The Ochocinco Bunch: Would You Watch Attention Whores Evelyn and Chad Raise Their Clan?

- By Bossip Staff

According to sources Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco are getting closer to inking a reality show of their own. The series would be based on the couple cohabitating with all of their children, his, hers and theirs — and the drama that ensues.

Chad has four kids — with three women — and Evelyn has one daughter. Surprisingly, sources say there’s little drama between Big Poppa O and his ladies… as long as the checks keep coming. The show would focus on the trials of blended families, such as spending time with all of the children, a highly relatable topic due to the increased number of step families. On this season of “Basketball Wives” we’ll follow Ev’s journey with in vitro as she tries to get sperminated with twin sons. If the latter happens the networks will likely bite on the couple’s spin off. “They’re definitely fan favorites,” a television insider reports. “There’s a good chance that it will happen.”

So what will living in a house will “Mama E” be like? Will she teach her youngsters to slap box frenemies or toss their bottles at foes? Only time will tell.

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  • angel girl

    They need to leave the kids out of their crazy biz.. what happens when they break up which WILL HAPPEN!!! and now they have exposed the kids for nothing with their dumb as.

    • nissan

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    • Curious1 aka Go Hard or Go Home

      Agree..and his kids aren’t mixed and they are as dark as he..She wll be MAD as hayle having to be seen with w lil Black girls and boys..when she nor her DTR are dark…

      Come to think of it 85 is prolly mad his kids are not mixed …for the Ratings..Like in other shows,maybe they’ll just switch the dark kid out for a lighter they do on shows now…

      They both seem so colorstruck..and Hood Rich acting…these dark kids WILL NOT fit their Fake Image

  • Jada

    Chad is soooooo annoying. I can’t take too much of him. It would be interesting to see Evelyn straighten up and try to be motherly instead of wildin out all the time. Or at least see how long she can keep it up before some baby mama drama unfolds.



  • big c

    i can never understand why a man would have so many children by many different women.

    • MissCTJ

      Its called CHA CHING!!!!! as long as that female is get some money/fame out of it

    • brittany

      i wonder that all the time. it’s one thing to have 2 kids by two different women if one of the women is ur wife but these men (and women) baffle me.

  • 2Sweet

    Evelyn is a bad bytch. I don’t know about her parenting skills but she did raise her daughter Shanice into adulthood and Shanice seems pretty well-adjusted and is in school, so who knows.

    • Mrs. Rance

      I agree. She’s obviously chasing big checks, but I don’t know if that makes her a bad parent. She seems to have done the most to provide for her child while the daddy was missing in action.

  • Enough

    I guess dark skin women are good enough to be baby mammas, but not a wife….I always wonder why….I guess dark skin women don’t deserve more in those idiots’ eyes….just saying…

    • YourDelusiona01


      Unless biology has changed, THE WOMAN has the baby, THE WOMAN carries the baby, and so on snd so forth!!! You have to BLAME the woman for having a child out of wedlock, after all she normally gets stuck with the rearing the child when the dad keeps it moving to other drawers!!! These women know by having unprotected seyx you end up with the baby NOT THE RING in mosy cases! Just cus a man wants to run up in you and give you a baby doesnt mean you have to proceed with that idea!! If you PLAN for the ring FIRST then you WONT settle for any less!! Its a mentality of having self-worth and love, AND MOST BYTCHES DONT HAVE THAT! NEXT…

    • What

      Ochocinco stated his preference is “latina” and white women. At one point he claim to be Mexican (that is why he changed his name to Ochocinco).

  • Nana

    I actually like Chad, I think he’s misunderstood…! I find him funny

    • NiHi

      People like you are why OC can have multiple baby mamas without marrying ANY of them. Some people have NO standards. I bet you like R. Kelly too because he can sing?

  • always knew

    Chad has four kids — with three women — and Evelyn has one daughter. Surprisingly, sources say there’s little drama between Big Poppa O and his ladies… as long as the checks keep coming.

    No thanks.. I’m not into swirling and the undermining of blk families…

    I hope that “show’, is an EPIC FAIL..

    Enough 5/27/11, 05:31:PM

    I guess dark skin women are good enough to be baby mammas, but not a wife….I always wonder why….I guess dark skin women don’t deserve more in those idiots’ eyes….just saying…

    agreed. But when they get a lil $$, see how they run? 😦 smh @ some bros..

    • 2Sweet

      I feel it but at the same time, seems that women devalue themselves by not expecting commitment before a baby arrives. Let alone repeatedly popping them out without a commitment. If they don’t feel they are worthy of a commitment, why should they expect a man to feel the same way?

  • 2Sweet

    All those babies and he did not marry the mother. That is so disgusting. Any sensible woman (who is not money-hungry) would stay faaar away from the likes of these jacka$$es. It’s just downright unattractive.

    • Halle's Berry, B!tches!

      …and nyggerish at best.

  • superdevil

    I’d hate for that evil b¡tch to be my stepmother, I’d push her azz down a flight of stairs or toss a toaster in her bubble bath.

    • ohplease


    • Delight23

      😆 😆 😆 not a flight of stairs…dayum

  • 2Sweet

    *why should they expect a man to feel any different is what I meant.

  • MyReason

    I had no idea he had so many children. They’re beautiful.

  • Ktradez

    Did u guys not read that Evelyn is trying to have 2 babies right now by him! I mean.. Am I the only one who is disturbed by this? How can she be so old & still so dumb.. ? Or is she thinking after they break up she will still have a chance at getting sum child support as the 4th baby momma.. Smh

    • Shelly


  • Michele

    1. They need to be in counseling as a prelude to ensuring a successful marriage and blended family.
    If I were a man I’d never allow Evelyn to interact with my children until significant counseling progress had been achieved. Evelyn’s daughter seems well adjusted but one’s opinion is based upon a few snippets from the show.
    2.Marriage first, then have children after 3-4 years of marriage (even though we know Evelyn is really about getting a sizeable check for 18 years).
    3. Prenuptial financial disclosure from both parties; negotiate terms of the marriage. Although I’m not a Chad fan they should never make California their primary residence. Evelyn needs to think about if his income declines (bad PR, lack of earning opportunties – he is an a.s.s. – with potentially 6 children ordered child support payments her share could signficantly decline.

    • mom4deep

      I totally agree with you Michele. The only way these things on your list could happen, is if a REAL woman raises their daughters. Showing by example of what a REAL woman is supposed to be like in all aspects of life. Loving yourself is a start. Not to settle for anything that is less than a REAL man. Leave these types of men out there for these types of women. They deserve each other!

  • mimi

    Any man who has 4 kids with 3 different women is a FAIL.

  • Evelyn

    I going on a shopping spree, max out this credit card, get me a new car and expensive jewerly and major cash….I am going take my child with you and yours to Disney and Hawaii. Chad your children are adorable… Next!

  • Majestic Khare

    We should celebrate any brother who loves his family..

    • NiHi

      A REAL MAN that loves his family is there day-in-day out doing whatever it takes to raise respectful, responsible, loving children not bouncing from house to house (when he’s bouncing at all) because he has children spread out all over the place. You really think this guy is an active parent? You think he’s there for PTA meetings, doing homework, giving baths and putting them to bed because that’s what DADDY’S DO? How does OC have TIME to date with that many children? I’ll tell you how – he’s left the raising of HIS children to all those baby mama’s with THEIR dumb behinds. OC gives black men a bad name and a REAL MAN would let him know it!

  • a mess

    Why would evelyn want to be his 4th baby mama. They aren’t married. I guess she is trying to secure a check for another 18 years times 2. Smh at men who get caught up. She’s using him and he doesn’t even know it. Shame on those other women for being baby mamas and not wives.

  • realascanb

    i know his kids gone be like who the hell is she????? lol they look like they might b something else lmao oh yeah then again bring the kids oooonnnnnn especially that oldest one she look like she might have a smart mouth on her lol

  • http://google Wicked

    Why can’t these #!$%#!!s make reality shows featuring the real mothers if their kids? Why do they suddenly want to be great dads. No way in hades would I let my ex use our kids to play ho to housewife on tv with his skank.

  • DDB

    That is the truth. Blacks were used for breeding purposes to create stronger “bucks” to help in the field. Strong Black men were mated with Black women and FORCED to breed. At that time Blacks did not have a choice but now Blacks do this intentionally. Is this really what our ancestors die for? How F***ing disrespectful is this shyt? Not knowing your history promotes ignorance.

  • chrissy

    that’s something else

  • Tia


  • Bohwe

    i like chad and evelyn,they don’t try to hide their true selves. if they want the kids to be in the spotlight, than what’s the big deal. they are the adults in the situation, it is not for others to decide what’s good for their kids and what’s not.

  • justanote

    Do they get to return them if; the show doesn’t pan out, they’re not twins, or they’re not boys?

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