Making It Rain On Them Hoes

- By Bossip Staff

Haaaalllleeeee Beeerrryyyyyyyy, Halle Berry!!!! The 40+ year-old banger was seen at the 2011 FiFi Awards last night in NYC straight stuntin on these hoes…

Ooooooo Weeeeee. That woman shole is fine!!! SMH.

More images from the 2011 FiFi Awards below:

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  • Steelcitychick

    Dammmmn….can Halle ever take a bad photo? She getts better looking with every picture!

    • focus

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  • sashab

    Halle berry is beautiful but she is not the only beautiful black or half black actress out there.

    • chaka1

      Good Lawd! Her body is serious…

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Ridiculous ! She puts thm all to shame.

  • lovensmutts


  • Kori

    Love Halle Berry. She was on one of Oprah’s final shows and she looked stunning. If a black woman had to be my momma it would have to be Halle Berry.

  • #justsayin

    NONE of these young chickens-not beyonce, not rihanna-can EVER…


  • Bianca

    Halle better looking than Padma? Who would have thought?!!!

  • Christielove1468

    Go head,Halle!! Looking more beautiful than ever.

  • Cj

    Man, this girl is beautiful.

  • http://google smh

    So pretty but can’t keep a man.

    • Tcity

      Stop it,we was on a roll everything was positive then here you go.So what maybe these n….. cannot keep her.

  • Ti

    Hey!Where are all the negative comment? See women!? Step up your mental game!

  • such and such

    Still gorgeous

  • such and such

    @smh comment

  • severine

    wow!! she is absolutely flawless, and her body is SICK!!!

  • such and such

    My favorite was BAPS cause she showed her playful side.

  • E.H.

    Whoever is the designer of that dress picked the right woman to wear it…STUNNING…she is wearing that dress and wearing it well….

  • Ms. E

    Gotta Hate But Appriciate at the same time. She is a As the men Say BANGER!

    • Ti

      why do you”gotta hate”?

  • Scatter

    I have been crushing on Halle since 91 (strictly busines-s) and 20 years later she is just as fine.

  • So Gorgeous!

    She is one of those women where you cannot stop looking at her!

  • 1FoxyGeek

    Rock it out Halle! Wow she is just beautiful. Next are Padema and Fergie. They also looked nice.

  • Roab

    OVER 40! No man! Still a shitty actress. That dress screams DESPERATE! If she spent more time with an acting coach and working on decent roles…would could focus on her acting. Yawn!


    She is really tiny.

  • NudeBlackBeautyWeb

    Looking good…just forgot to tan her mid-section. Mary-J always looks greasy. WTH is up with that? Plus the tats make her look too hood.

  • herudagod

    Black women it’s because she works out and exercise. Something most black women are allergic too.

  • Nayya

    Halle Berry is absolutely stunning, but I must keep it real by saying that her look now was manufactured. Don’t sell the young girls no false hopes, she was NOT born that way…….surgery, etc. did come into play. But she is absolutely stunning. 🙂

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