The Un-Be-Weave-Able Crime Spree Continues In Atlanta…

- By Bossip Staff

The weave thieves, are in these streets!

Thieves rammed a car through the front door of a Clayton County beauty supply store early Thursday, then made off with an estimated $10,000 in hair extensions.

The theft follows a recent trend not only in metro Atlanta but across the country as well.

Don Kang, owner of the Beauty Emporium store in the 5600 block of Riverdale Road, said his store was hit around 3 a.m. Thursday.

“They rammed the front with a car, then they came in and stole all the expensive hair,” Kang said. “Four or five guys, wearing gloves and masks. They came in and they were out of here in about a minute.”

…“It’s bad,” Kang said. “About a month ago, they tried to break through our back door, but they couldn’t get it open.”

Kang said the burglary is one of many in recent months at area beauty supply stores.

“The thieves are targeting beauty supplies,” he said. “They’re going after the expensive hair. It’s been happening to a lot of beauty supply [stores].”

It’s fawked up that hundreds of bald-headed beasts are running around these streets and can’t even get their wigs tightened up because these bastards are hi-jackin the Yaki. It’s a dirty game y’all.

Hide ya tracks, hide ya glue, hide ya tracks, hide ya glue…


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  • soul touch

    Yippy! Maybe sisters will stop with the fake hair madness.

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    LOL!! lmao!!!

  • always knew

    i guess the reason black women rock the natural look is because they cant afford to buy it


    Some of us dobn’t buy it, because buying hair to put in your head, makes you go BALD.

    And not all of us, want to be a wht wmn.. So not everyone.. Some females do it to switch up different hair styles.. But again, this shows exactly how much we hate ourselves, becasue I don’t shop at those Korean/chinese stores. they hate us and theirs no way, I am giving them money, for what NATURALLY grows, on my head..

    I feel so sorry for the coming generations. Some of you are just plain white-washed and STUPID. Breaking into a WEAVE store? Listen to how that sounds… You trryong to steal someone else’s HAIR? Most of ya’ll need psych counseling..

    😦 State of Emergency in Blk America

  • team nymphis

    blk womens self hatred is now increasin the crime rate all across the country.

  • seek2027

    This post is incorrect nothing was taken from the store i live right up the street from this place

  • team nymphis

    if I had a dime for every blk woman I see wit her natural hair… I still couldn’t get shxt off the dollar menu

    • G.M.

      @nymphis: LMAO XD

      @DivisionAve: u couldn’t resist making it a MAN’S fault could you or using us as a scapegoat smh…do women have no say in their own actions, are blk women under the control of blk men??? Why change urself to be liked by others instead of being happy with who u are and look for someone who appreciates u for exactly who u are??? Becuz even if u change, there isn’t a guarantee that person will like what u change into and then u still lose out and lost all ur originality & what made u unique as an individual in the 1st place smh.



  • NudeBlackBeautyWeb

    Wow! People will find a way to make money. Stealing hair? This is LOW!!

  • soul touch

    There are many reasons why black women go natural. I’ve been natural for almost two decades, and money was the least of my worries. My health, my sanity, my identity, my self-respect, my self-acceptance, my revolution, my evolution…I can go on.

  • KGDC

    I feel sorry that business owners are losing profits, but my sensibilities could care less that some women with too much time on their hands are having a hard time stitching some other person’s hair into their head on some false notion of beauty. I just can’t muster up the strength. (shrug)

  • team nymphis

    soul touch

    You are now a official member of team nymphis
    And these weave witches wit the fake stitches be the first to holla ” ain’t no Real brothas out here”

    • soul touch


      for real on your last point.

  • Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH)

    You’re right, and it’s usually the brotha’s that complain about women’s hair. I’m not surprised, considering how short they cut their hair. As soon as some curl they start complaining about how nappy it looks. I’ve noticed that white and hispanic men don’t seem to mind that much.

    • Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH)

      As soon as some curl pattern starts to form, they start complaining about how nappy it looks and cut their hair down to a nub.

    • DivisionAve

      actally iwas being sarcastic, im not gonna front and act like there arent any brothas that dont discriminate against a sista natural hair , but yet y’all seem to ignore alotta these black men who does that were taught that by their mothers

    • NoName

      And what about all the black men who were wearing braids a few years back? It was funny to see all these long haired black men while their own sisters struggled to grow their hair. YEt they say black people’s hair dont grow but within a few years your own brother had hair down his back.

    • Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH)

      Black people’s hair grows just as fast as other races but it breaks off very very easily because the strands are thinner and there is almost no moisture. I cut all of my hair off in 2008 and it is about 15 inches long. When we were transported here, we had no idea how to take care of our hair. We bought white shampoos that strip our hair of essential oils not understanding that non black hair is very oily. We put thick grease in our hair not understanding that it makes the hair dirty, dry, and stunts growth. The key to long, natural hair is moisture, moisture, moisture. I mean round the clock. Black women need to stop treating their natural hair like it’s the problem; you need to water it like a plant, give it some minerals and natural oils and it will grow on its own.

  • Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH)

    correction “hair texture”

  • JaZzIe91

    @Fear of a Black Nation You’re always on here insulting black women but yet you are on a black website full of black women you supposedly don’t like. o.O #MakesNoSense.

  • NoName

    OMG! Pure unadulterated comedy. Yes, lets start calling them trackheads. I want to set up a 12 step program to get them off the track.

  • Ms.mimi

    That’s so true. I also saw that on the “Good Hair” documentary.

  • Dah

    The reasons why black women wouldn’t go into the store to rob some hair.
    Ting Tong: Wercummmm to mur shaaaaap!!
    ShaBricka Crembulay: Put cho hands up!! Imma need a orange Remy pony tail curl 16.
    Ting Tong. Surry we no sell dat.
    ShaBricka Crembulay: Dang Lacrundala dey aint got naw orange remy!
    ShaBricka Crembulay: I like dat pack ova der
    Ting Tong: Rut dis run?
    30….mins later..

    • G.M.

      i recently saw on the news another hair shop owner having to fight this blk woman who was trying to steal some wigs with her boyfriend and child with her while doing it…the store clerk put up a good struggle, then the store clerk wife tried to help her husband and got punched in the face by the dude…finally the Koreans just said fucc it and let the woman take the wig and reported it to the cops, the altercation was recorded on the store security cams smh…this is gonna make koreans start shootin blk folks & follow them EXTRA HARD when they walk into their stores…just like “Menace to Society” smh

  • Daisy Jay

    I wish that people would get off this hair situation.

    We all now that people sometimes do things out of self-hate, like fake hair. But seriously, you think the majority of black women who wear fake hair hate THEMSELVES? Until you perform a psychological evaluation on all of them, you can’t really declare that. Some black women just wear fake hair because it’s easier for their busy lifestyle. Some black women have alopecia, so what will they do? Some black women just like different looks. Stop looking so deep into minor things.

    Sam with relaxers. For some women, their hair is too thick for THEM to deal with. It’s just easier.

    To me, it’s not a big deal. If you want to be natural, go ahead, more power to you. If you want fake hair, that’s okay. Just be in tune with who you REALLY are and how you were born. If you want relaxers, okay. Just take care of your hair the best you can and accept who you truly are.

    And please don’t stress over people who possess self-hatred. Just keep living your great life because they will never have one.

    • don't come for me

      *cosign* I just started wearing weave 6months ago, and i have to tell you. it’s makes my mornings a lot easier. And yes, i am very much in love with myself! folks kill me with that. thinking just because you claim you’re “natural” you’re better… GTFOH everyone has something about them that wasn’t God given.

  • Allie

    Lol i’m sorry to say this but some women look nicer with weaves then they do otherwise, i have seen some women with some really nice weaves, different things work with different people

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    I have only been natural for a little while and I LOVE IT. I just love our hair. I love seeing other black women with their natural hair I think i am actually obsessed. I do not knock other women that wear weave it’s a convenient thing. Though i love my natural hair it takes time and effort to maintain especially living in England when its at least 70% of the time cold or raining. Even now with my natural hair i have to do protective styling but i normally just braid my hair.

  • Sisredbone

    DEAD @ the last line too funny!

  • Store Owner

    I am a black beauty supply store owner..and I am also black.

    people broke into my store in March.

    I’m in the Atlanta area also.

    • Jenea

      @ Store Owner, I came across this posting in my search for beauty supply store owners. I am in Philadelphia looking to conduct informational interviews with beauty supply store owners. Would you be interested?

  • Soul Touch

    I will never apologize for encouraging sisters to embrace their natural hair.


    • Daisy Jay

      I read your posts and I completely understand where you’re coming from, but let me ask this.

      There are several reasons for why some black women just don’t do that. Do you consider it a crime? Of course it would be GREAT to see all black women going natural and showing who they really are, but that’s just not going to happen. I just feel that as long as these women know who they really are and aren’t ashamed of it, then there are no problems. Hiding it doesn’t necessarily mean shame.

  • What?


  • noble

    Don Kang? Now he knows good and doggone well his mama aint name his butt no doggone Don Kang (walkin in there with his wife, Coretta and his daughters Gayle and Regina] smh

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