Where Is Kim Porter?

- By Bossip Staff

Somebody got a J-O-B that doesn’t include a perm box! If you missed the premiere of “Single Ladies” last night, then you might not know the answer. Diddy’s biggest child support recipient popped up during the show as the nemesis of Keisha, Lisa Raye’s character. Porter plays Jasmine, a former video video vixen turned author who is writing a “tell all.”

The Caption On This One Goes Exactly Like This:

“I’ve got lots of stories about lots of rappers… And I’m about to get PAID!”

Kind of ironic to be playing a version of Superhead after Karrine Steffans wrote that juicy chapter on Diddy in her first book.

The show also featured cameos from Common, Pilar Sanders, Lauren London, Chilli, Cam’Ron, Vado, JD and Kandi… We’re interested to see whether Kim’s role will carry over into the TV show.

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  • Ashley

    She’s not a good actress. Lisa Raye, Stacey Dash, & Lauren London can’t act either

    • the one and only


    • RHONYC

      DEAD @ that 2nd pic…y’all know you wrong for that!!! bwaahahahaaaa! 😆

    • nissan

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    • what the f*ck

      agreed i liked it tho

  • Hannibal


  • ladyscholar

    Her acting was awkward and unnecessary. Stick to making babies. they could’ve used a fresh new face for that role. given a relatively unknown actress a bit of shine.

  • diva

    You would think with all the money that diddy is given her she would for one take acting lessons and two get her teeth fixed.

  • diva

    You would think with all the money that diddy is giving her she would for one take acting lessons and two get her teeth fixed.

  • Dina

    I think the show is hot. Lisa Raye can’t act worth a damn! The rest of the cast is good. This is my new favorite show.

  • Opinionated Me

    That was her!!1 her character was so annoying she needs to go back to what she does best. Spreading legs hoping Diddy will one day crawl back to her with a ring




  • La. Lady

    “Know your gift” and acting (even when the roll could easily mimic your own life)is not hers.
    When getting pregnant and having babies for men with money comes as easy as breathing, one should stay in that lane. *Oh and save some cash–your mealtickets won’t be under 18 forever.

    • Delight23

      😆 😆 OMG! Time out for your azz. To the corner —>>>



    @JaZzle91..she has a very SWEATY upper lip. EEEWWW


    She ugly,she can’t act and she blacker than wesley snipes!

  • http://www.blackbeautyweb.com NudeBlackBeautyWeb

    Umm..where are the real black actresses? This show is full of trash! Lisa Raye? R u kidding me? My pinky toenail has better acting skills than her……sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t….helluva actor that pinky toe.

    • what the?

      LMAO! I totally agree with u! She cant act worth a damn! i have never met ur pinky toenail but im pretty sure u are correct! lol

  • Hotmochagirl

    Stacy Dash is a better actress than Lisa. Why didn’t they use one of the girls from “Girlfriends” instead of Lisa, preferably Golden Brooks? I hope the acting improves in the series.

    • 100milesperhour

      Golden Brooks? Oh HELL NO!

  • jdmann

    The show was good imo and Kim did a good job in her role.

  • Mememe

    Dear Cast:
    Please return your screen actor’s guild cards to the academy. the academy will thank-you

  • Kel

    Oh & Kim’s face looks like it was smashed in. Not a cute girl at all.

  • 100milesperhour

    Kim’s face looks beat up & put back together. Is it really considered acting when the character is so close to your own personality? B/c Kim seems like a real bytch in real life. LMAO @ person that said she has a sweaty upper lip!

    LisaRaye doesn’t look right kissing men, at all. She looks more comfortable tonguing down Kai.

  • jachol

    Kim Porter did a good job!!!! Way To Go KP>>>>

  • Shelly

    Jeezzz, why are you guys so hateful? No wonder white people laugh at how we treat each other. What did these girls ever do to you. I don’t like the show, but Gosh! Why the personal attacks on the ladies? They have a job doing what they believe is good for them.

  • f

    the show is no good nobody can act on it. i kinda liked it though. lol

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