Dirty Coach Diaries: Former Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel Has Been Cheating Since Back In The Day!

- By Bossip Staff

People say athletes are backwards, but coaches are just as dirty.

Tressel was asked to resign from coaching at Ohio St. after it was revealed that he tried to hide the fact that some of his athletes were breaking NCAA rules by selling merchandise to local businesses. When the news broke, it seemed like an isolated incident, but Sports Illustrated has reported that Tressel has been involved in dirt for at least a decade.

Some of the memorabilia that was stolen and sold even apparently had Tressel’s signature! Not only is Tressel out of a job, but you better believe that Ohio State is going to face some serious sanctions in the coming days.

Not a good day to be a Buckeye fan. At least it’s good to see a coach get reprimanded and not just the athletes.

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  • Nayya

    I am shocked and amazed.

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  • Bliderberg King

    I have more respect for him because he took the bullet for his players…very rare..

  • lovensmutts

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  • GB

    All this for some damn tattoos?

  • Cool Breeze

    All for covering for some ninjas…Bullspit. I ain’t taking the bullet for nobody. you did this on your own. he should have been a coach/teacher and told them ninjas they were wrong and told the ncaa. now look at you. FIRED for some tatts and some used cars.




  • God's_Angel

    Now is the perfect time to get Tressel on board with the NCAA antitrust lawsuit. He knows how athletes are being exploited. And he knows he’s not the only coach, or college, looking the other way. Tell on them Tressel, tell everything you know!


    Better yet, write a tell-all book. Or help BET write another sitcom like The Game, that exposes the game. I say sing like a canary Tressel!

  • http://loseweightwithcalories.org/ Aaron McMiller

    Who cares if he was cheating leave his personal life alone.

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  • http://HomeInspectionMarketingCenter.com Home Inspector Training

    I just hope that Ohio State Football team can find another coach as soon as possible. Even though they lost a long time coach they have, they should move on and focus on the teams goal.

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