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If you missed it, no worries — we got you! It looks like this season of “Basketball Wives” will be leaning heavily on the conflict between Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada to drum up the drama factor.


If you watched the Season 3 premiere you know that Evelyn is trying to do damage control after her fight with Tami on the Season 2 finale, after she revealed she’d slept with Tami’s ex-husband and called Tami a “non-motherfawking factor.” Well in Season 3 Evelyn is now saying Kenny was not married to Tami at the time she was involved with him and that as the mother of his children, of course Tami will always be a factor. At the same time Evelyn has embraced the phrase that helped set off the fight by making “non motherfawking factor” tee shirts — something Tami is not at all pleased about. Evelyn tries to soften the blow by offering some of the proceeds to Tami’s charity but Tami notes how inappropriate that would be and declines the offer. She takes it a step further by visiting Evelyn’s shoe store where the two bicker about the issue and Tami threatens to file a defamation suit. DRAMA!

Do you think that Tami is just getting herself upset over something that isn’t worth being bothered about? Is Evelyn just a shady beetch who doesn’t know when to quit?

More pictures of their drama over the last two seasons below:



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