While Kim Is Flossing Her Bank-Breaking Rock, Kourtney’s Celebrating Her BDay In Vegas And 15-Year-Old Is Kendall On Birth Control???

- By Bossip Staff

We think reality tv just might be the devil… Thanks to promos for the family income generator — aka “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” show — we now know that 15-year-old Kendall Jenner is on BIRTH CONTROL. Mind you we been known the child was too grown for her age, but her sister Khloe and mom Kris are insistent that it’s not what we think it is and we’ll find out the whole story once the show airs:

Kendall, who appears on the E! reality series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” with her parents Kris and Bruce Jenner as well as her famous sisters, is using birth control, the upcoming season will reveal.

It’s an uncomfortable situation from many angles, but it seems likely the reality star pops the daily pill out of medical necessity, not promiscuity.

When E! Online asked Kendall’s mother, Kris, and sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, about a promo teasing the storyline, Kris declined to comment.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” she said, to Khloe’s chagrin.

“But I don’t want it to be bad,” Khloe said. “Because it’s not that reason why she’s on birth control.”

That’s all the before-the-show details E! managed to squeeze out from its stars, but with the season premiere on June 12, all the gory details will be revealed in no time.

SMH @ them using that CHILD for a plotline. And it looks like the whole clan has been keeping busy. Kim and her new fiance Kris Humphries hit up a fashion show in Monaco last night and you know she was FLOSSIN’ that big a*s rock of hers — and that big a*s of hers too. Meanwhile Kourtney celebrated her bday for the gazillionth time in Vegas with her baby daddy Scott Disick. Pictures of all that below:

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  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    That girl looks like khloe and i believe Bruce Jenner is khloe’s father.. so Miss kris was messing around on her hubby.. ole tramp.. i guess all their lies and secrets will come out in a tell-tale book, you know thaTS HOW THEY DO IT.. TRY TO GET MONEY OFF THEIR SKANKINESS!

    • nissan

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    • Jada

      omg i so think that too. I’m not sayin that she’s not a kardashian not all kids look like their parents. But if she has a different father i believe it has to be bruce.
      Oh yea and poor Kourtney cant even get her own article lol.

  • lala

    I’m so sick of this family, wish they would get blown to smithereens. And a 15 year old on birth control, like they really want us to believe she’s not spreading her legs, yeah right, girl is gonna be pregnant before shes 18. That whole family has issues and all those women are disrespectful tramps.

  • guest

    Kris Humphries uncle Derrick Humphries is a well known black attorney in Washington, DC. In the 5th picture of Kim and Kris, you can see Kris’ father in the background. Kris’ parents are with them in Europe. Kris’ father is african-american. Kris has another relative Paula Humphries. Paula is a black judge in Detroit.

    • luVn_liFE


      Thanks for your inFromation!!

      Seriously who the Phcuk cares Kris Humphries is Still A nobody and a d.a.M.n buster

    • Time Will Tell

      Exactly. Kris comes from a good family and he makes more money than Kim does. He’s light skinned because his father is light brown and his mother is white and that combination usually produces very light children. I have nothing personal against Kim but I do not think this marriage is going to last longer than five years. Kris is too young to settle down but Kim mesmerized him with her long years of sexual expertise. We all know how dumb men can be when it comes to sex. There are some nice pictures of Kris, Kim and his dad on Global Grind;also photos of kris’s sister Kaela.


    it would really be a sad state of affairs , if they felt it necessary yo put that lilgirl on bith control. just because her bodys changed and she wears make up. it doesnt mean that she wants boys touching her.

  • Louisiana Lover

    This family here….smmfh…will turn ANY family issue (health, financial, physical, emotional) into a PAYDAY. D@mn Shame!

  • http://www.blackbeautyweb.com NudeBlackBeautyWeb

    CAN YOU SAY COVERUP?? Ya’ll know those girls are fast….when they were younger they were swinging from stripper poles on the show. They’ll say medical reasons but we all know the girl is f*cking…ask lil Romeo…lol

    • luVn_liFE

      no it was cordero,snoops son

  • Tia.

    Well on another note, those cupcakes look absolutely divine ^_^

    • portrait of a LADY

      I thought I was the only one who noticed those cupcakes too. They look good as hell, especially that red velvet one in the middle.

  • http://www.blackbeautyweb.com NudeBlackBeautyWeb

    And does Bruce Jenner have any say so? Grow some balls Bruce..this one is actually your biological daughter. Pus*y whipped mofo.

  • so what?

    This family is pure white trash! Gloss it up and call them ‘Armenian’ whatever white trash through and through.

  • Keep it Real

    Whatever the reason. Better to be 15 on birth control than 16 and pregnant but, that makes too much sense. Real Talk

  • Cheeky

    @TooSense: You’re right in a sense that it’s nobody’s business, but the Kardashians are making it people’s business by putting it out there on their reality show. When they put private matters out in public they set themselves up for speculation and judgment. They have zero shame and will do anything to make a dollar.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      Cheeky… you are right and if they dont want criticism, keep your business to yourself, and for folks info .. i can not care and comment on a forum.. they shouldnt be up on here if they do want feedback! I still dont care about them and if they were’nt on here i wouldnt comment!

  • G Howe Black

    That’s the excuse all girls use. And even if it were true most idiot kids are gonna think now I can’t get pregnant no matter what.

  • wow

    Birth control helps when you are having real bad cramps. Sometimes the doctor recommends that alternative to the cramps if they are severe, I use to get picked up at school in an ambulance when I was younger until a doctor advised my mom that I could take the pill. It was okay for awhile until I stopped taking them, I wanted to die for 5 days and come back alive. It is that severe.

  • Chaka1

    I don’t. They are garbage and they know it.

  • NewNaturalSista

    I can not wait to they get played out!!! They do stupid ish for attention!!!!! All of them are stupid!! they fcks around on camera and have a clothing line!!!!! and perfume but when its a black women we dont ge ish like that!! the KARDASHIANS ARE STUPID AND SO ARE THE OTHER REALTIY SHOWS ON E!

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    I dont respect garbage and all money aint good money!!

  • anon

    I would rather her be 15 in BC than 16 & pregnant.




  • Deaya Charles

    Regardless of the reason, that’s business that should be PRIVATE for a 15-year-old girl. Tacky and trashy for them to work it into the show like that.

  • http://bossip manny

    The birth control helps periods blah, blah, blah is BS. It does help, but the negative effects are worse than your period stopped or lightened. Mainly a woman is supposed to bleed ! Have you ever noticed women on birth control can be skinny but have bloated stomach’s all year round. Thats all that blood built up in you ! Birth control is not good for the body. Don’t get me wrong i’d rather her use birth control than become pregnant, but that period crap is BS. The negative out weighs the positive.

  • jennifer

    i sware yall piss me off at least once a week 15 is the right age to be on birth control would you guys rather she end up pregnant and on a future episode of 16 and pregnant.

  • Diva

    Her 15 minutes is up!!! Bye Bye sweetheart! I betcha there reality show ratings will be low this season! Blk ppl r the reason why Khloe’s show is still on… dummies!

  • 100



    The Kardashian family are the ultimate capitalist and I tip my hat to them from spinning gold out of whole cloth.

  • b

    Another website said that was the same RING she had when she was claiming to be engaged to Reggie Bush! And they had the pics.. The engagement is a publicity stunt.. And so is Kim!

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