This Can’t Be Life: California Woman Arrested After She’s Caught Wheeling A Garbage Can Full Of Body Parts Down The Street

- By Bossip Staff

There HAD to have been a better way to hide a body than THIS!

A California woman caught wheeling a trashcan full of body parts was arrested on Monday on charges of homicide.

Carmen Montenegro, 51, of San Bernardino, Calif. was spotted with the macabre container around 2:30 in the afternoon and nabbed by police who were tipped off to her bizarre activities.

“Officers stopped her leaving the location and in the trashcan we found human remains,” Detective Jeff Crittenden told KTLA-TV.

The contents of the trashcan are being investigated by the coroner’s office, but police believe it is a homicide and that there is only one body.

They are still working to clarify the connection between the woman and the remains and to identify the victim.

Crittenden told reporters he did not have much information on Montenegro, but said she is a relative of the homeowner whose house she was spotted wheeling the body away from.

One neighborhood resident’s daughter told a KTLA-TV reporter she is Montenegro’s cousin, and that the woman came to the home for help disposing the body.

Other residents said Montenegro’s mother lives in the home, and that Montenegro herself lived there sporadically for over a decade.

The body is believed to have been dug up from the yard of the house where Montenegro was first spotted, according to police.

This lady deserves whatever time the judge decides to give her. She couldn’t find someone’s car to borrow to move the body…parts around?!? People are really losing their minds nowadays…SMH


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  • fridayspecial

    Wait, she deserves whatever time she gets yet yall ask why she couldn’t find a car to help put the Bosh somewhere? Odd very odd.

    Maybe its one of her relatives that they buried in the back, who knows, thats crazy tho…very crazy.

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  • Get it

    “She couldn’t borrow someones car.” Nobody would probably trust her enough too and already know that shes a fruity suspicious character.




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