Jesus Take The Wheel: 85-Year-Old Woman Viciously Attacked And Forced To Give Brains

- By Bossip Staff

Sweet baby Jesus, take the wheel! This is so wrong on so many levels.

A manhunt was underway Monday night for a depraved brute who dragged an 85-year-old woman off an upper East Side street and sexually assaulted her.

The attack happened early Monday morning in one of the city’s wealthiest zip codes – a few blocks from Mayor Bloomberg’s private home.

The 100-pound victim was taking a stroll at 5:40 a.m. when she encountered a beefy fiend in a white undershirt, police said.

He was lurking on the sidewalk at MadisonAve. and E. 83rd St., pretending to talk on a cell phone, before he pounced, said a doorman who saw surveillance video of the attack.

“You could see him hold her in a headlock,” said the doorman, who gave his name as Steve. “He dragged her from the corner down to the stoop of the brownstone.”

“Her shirt was up,” said a woman who works at a nearby boutique and was shown surveillance photos by investigators.

“It looked like he was covering her mouth.”

The sicko pulled the woman down the steps, where he forced her to perform oral sex. He stole a ring from her before he fled.

A building worker on duty next-door spotted the man down the steps and thought he was urinating, the doorman named Steve said.

“He went to confront him, but then saw all his tattoos so he backed off,” he said. “The guy ran away and then the woman came out.”

The building worker took the woman inside and called police.

“She was distraught, she was disheveled and she was bruised,” Steve said.

This left us speechless … there is absolutely no excuse for this. That’s somebody’s granny! This dude is sick and when Jesus takes the wheel, he’s taking a long trip South with this sorry son of a fawk.


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  • kerry (you're a big talkin whipper snapper, huh?)

    Does it actually feel good when someone is being forced to give you oral? I can’t imagine her putting any effort into it. Oh yeah and this is an outrage!

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  • Hannibal


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    • don't come for me

      i can’t…

  • Me

    You people are horrible and soo disrespectful!!!!! Not to mention HEARTLESS smh… How could you make jokes about this shit?!

  • Daniel

    When hands and lotion just wont get it anymore. No problem, when they catch him and he gets “back” in jail, they will pound some regret into his @ss.

  • homicidalbrainiac

    I was raised by my grandmother (and therefore spent much time with people of her generation and even older still) so attacks on the elderly make my blood boil almost as easily as attacks on children. Anyone between the ages 17-60 is fair game to me (as in, if you do happen to kick the bucket, please make it as interesting as possible so there’s a chance there will be deathpics). Even if the fiend was quite ‘beefy’, it speaks volumes that he targeted an unsuspecting elderly woman in the wee morning hours…

  • warden

    We will find your azz and lock you down put you on blast to the other prisoners…..and no you wont get reconstructive surgery on your anus…prison bishes die from it all the time they call it unidenitfied intestinal bactria!

  • The Way It Is

    It is some sick azz people in this world.

  • itsbrittneybitch

    I would’ve bit it right off.

  • ~ChynaPeach~[Team Nymphis]

    Why would he want her to do it, she probably doesnt even remember how its done. The nerve! Is it because she would gum it? Just wrong!

  • warden


  • blackgirl

    This is just not funny on no level. Sick f***!!!

  • Sally

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