Jesus Take The Wheel: Four-Year-Old Boy Mauled To Death By Family Dog That Was ‘Trained To Kill’

- By Bossip Staff

This is awful. Folks have got to stop trusting large, dangerous animals with their children … asap.

A 4-year-old boy left alone for a minute by his mother was killed when a family dog savagely mauled him as his two terrified brothers watched helplessly, cops and witnesses said.

Neighbors rushed to the Pacific St. home in Brownsville about 9:15 p.m. Friday after hearing the mother’s desperate cries for help when the dog latched onto the boy’s throat, witnesses said.

“Help! He ate my baby! He ate my baby!” wailed mother Saquina Jubeark, according to one witness.

Police said the mom insisted that she only left the boys alone for a minute to get something from a stroller in the hallway, and returned to find the dog tearing at her son.

“The baby was bit in the head and neck,” said neighbor Anthony Brown, 35. “The baby wasn’t moving.”

Jayelin Graham was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital, where he died. Police said his two brothers, ages 2 and 5, were inside the room with Jayelin when the powerful Cane Corso attacked.

Neighbors said the seedy first-floor home of the family was like a small zoo with the Cane Corso, a pit bull, a German Shepherd, a parrot and a snake.

Unfortunately, when news spread that the little boy had been killed by one of their dogs, the neighbors weren’t at all surprised.

“People were scared of those dogs,” said Kenny Rishar, 50, the super of the building. “The dogs belong to the husband, who is seldom here. This was a tragedy waiting to happen. It was a violent dog,” he said. “Dangerous. A big dog. The whole block is scared of that dog.”

Brooklyn residents who watched Damian Jones work his powerful pets on the street were shocked but not surprised by the canine carnage that left little Jayelin Graham dead in a blood-spattered bedroom.

“Those dogs were vicious,” said Risher. “They stink and they are nasty. The same dog ate their (pet) rabbit.”

Another neighbor, who tried desperately to help free the child from the brutal Cane Corso dubbed “Machete,” said there was no chance of pulling the overmatched boy from the dog’s death grip.

“He was trained to kill,” said the 29-year-old man. “He had the boy by his throat. The dog was shaking him. He had no chance.”

After little Jayelin passed away, Jones, the dog owner, defends “Machete’s” canine character. And, Jubeark … well Jubeark found it in her heart to forgive her man … and the dog.

“He was like a big Scooby-Doo,” said Jones. “He acted like a big kid and just wanted to play.”

Jubeark, a mother of four, was sobbing and hysterical when she returned to the gore-covered apartment after hours of questioning at a Brooklyn police precinct. Later, she absolved her fiancé of any blame.

“It was not my son’s or (Jones’) fault,” she told The News. “The dog had showed no sign of aggression.”

Family pets are all fine and good but let’s not forget the fact that Cane Corsos were bred to hunt wild boars so, by nature alone, these dogs are killers! Why anyone would trust that muscly beast around small children is beyond us. May little Jayelin rest in peace. SMH

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  • Kim

    That’s why I say people have to be careful about dogs around their kids. I read about a dog that was always friendly the family NEVER had problems with it. Then one day the dad went to the store, their infant baby was in the swing, the mom was out of the room for just a few minutes & the dog attacked & killed the baby.

    It could have been the motion of the swing and also dogs get jealous of newborns/ children or they just “snap” for no apparant reason. So sad.

    • Cheeky

      Very well said.

    • sugarcookie

      Black people should not be allowed to own animals. These vicious dogs are used for status. Most often these animals are never shown love or affection and tragically end up being aggressive.

    • Jovy


      Not all black people are the same, and not all black people mistreat their pets and train them to be violent. Damn I feel like I’m talking to a child, I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this because they and YOU should have enough common sense to know these things. Guess not. People should have to pass an intelligence test before being allowed to own a damned computer.

  • nissan

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  • Kay

    Wow,what a horrible story!!!!I can not believe the parents are actually defending the dog!That animal just killed your baby!I did not read anything about them talking about putting the dog down,which they should.They won’t be satisfied untill another one of their kids gets killed by a “playful” monster dog.

    • Jada

      Where does it say that she is not blaming the dog?

  • Dmark

    Somebody should be locked up for this, mom or dad. I dont give a damn about how friendly the dog is, there is no way n hell i would leave my small children around a huge dog and a pit bull a that. Those are some dangerous dogs. I say 90% of them are very vicious. The dog shouldve had a muslin over his mouth, that way this would of never happened.

    • Pisces0312

      It was the cane corso not the pit bull that killed the child

  • tron

    mike vick did it? Too bad them dogs didnt maul him to death.

    • keebler mf elf


  • Magister Veritatis (ReallynotInterested)

    The authorities need to euthanize the dog immediately. Afterwards, they need to imprison both the parents.

    • moonbeam

      i agree. the neighbors said the dog was the terror of the block.i saw the mother and i was like give me a break lady. im so mad i cant say anymore

  • moonbeam

    this happened in my borough and i saw the news report, my thinking is the other family members knew about this dog, a nd the little boy begged them to take him from there cause he was scared of the dog, why didnt they keep him, AND i heard the mothers boyfriend had other animals there too, and thaqt he was hardly there alot.WTF is wrong with our sistahs,just to keep a man u go along with this kind of mess? the house was dirty and smelly, and the family members knew this give me a break im glad ACS took the other kids.

  • daahlingnikki

    So sad and so unnecessary…Poor angel…Now this woman is responsible for the death of this child…and the fact that she defended the dog makes me so angry….She and her bf should be charged with reckless endangerment…and then they had other animals in there..You know it had to smell like a zoo….

  • prissa

    A Cane Corso is a HUGE dog. It shouldn’t have been inside the house. RIP to that little boy.

  • Kathryn

    What a stupid family. The parents should be charged with negligence or something for leaving the baby with that dangerous animal. Shame when the “family” chooses a dog over their child.

    RIP baby boy 😦

  • DDB

    As a parent I don’t know how I would live with myself if something like that happen. I can not imagine the fear and pain that baby felt. Both parents need to be jailed and prevented form having any kids in the future.

  • Bossip Is Ran By The KKK

    Hmmmm Pit bull trained to kill huh? they must have been keeping drugs in their home

    • amber

      cane corso is not a pit bull

  • KennyJ

    She forgives her man and the dog…REALLY girl….obviously to her, its just one less mouth to feed. What trash she is….

    • BgRss

      not so fast. u mean one less check.

  • tron


  • doglover

    First of all, Cane Corso’s are beautiful, majestic, smart and loyal animals. If the owner of the dog had trained the dog with love and care that dog would not harm anyone.

    Secondly, Cane Corso’s are BIGGER then Pits and should be kept somewhere that they could run freely. A first floor flat would definitely not suffice.

    Don’t blame the inferior brain of the dog, blame the lack of good judgement used by the more intelligent HUMAN in the situation.

    Now, two lives are consequently lost. tragic

    • Kim

      I agree with you to an extent, but even if the dog is trained with love the fact remains that it is still an animal and can “snap” without warning.

      I’ve read stories of dogs that had been trained properly, been around kids, & never had a problem and one day they attacked & killed a child usually an infant or toddler. They say the dog may get jealous of the child or something can set them off. The bottom line is parents need to be cautious of having dogs around their children period. Especially when kids are small & if the dog is large.

    • Curious1 aka Go Hard or Go Home

      Sheeeeeet…even their name sounds vicious..Cane Corso..or Cane Torn Torso’s..

      I stay scared of inbred Dogs with their ugly Muscle Heads and beady azz eyes..

      UGH…what a mess this is..May that kid RIP, the Parents..may they NOT RIP and may the Parents be forever haunted & mentally tortured from their memory for life of this kids senseless murder by some day’em dog..and their negligence

  • smhhonceagain

    this is why i’m terrified of dogs and will never trust 1 despite wat ppl say!!!

  • Moanmyname

    I read this in the Daily news today and it was saddening. Police should arrest the step father. How u gonna have these killer dogs in a home with babies and that stupid mother of these kids need to locked up too talking about her man is not to be blamed. U cockeye fool, that man was bragging around the neighbourhood about his “kiler dogs”.
    euthanize the b.itch, the dog and man. ugh

  • http://google smh

    She forgives the man and dog and it wasn’t her sons fault? Someone please call Mariahs house and tell cps they’re needed at pacific st asap!

  • Deaya Charles

    @ “tron”… Hi there, ReallyNotInterested/Marquis! Thanks for welcoming me to this thread – and the feeling is mutual! Now run along before you miss your post-recess nap.

    @ I’m ze true silver hare… Thanks for the added insight, even though it makes the case that much more tragic. (SMH @ the mother “forgiving the boyfriend AND the dog.”)

    • Magister Veritatis (ReallynotInterested)

      _____ __ __ _______ __ __
      | | | | | | / | | | / /
      | ——‘ | | | | | ____| | | / /
      | |___ | | | | | | | |/ /
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      | | | | | | | |____ | \
      | | | — | | | | |\ \
      |__| \________/ \______| |__| \__\

      || ||
      | |
      | |
      | |
      | |
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      \ /
      \ /
      | |
      | |

      ____ ____ _________ ___ ___
      \ \ / / / \ | | | |
      \ \ / / | _____ | | | | |
      \ / | | | | | | | |
      \ / | | | | | | | |
      | | | | | | | | | |

      | | | |_____| | | |___| |
      | | | | | |
      |___| \_________/ \___________/

  • iwonder

    if the moms saw the dog attacking her son why aint she grab a knife and handle business like a parent shouldof …instead she scream for help thats weird?

  • Smart Brother

    Those parents are nothing but dumb@ss ni99az!

    They should:

    1. destroy the dawg
    2. jail those ni99@z
    3. have the kids adopted

  • Deaya Charles

    @ iwonder… No BS!! And if I didn’t have a knife, I’d take my thumbs and jam ’em to the BACK of that dog’s eye sockets! Either way, there’s NO. WAY. that I wouldn’t have gotten my a.s.s bitten up too from trying to fight that f.cking dog off…

    But from what I’m reading, it seems the mother didn’t care about sh.i.t except her boyfriend/the dog’s owner, so she probably didn’t want to hurt the dog while it was busy killing her child… SMMFH @ the disgrace of it all.

  • Bopa

    People need to realize that animals do not think like humans. Animals think in terms of kill or be killed and that it’s ok to kill something that stands in their way of being dominate if that’s what they want to be. First you have to train your animal to know that your kid is #1 or at least above them in your family pack. But when it comes to dogs like Pits and other dominate dogs that doesn’t mean much if they one day decide to move up in the family pack. Your child can fend off a boston terrier but there’s nothing they can do to a Pit or a Cane Corso.

  • vb

    Hate to say it but. I rather the dogs eat the owners kids or loved ones than some other innocents child.

    RIP. serves family right though

    • Black Dhalia


    • Bopa

      That child was innocent reguardless of who his parents are or what horrible decisions his parents made.

  • Ajalyn

    A Cane Corso’s bite is 3 times stronger than a pit bull. This child didn’t stand a chance. Only an ignorant person would have a dog like this inside a house.

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