Undying Love: Atlanta Model’s Boyfriend Tells His Heart-Wrenching Account Of The Night He Lost His Girlfriend

- By Bossip Staff

This is one of the saddest stories we’ve ever heard, get ya Kleenex…

The boyfriend of LaShawna Threatt said he grabbed on to the back of her hair as she was falling out of the W Atlanta-Midtown hotel.

…“Thank God it wasn’t daytime; I would have jumped out, no question,” Ray Hamilton told the AJC. “I couldn’t see anything out that window, though, it was pitch black.”

“Everybody had just walked in and kicked off their shoes,” he said.

“There was no unruly activity, there was no one drunk, there was no party in the room,” he said.

Hamilton and another friend were standing next to Threatt and Williams, who were near the window, horseplaying, tickling each other and hugging, Hamilton said.

“LaShawna, she’s just a very affectionate person,” Hamiltion said.

Williams’ back was to the window, and Threatt was standing in front of her, Hamilton said.

“They leaned back a little bit, and they just went out,” he said.

After cutting his hand on the glass attempting to grab his girlfriend, Hamilton ran outside to check the condition of the girls.

“I come out of the door, see someone on the floor, and I just drop to the ground … I crawled over to her, covered her and said, ‘Hey, baby, stay with me, it’s going to be OK,” said Hamilton before he realized that the woman on the ground was Williams.

He stood up to look for Threatt but by that time Atlanta police officers had arrived.

“It’s been a nightmare for me,” Hamilton said. “How do two girls who weigh maybe 120 pounds a piece, standing at the window, build up enough force to not only break it but go out immediately?”

R.I.P. Lashawna you’ll be missed by your friends and family.


Flip though to see a few pics of Lashawna’s work.

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  • ricoblack313

    R.I>P, but this story sound so suspect 2 me.

    • We Don't Believe You, You Need More People!

      I Agree

    • CJ

      exactly, how did both of them go out the window if someone was not pulling or pushing the one or both of them? r.i.p.

    • Kennedi

      Damn, I agree.
      And then he talkn bout “Thank God it wasn’t daytime…” like he glad it was dark so he wouldn’t have felt obligated to jump out after her…

    • Greygoose125

      Cosign – this entire situation doesn’t add up!

    • nissan

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  • Haterraid


  • lovensmutts


  • S

    You need Jesus

  • Get it

    What a freaky accident, I dislike to loose people like that, so sad. Hopefully this is all true and nothing else happened. Lightskinned dark skinned mixed w/e. I am still trying to wrap my head around how they fell through a window only by playing with each other and I don’t see color in that thought.

  • Hannibal


    • kerry (you're a big talkin whipper snapper, huh?)

      I have always wondered if you had a nappy beard with mysterious “stuff” in it.

    • Youknowwhatitis

      LMAO, ROTFL…

  • Chitowninthehouse

    Trust me..the insurance company will investigate this throughly…a strong impact would have to take place for both women to fall through the window. No horseplay would send two women out of the window unless the window was very loose…still trying to figure this one out????

  • TriniSaz0n.

    this story is so phony theres more to this ..ill give it a couple more weeks before the real truth comes out ..

  • ThaWholeTruth

    If the other girl that survived the fall gets well..This could get really ugly if she comes out with the truth. I been at that hotel several times..Those windows are very thick and sturdy. This does not happen that often or at all for something like this to happen..Sounds supect!

  • keema

    Stop being stupid. This has nothing to do with light skinned vs dark skinned. Give it a rest!

  • Bianca loves Satoshi Kanazawa

    PLEASE, he will be on to his OTHER girlfriend before the end of her funeral!!!

    • kerry (you're a big talkin whipper snapper, huh?)

      Let’s hope not.

    • peachfizz

      Sadly, knowing Ray (the boyfriend) like I do; it won’t even take him that long. He was known to be a pig & wannabe playa. No one knew who the g/f was, but it was long speculated that there was one, cuz he is known around town & the warning was always “Don’t talk 2 dat n|gga Ray H. cuz he got a g/f & he dirty”. At least now, the mystery girlfriend has a face and a name. He should feel like ish now that he’s lost her.
      May she RIP.

  • just me

    I don’t see why people are screaming foulplay. For it to be a case of foul play, everybody up in that room which is 10-15 people would need to be lying and having the EXACT same story. It would make more sense that the window was just faulty because even if it was a major physical fight, that window when properly intact should not be able to break. All this leads to the window being faulty. I’m wondering if the windows were compromised when a tornado went thru that area a 3 yrs back. That tornado took out several windows in other hotels in that area. They need to check because all those windows could be damaged at this point.

  • love2008

    Ughhh? What? Something doesn’t add up? #DALLASMAVERICKS

  • Tray


  • kerry (you're a big talkin whipper snapper, huh?)

    Maybe the boyfriend was cheating with the other girl and LaShawna found out so they started fighting. Then he ran to the jump off and when the cops came he pretended he thought it was LaShawna. You’re welcome APD! I am available for private investigation at a rate of $525.00 per hour.

    • ThickLikeCornbread


      If you fall TEN stories, the impact of ur fall into the pavement will cause immediate bleeding & swelling of the body. The girls look like they can be sisters. With blood & swelling in the face it would be very easy to get the girls confused.

      A family took home the wrong dtr after a tragic church van accident. And it wasnt until after the girl came out of the coma tht they realized it was NOT their dtr

    • kerry (you're a big talkin whipper snapper, huh?)

      Maybe your husky @ss can throw yourself through a window but that isn’t as easy for most. Circle head @ss ho.

    • kerry (you're a big talkin whipper snapper, huh?)

      Oh I forgot you are “thick”…like cornbread, right? Musty @ss, nerve wracked, topsy turvy @ss ho.

    • The Beautiful One

      You are hilarious…like for real! LOL smh

    • Lecter

      Kerry is my guilty pleasure. Seriously. LMAO!

    • kerry (you're a big talkin whipper snapper, huh?)

      Please grow a pinky toenail before you start painting that mother f!cker. Thanks.

    • gina

      *dead* @ pinkie toenail

    • MsAshley

      LMAO@ these comments.

    • Perfect 10


  • Jenn

    Something is missing from this story, I don’t care what anyone says.

    You don’t just “fall through” windows unless you are pushed some kinda way! Sorry!

    • BOBO

      You are right Jenn, something is not adding up. I don’t care if it was 50 people in that room. All of them didn’t have their eyes on the girls at the same time.

      Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men.

  • JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)

    Sad of course,dumb?obviously,how ghetto is it to get a hotel in the same city you live in,that defeats the purpose of living there

    • spongetta citronella

      Its not unusual for “broke” ppl to get a hotel room in the same city

      I live in Shreve.port, LA & we have several ca.s.ino’s. Many ppl will get a room at the “boat” for special occa.s.ions (weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, bdays).

      Not saying tht ppl who do this r broke, just saying maybe some1 in the party couldnt afford a cruise or a nice BEACH vacay

  • Mixi

    I only knew Lashawna thru a weird 2 degrees of seperation but my heart is so heavy for her friends and family. I mourn to know she died while celebrating the day of her birth. While all her friends are standing just 4 ft away. It’s just all too much for me to bear. It can happen to any one of us without a moments notice. You can be sitting at a light minding your business when God decides to call you home. Love each other!

    • Curious1 aka Go Hard or Go Home

      Me..My heart,blessings and prayers go out to the fam/friends..may she R.I.P..in Godspeed..Amen..

  • JaZzIe91

    wow. Either the window was defected or this is some final destination type of stuff. It was her time to go..

    Or foul play could be involved. #justsayin

  • Soul Touch

    I’m no detective, but maybe the window was already cracked…?

    Sad story, tragic ending.

  • WOW

    That is really a stupid & disheartening statement. Who would, even allow their enemy to fall 10 stories out of a broken window.
    Ignorance at its finest. No matter what color she was. This was a HUMAN BEING, losing her life.
    You got a real problem, its just too bad you dont know what it is!

  • We Don't Believe You, You Need More People!

    I’m Going To Sit Back And Wait For THE REST Of This Story To Unfold!

  • thesaneone

    this story is so sad. RIP

  • The Beautiful One

    …“Thank God it wasn’t daytime; I would have jumped out, no question,” Ray Hamilton told the AJC.
    I’m sorry but I think he is lying through his teeth, you wouldn’t have did nothing except call 911. smh

  • ~ChynaPeach~[Team Nymphis]

    I cant imagine how the people who witnessd it feel. Sad RIP.

    • RHONYC

      i smell a lawsuit. smh 😦

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