Jesus Take The Wheel: 8-Year-Old Bullying Victim Commits Suicide

- By Bossip Staff

What is wrong with this world today???

An eight-year-old girl found dead in the woods near her home had hanged herself after being bullied, police have said.

The body of little Tori Blair Wilson was discovered just 80 yards from her house near Palestine, East Texas, after she went missing from a neighbourhood barbecue.

Following a weeks-long investigation, an autopsy has now revealed the second-grader died from suicide by hanging.

It also found the pretty eight-year-old had talked about suicide in the past, once even putting her head in a noose in front of one of her friends.

Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor told CBS: ‘It appears she was a good student with no problems at school, but we did receive information she may have been bullied at some point.’

He told local newspaper the Palestine Herald Tori may even have been bullied on the day of her death, but investigators had not discovered any specific culprits.

Tori was a pupil at Westwood Primary School, where she was described as a ‘very fine student’ who was loved by teachers.

She had been playing happily with bikes and water balloons at the neighbourhood barbecue near her home on Sunday, April 17, when she disappeared.

Sheriff Taylor said: ‘All of the kids came inside and (Tori) went back into the woods saying she forgot something. When she didn’t show up her family went looking for her and found her hanging.’

He said officers ruled out foul play early on, but were ‘baffled’ by her death because there was little evidence at the scene.

In an autopsy report, Dr John A. Stash of the Southeast Texas Forensic Science Center ruled the cause of her death was ‘asphyxia by hanging’, and listed the manner of her death as suicide. There was no sign of a struggle.

The report continued: ‘According to investigative information the decedent had a history of suicidal ideation and had similarly placed her head and neck in a rope in the presence of a friend in the past in a possibly prior hanging attempt.’

But Justice of the Peace James Westley has said he is not yet willing to put suicide on Tori’s death certificate, and said he needs to discuss the case further with the sheriff’s office before making a decision.

We’re sorry, but where were her parents? What about her teachers? How could all of the grown-ups in this little girl’s life fail her so miserably?


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  • Jana

    So sad!!! No telling what that little girl was going through mentally

    • kalifa

      i used to be bullied by a schoolmate. i reported it to the teacher many times but she acted like it was trivial. one day i bashed his face in with a plank of wood i found in the school yard…. he never bothered me again and my parents threatened to sue the school for negligence…the matter quietly went away

      moral: dont be a damn sissy and end your life. stand up for yourself and develop some self worth

    • nissan

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    • Greeneyez0712

      Are you ppl the same bloggers who had a problem with the black girl parents going to the school because she was being bullied???? Her parents showed up and they got blasted….This little girls’ parents didnt and now they are bad parents???? Really…kids dont talk about everything… They talk about what they want you to know…..

  • Kathryn

    Shame on you for not letting my original comment through. Some weak people running this site.

    Long story short: RIP to the beautiful princess.

    The teachers and principals should be fired, the parents should’ve been better parents. The bullies should be in juvy until they are at least 18.

    • kalifa

      all that wouldn’t change the fact that she took her own life ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      She should have told the adults in her life what the problem was

      I’m not advocating violence but if you dont stand up to a bully you will forever be bullied ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  • Pimpin' Pimpin;

    R.I.P. for reals. Death to anybody is volatile. But when its such a young child, it makes me sick. Definitely putting life into a different light these days due to all this tragedy going on. LOVE and LIVE everyday people!

  • Just saying

    Very sad. RIP little one.

  • noble

    Hmmm. I obviously wasn’t there but I’m not so sure that an 8 year old hanged herself… Developmentally, that doesn’t even sound right.

    • Kitty

      Thank you….that story just don’t sit well with me….

    • thominonose

      It’s not cognitively possible for an 8 year old to commit suicide! It sounds more like a bunch of lazy police work!

    • AAA

      Word. Something just doesnt sound right about an 8 year old killing herself ON PURPOSE. I agree with the justice of the peace not yet willing to put suicide on the death certificate.

    • tommykimon

      @ Noble agreed my daughter is eight and in the second grade. She would have no idea how to hang herself. Eight is way too young for suicide.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    This is some BS….WOW what is going on in this world.

  • sportstalk23

    RIP no child should feel killing themselves is their only option, and people need to start checking their kids. I’m not a bully I leave folks alone, was raised to respect folk although I had one in kidnargaten and she bullied me on the bus and overgrown 5 year old. Beat me up all the time til Grandma said don’t let folks disrespect u and defend myself, well old girl tried to attack me and I wore her azz out, she had height but I got her in a headlock and threw bows. After that she wanted to be friends and 20 years later my idiot cousin had a kid with her lol

  • TheRealestShitIEverWrote

    I’m pretty sure she did not hang herself.

    She hung herself in the woods?

    She set everything up and had it working correctly for her to succeed in her suicide?

    Nahh, I doubt that. Sounds fishy to me.

  • Shannon


  • Tanya

    There is something really wrong going on with these kids today! Bullied, teased kids have always gone through things but y r they resorting to suicide. People of all ages r not valuing life nor do they fear God…these r def the last days.

  • 1luv

    I don’t think she killed herself! Little evidence? So what was the evidence that said she did it to herself. She probably did forget something, ran into the boogie man on the way to retrieve it.

  • spongetta citronella

    Never thought a 2nd grader could even comprehend Wht suicide was.

    Bullying is not only goin on wit kids, adults get bullied too. The next time u laff at Wht a co worker is wearing or how they smell, think about their feelings

  • Redd

    Dis is crazy how did dis happen they really need 2 keep investigating because I don’t think she killed herself. Rip Tori

  • nursedred

    Am I the only person on here who remembers the choking game? It was pretty popular at my private Christian school when I was in the second and third grade. Every year or so some kid somewhere would take it too far and die so physically it’s possible to hang yourself at age 8. It sounds like this poor little girl was depressed for quite a. while and honestly it was up to her parent to get her some help

  • Sabrina Q

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  • Vision

    I blame this on Tv/ social networks/ News networks….At 8 yrs of age i didnt kno anything abt death/suicide…..i mean really i think there is much more to this story…..pretty soon you are going to have 6 year olds who had their toys taken at the playground hanging themselves from the monkey bars..this is weird.

    8 yo?? idk

  • Cantria

    This is so sad.. I couldn’t even finish reading the rest. Schools need more penalties for bullying. It should be against the law, so kids can focus and not fear going to school. The way this is getting out of hand, males me wanna homeschool my kids

  • prissa

    I agree – this doesn’t sound right. And where did she get a noose from?? I mean I can make a slip knot but a full fledged noose? Naw, they need to investigate further. There’s more 2 this story.

  • Muffy

    This whole bullying/suicide thing really pisses me off. Bullying has been around for ages but it just seems that ppl handled it differently back then. Parents and teachers really needs to part closer attention to whats going on. Parents need to teach their kids to have more confidence and self appreciation. And in my opinion I think bullies breed bullies.

    I also remember the choking game. I’ve never done it but I witnessed it. I just looked at their a** es like they were crazy.


    Although this story seems unrealistic,things do way heavy on childrens minds.
    My niece woke up bright and early complaining that her teacher told the students “you need to eat breakfest at home”
    The fact that she woke up talking about means she went to bed thinking about it,and it really bothered her.
    Kids have feelings too! They may not be able to express themselves the way some adults can. So it is a possibilty that she did have suicidal thoughts and hung herself. Who knows?


    The parents of these mini thugs should be sued until they won’t have a pot to pee in.

  • Littleenglander

    I was bullied, as I am sure quite a few of you were. But I think today it is different. When I read what some of these kids today do, it is not what I call bullying but outright criminality. RIP to that poor child.

  • rene

    OM GOD, I think all bullies should be put in separate schools.Bullies come in all colors.

  • ceewalk

    This is TOO much!!! Way too much. I am tired of hearing of these innocent children dying daily!!! Why aren’t these Adults (Parents & Teachers) doing their job!!! I pray for this baby and all the other babies that are victims of slacking Adults. Things have got to change~ Parents need to be parents and put these children in line asap. There just weren’t all these type of situations back in the day..smh..

  • Britchick91

    why do I not believe this story

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