Single No More?? Which Of Her Exes Was Trina Spotted Getting Cozy With In Miami??

- By Bossip Staff

Trina had a special blast-from-the-past visitor in her trailer on the set of her video shoot this week. And they looked like they were trying to hide a reunion. Can you guess who that tatted up arm belongs to?

That’s Kenyon Martin coming out of Trina’s trailer. We wouldn’t expect these two to still be homies after all of the tattoo covering up and STD and cheating allegations. But low and behold: there they are.

We actually really liked these two together. Do you think their romance is back on and poppin’?

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  • Suchalady

    I love these to as a couple..I hope they’re back together!!

    • Amber

      i like them too.

    • lenabear123

      I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

      _ Blac k Whi te Da te. C’om _

      This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

      If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!

  • Nana

    Trina must have the bomp 2 make muhfuggas tattoo her lips n sh!t on em……..! I don’t blame this fool

  • 7lady

    He saw them damn shorts. That’s how men do…they see you lookn good and be sweatn you again. Typical man. She shouldve made his azz beg a lil more.

    • Pretty Brown Eyes

      Looking good??????? Girl please Trina has a huge roll right under her neck. where she is standing with the bat in her hand. She has high waisted shorts on to hide that her tummy is probably as not in its best shape. Not to mention she looks like she is one pork chop away from needing to bust at least 3 mile run daily on the treadmill. Its about to be summer in a couple of weeks come on ladies get your sh*t right.

    • luVn_liFe

      @ Pretty Brown Eyes…
      Exactly my thoughts!

    • tommykimon

      @ PrettyBrownEyes aint nothing wrong with her shape. That’s we shaped in the south. Stop hating.

    • Brown Barbie

      Ummm… I am a Southern girl, and no, that’s not how we all are shaped here in the South. It should be all about healthy eating and healthy living, which Trina seems like she isn’t doing much of. She looks worn down in the face and out of shape. Come on. What’s he excuse when you’ve never had kids and have the money to keep yourself up?

    • afro british

      I wish you could keep running that gobby motor mouth of yours and TRINA will swing that Bat……..

    • ololololol

      yah she looks gross to me too. if she wore size-appropriate clothing she might look nice, but those toneless ol’ lady legs are busting out her hips. and her hips arent exactly small.


    oh great,now I can get some sleep….

    • PRE


  • Uguess

    I hope so Trina needs to settle down she is not getting any younger. I hope she set her standards high this time. It ain’t got to be 20 carrots but at least in the 5 to 7 range.

  • Real Issh

    What happened to Andrew Bynum ?


    GIANT LEGS H?OE?????


  • luVn_liFe

    dAYYYum Trina is huge and Not in A good way.
    When i seen the arm i knew who it was,i read a few weeks ago he had gotten back with his fiaane/wife/baqby mama who He originally left for Trina.Who knows toooo Much sleeping around for me




    • TOO REAL

      that’s a bet you’d probably win

  • nickyjay_justsayin

    They were a cute couple…sigh

  • confidently_ugly

    fake eyelashes, fake hair and old lady legs = time to retire

  • Ms_504GV

    They look cute together.

  • Mrs. Rance

    He doesn’t look very excited to have been caught on camera. This might be a one time double back.

    • luVn_liFe

      @ Mrs.Rance…
      I totally agree,i said earlier that i had read that him and his fiance or wife whatever the lady is to him had Gottn back together.She’s the chick he left for trina too.Go figure, just filthy living”

  • Mr.C

    Trina thick as ever!!! I luv it!!!

  • spongetta citronella

    I heard she was violent & would burn his clothes & isht. Welp, if HE likes it… I love it!

  • hold the butter!

    Fatty cakes….. grits ham sweet tea peach cobbler hush puppies fried chicken pork chops mash potatoes fried potatoes pie carmel cake death by chocolate ice cream candy …girl get a grip Aretha Franklin started out like that….lol….walk…jog….call Bey ok!

  • Ready or Not

    I agree aint nothing wrong with Trina’s shape. Some of you women kill me with that mess..Now this is what THICKNESS looks like…why some females be claiming they thick and skinny minnie…and some just plain fat…This is True Thickness and aint nothing wrong with it… cause most men like that.

  • Toosexy

    Her figure looks fine to me…!!!!

  • rosshell masden

    I love me some men but Trina is a nice looking woman and she seems to be thick in all the right places plus everybody dont want no bone… god didnt make everyone to be thin we are all different shapes and colors

  • ProudLatina

    I dont know what the big deal is with Trina, I just don’t understand. an azz? really I mean does she even have a song out??

    • Pretty Brown Eyes

      I know that the big deal is its that big as* roll under her neck! Lmfao.Okay let me stop before her stans come out. But on some real shii thats not a good look Trina.

  • The artist formerly known as...

    Trina looks out of proportion. For a while there she was looking underweight: and maybe the drastic dieting she did has backfired on her cuz now she looks weird. And Dude does not look happy to see the cameras…

  • jag

    I know a lot of blacks look up to white women and now for the first time it seems you want to emulate their body type

    • Pretty Brown Eyes

      What?? I guess that was in reference to me since I was very vocal about her apparent weight gain. No honey this has nothing at all to do with race we off that black and white shi this is not 1816. No one can honestly and honestly say she hasnt picked up weight and it happens to the best. Janet weight goes up and down and Bey’s do to all im saying is she needs to hit the gym get on that Kanye work out plan. start eating right cus the rate she going she is looking like miss piggy. Trina has a pear shape where people tend to gain weight on the bottom half of their bodies. I mean it can look good to some but is it healty HELLLLL No. Bottom half obesity is the most dangerous and its hard to loose the weight down there.

  • sdot

    I like them! Her body is sick.

  • Me, myself and I

    There may be about 1% of black women that want to have a white woman’s body type and those are the ones who don’t have curves and can’t get curves, period.

    Now as for Trina, yes she’s thick and it’s nothing a 3 week program can’t fix. Tighten up your game Trina and make Kenyon work damn hard for it if he wants you back. Don’t fall for the booty call thang unless that’s all you want from him, which is to f*ck up his so call reunion with that other chick. 🙂


    Being that Kenyon’s unemployed at the moment and have no offers on the table I see one of two things happening here. 1) he’s trying to stay relevant or he’s trying to commit suicide.

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