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Republican frustration continues to rear its ugly head in the most embarrassing ways…

The GOP field is shaping up to be a disaster of epic proportions. Other than openly gay long shot Fred Karger, the rest of this motley crew is virulently anti-gay, or pretending to be in an effort to kiss-up to social conservatives in Iowa and South Carolina. This sorry batch of embarrassing contenders will only degenerate further if Sarah Palin gets into the race — as it seems like she is likely to do.

In terms of the GOP field, there is no silver lining, no hope, and no pro-LGBT Republican savior. This is the truth and it is reality for those who choose to embrace it.

It is clear that Barack Obama is the obvious choice for the Human Rights Campaign, the LGBT community’s national lobby. Their early endorsement is wise because it sends a strong signal that the community will organize and mobilize to reelect the most LGBT supportive contender in the race — one with a fairly good record on LGBT rights. While far from perfect, Obama did work to repeal Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell and used his bully pulpit effectively, even making an “It Get’s Better” video. Whatever his shortcomings (No ENDA or DOMA repeal etc.), he is light years ahead of his Republican counterparts.

Anyone who argues otherwise is naive, obtuse, or in denial — which brings us to the pathetic press release put out by homosexual Republican GOProud:

“Today, the Human Rights Campaign chose to endorse Barack Obama’s re-election even though the field running for President in 2012 isn’t even set yet. This pre-emptive endorsement ends HRC’s charade of bipartisanship.

“LGBT people who are interested in putting policy before partisanship now know that HRC is little more than a puppet of the Democratic National Committee and an organization that has one goal — to elect more Democrats.”

Another day, another angry republican lookin’ down on gay folks. Let it go already, you guys have no shot at winning the Presidency back!




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