The Side-Eye: Scottie Pippen Gets His Back-Pedal On, Eases Up On Lebron James, Michael Jordan Comparisons

- By Bossip Staff

Nah bruh, you made your bed, now sleep.

Although Scottie Pippen is widely considered an all-time NBA great, yesterday may have forever changed the way we view him after he irrationally compared Lebron James to Michael Jordan. After sportscasters, writers, bloggers, tweeters, and facebookers let out a collective and unified “WHAT THE Fawk?!?!” Ol’ Scottie took to his Twitter page to attempt to lay a bed of feathers underneath his anvil heavy claim that Bron Bron was the greatest athlete to ever play in the NBA.

As ridiculous as his comment was, it begs the question, does Kobe “Backdoor” Bryant not qualify as MJ’s heir apparent?

No word yet what Jordan thinks about this ex-teammate’s comments but as big an ego as Mike has, we’re pretty sure he ain’t happy…

If we were MJ we’d take this opportunity to throw Scottie right under the bus. He’s always been a li jealous of Mike and this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


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  • Magister Veritatis (ReallynotInterested)

    Great job on showing MJ with a non black woman B0SS1P. You chose that picture on purpose! You don’t want this thread to be about Scottie Pippen and his comments. You want this thread to be about black versus white.

    • Greeneyez0712

      When will this celebrities learn not to speak reckless…. Lay low bruh…

    • Christian

      Great point, I noticed that too.

    • nissan

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    • JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)

      Way to show him with a non black woman?his ex-wife wasnt black yeah she has black features but according to black women shes not black,and this chick is not …so like the majority of the great athletes black women are on the back burner and rightfully so

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    Magister.. you got that right and im exiting my black azz off this bytch .. right away .. with no comment on MJ and his skank white woman!! following the black womens sloppy seconds for money!




  • MyReason

    Since the rings are what counts Kobe is well on his way to inheriting the thrown. I think LeBron can be great but he gotta get his weight up-WIN!!!!!!

  • Fridayspecial

    Kobe is the next Jordan. Give my man his props. Why people always want to overshadow the fact that PHIL JACKSON HIMSELF said he sees the comparison. Like c’mon son! Lebron better get that ring this season because I’m tellin you right now the lakers is coming back to win 2 back2back AGAIN

  • sportstalk23

    Phil recently told the LA times that the comparisons of Mike and Kobe should STOP he said there comparisons because Kobe patterns his game off of MJ but while Kobe is great, MJ is in a category all of his own, and its one thing to try to be MJ and actual be HIM!!!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Scottie, Scottie, Scottie. Don’t back pedal now. If that is how you feel, that is how you feel. Don’t let the wrath get to you now.

    SMDH, Twitter will be the death, y’all. The got daxn death!!!

  • BEN

    Scottie has always been jealous of MJ.

  • real talk

    Scottie you’re entitled to your opinion every man crown of thorns will be conquer by another someone else greatness will over comes Jordan. Y’all much to sensitive many players patterns their game after Jordan,Bird,Magic and others players. Lebron seems to be more of Magic Johnson type player than Michael, whom he should pattern his game after not Jordan he can be like Mike anytime he wishes. Conquer Magic style and you shall see all kind of greatness from this young man games. why Scottie gotta be jealous of Michael because he feels Lebron maybe greater someday. get off the man back.

  • Juliemango

    Theres no compet between the players when it comes to gettin the hottest women around is that the psych behind the pic switch???

  • mouth

    Keep it humble Mike… You never did have to explain your ‘fly”, so them thinking about you is confirmation.

    Anyone asks u bout it tell em’ life’s a b@@tch and keep it pushin’.

    Let THEM sweat it. No Biggie…


  • currvalicious

    Scottie Pippen is about one ugly azz man. His wife is on the “Real Housewives of Miami” sayinG how she controls the money. Suppopsedly, he lost most of his fortune to bad investments. He needs to worry about that than Jordan & Lebron.

  • sh

    Somebody beam Scottie up….

    Obviously, his hate for Jordan can’t stop.

    All I can say is — wow!!!!

    (Scene in Chicago — Daddy why those peeps chasing us — I said something stupid. Now, I need to know how I can get back on ‘Team Jordan’.)

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    I heard the interview on the radio yesterday and he was NOT trying to hate on MJ, they tried to ask him the question in a way to make it hard for him to answer without seeming like a hater but he answered it in a way that said Lebron is a great player and he has different levels that he is strong in where as MJ was very strong in scoring, plus Lebron still has years left so of course he can still improve,…..these folks on this site are a trip. I was a true fan of the bulls when they won all those repeats and I will say of course we love MJ but I must admit scotttie didn’t get the props that he deserved, we don’t know what really went on behind the scenes so we can’t just call that man a hater but when I heard that interview I knew some ignorant fool would try to go there, he tried to answer the question as clean as he could and you could tell the way he answered that he was trying to be careful but the man asking him the question was putting him on the spot bigtime in a very unfair way.

  • JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)

    Maybe if black women didnt have strong male features you would be more desireable

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      Balck women oketter than those ugly long nose pale wrinkled up crows feet having, fake plastic silicone getting white women.. looking like witches in the making… seriously , white women look like witches to me.. they wish they looked as good as black women thats why they always copying our features.. when you got a pretty black woman cant no woman touch her!! REAL TALK! NO FAKENESS!



  • Cheeky

    @curvilicious: OMG, I thought the same thing. Scottie’s stuck up, snotty wife was on that show bragging about how she controls all the finances, and then it comes out he’s broke and blew threw over $120 mil. So she’s a stupid broad who doesn’t know how to invest properly and Scottie’s even dumber for letting her take over in the first place.

  • King Beef

    @JM@gic if black women didn?t have such manly features maybe men would desire them. Time after time u feel it?s imperitive 2 disrespect the black women, why? Was ur heart broken by one. I mean white women are the most mannish females on ths planet. Just becuz u prefer other races of women its not necessary 2 disrespect the most beautiful race of women on this planet. I?ve had my heartbroken by black women but that does?nt mean i?m goin 2 disrespect a whole race becuz if u disrespect the women u disrespect the man becuz we r n it 2gether. Now if u are a trini craka i understand ur comments but if u r a african descendent please wake up and luv urself! Peace!

  • King Beef

    (of african descent)

  • Charles..aka BigTyme

    Do ur thing Mike…..(goat) greatest of all time…live life to the fullest..haters don’t have a life that’s y they hate misery loves company..u have a beautiful woman to compliment that of a very well successful man…do it Mike do it..wasn’t for u we wouldn’t know who Scotty Pippen is…lets get together and play golf homey. Lol

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