragging this shyt out.


    She’s from El Salvador which PROBABLY MEANS SHE ISN”T MEXICAN.

  • Butterscotch™

    Well, Chris Rock did say once that “all some men need is a crease. That is all that’s needed.” (LOL)


    Do you smell that CRAP you’re trying to sell? There are career women who screw their husbands EVERYDAY! I know because I have nothing but career women as friends. In fact, we were out on the water last weekend and two of my career women friends disappeared below deck with their husbands, guess why: They were screwing the heck out of their men!

    It’s obvious that you’re screwing men because you tried to accuse me, a woman in her 30s of having a dried up cooch. Well, any man who is really into women KNOWS that a woman in her 30s is hornier than an 18 year old boy. I really suggest that you COME OUT OF THE CLOSET DUDE! Something is seriously wrong with a man who constantly makes derogatory comments about women. You need a psychologist because your mother must’ve locked you up in the broom closet or something.


    You’re exactly right. Any smart woman knows that if you’re planning to have a maid, she should be 75 and a half years old with two teeth and rheumatoid arthritis, so there is no way that he body can stretch into any sexual position.

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    If the marriage was sexless how he wind up with ghetto twins then….?

    maria and patty delivered both boys within days of each other..how did maria get knocked up….?

    SMH at arnold’s bull-ish

  • dana

    Please Arnold is horn dog a cheater and disrespected his wife, their home and children. Husband is responsible for protecting and securing your family home and making sure that nothing is violated in it. Nobody wants to be married to punk that abuses trust in the manner he did. SHAME ON HIM! You dont stand before God and make a promise to your wife and get away with abusing your family like that. Arnold and her or opportunist hoes and they will be shamed before GOD and everybody.

  • dana

    You know Maria was a decent trusting woman that didn’t believe her husband would stoop that low. The only thing Arnold could lower was violated the children. Dang even Dexter the serial killer showed more respect for his wife and children’s home.

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