Get Well Soon: Sean Kingston Remains Hospitalized Following Freak Jet Ski Accident

- By Bossip Staff

Singer Sean Kingston is still being treated at Miami’s premier trauma hospital this morning, following a crazy jet ski accident early yesterday evening.

According to several reports, Kingston and a lady friend were jet-skiing in the waters surrounding Palm Island, a luxury private community off of South Beach. Somehow, the jet ski crashed into Palm Island Bridge, which connects the community back to the mainland.

Kingston and an unidentified woman were lifted out of the water by a “good Samaritan” and treated on the scene by City of Miami Fire Rescue crews. Both were transported to the Ryder Trauma Center at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Jorge Pino, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is in charge of the waters between Miami Beach and Miami, said that the crash was being investigated and that, so far, alcohol did not seem to be a factor.

Kingston was originally reported in critical condition. But this morning, his label, Epic Records, says that the 21-year-old singer has now been stabilized.

We here at BOSSIP are keeping Sean Kingston and his lady friend in our prayers and will keep you updated as additional information becomes available.

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  • Xclusive

    Get Well Soon

    • AMBER

      he crashed into a bridge, are you serious?

    • lenabear123

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      This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

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    i read about this in the daily mail. it souds very serious. i hope he recovers.

  • Tia.

    OUUUCCCHH! oooh poor baby. i cringe at the thought of slamming into ANYTHING on jet skis. GET BETTER!

  • leilanidee

    He and the young lady are in my prayers.


    My he and, his friend have a speedy recovery !

  • Bossip Staff

    F*ck you b*tch, we see your stupid azz on here everyday right? Don’t like us go start your own blog; oops you can’t because you’re poor.

    • Bossip Staff

      This comment was for So What.


      So silly going back and forth about childish sheeeet.

  • Time

    Dayum. 😦

  • Ms Parker

    My prayers go out his family

  • Time

    STFU. As much as I couldn’t stand his music and minstrel antics he still was a person. You saying that makes you no worse than him. I hope he gets better and well. And take your crack headed a** else where with your troll like comments. We all have people in our lives we don’t agree with but would never want to see them hurt so bad. SO childish and fickle to carry a beef that far.


    just ghetto, thats all

  • Bossip Staff

    Fab Homo, we liked you better as GLOK!!!


    I’m glad to read his condition’s improved. I hope they both get well soon.

  • Nana

    The Law of Physics….. smh

  • Bossip Staff

    Don’t attack the messenger Debbie.

  • RazeKane

    Hope the brutha and his partna get well in a hurry. I tell ya livin life and havin fun sometimes comes with a price.

  • luVn_liFE

    Him and his female friend are definently in my praYers,he should be okay.i heard about this on our local evening news yesterday.
    I woke up bright and early to see if he was better,and he is.
    Last nite he had tubes down his throat they’ve since been removed.
    So hopefully he’ll pull through without any major damage.


      You really need to go ahead and apply for the position as his manager as soon as he recovers, because it’s obvious that you care more about him than half of the people around him.. Bless your little heart.

      My question is: what in the heck was he doing? Why did he not see that wall, and how long before the “friend” sues him for negligence? Sean you need to ship that little bit of cash you made back to the island because the lawyers are going to pounce on your “friend,” and she’s going to bite like a Bahamian barracuda on some American booty!

  • Bossip Staff

    Good day all and enjoy the chat.

  • plunta

    R.I.P u will be missed

    • luVn_liFE

      He isnt dead,i’m Sure he will pull through.god Speed recovery 😦

  • QueenBee

    Yea i know yall dont want no1 to put yall in ur place cuz yall wont post my comment

    • Bossip Staff

      Queen Bee we didnt post your comment because you post under alot of different names.
      Be original and take the heat.

  • QueenBee

    @plunta- did u even read the story? He aint dead fool

  • Deaya Charles

    @ topic… Wishing the best for Sean and his companion. All too often life throws reminders out there that youth, beauty, and/or celebrity do NOT equal immortality. Fortunately, it seems as though they will recover – which is plenty to be grateful for.

  • Xtina

    Jet skis are really dangerous. I’ve heard about a lot of people getting into accidents with them.

  • rene

    Get well Mr Kingston. La Te Da Te Da Te Da Doe ya feel like letting go ohh .

    • big c

      do us all a favor and change your pic . a picture of a monkeys as- would be better thanks in advance.

    • rene

      The song “Feel like letting Go” is One of his songs wit Nicky Manage. If you were a fan you would know. Don’t worry about my pic. Worry about your self I am sue that is a full time job.

  • von

    forreal that comment was rude and ghetto.this young men could loss his life and you making comments like that den your mom teach you anything.god please forgive some ghetto pepple.i will keep sean kingston in my preyer and pray he pulls thrus with no problems

  • Dumb debbies

    How was that a fight? That was an obvoius troll and you have to be slow to believe that crap and I believe you are.

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