Rumor Control: Kimmy Cakes Does NOT Have A Gut Full Of NBA Bench Warmer…Yet

- By Bossip Staff

That rumor didn’t last too long, did it? OK! Magazine ran a cover story with details of Kim Kardashian’s announcement that she was knocked up. How quickly do you think they can recall all of those issues? Kimmy Cakes took to her blog to clear things up:

“This is crazy,” Kim writes on her blog. “I am NOT pregnant! … One day I want a baby! But I’m not pregnant!”

Everyone needs to hold their horses. We’re sure that as soon as she has a little tiny Kimmy Cupcake in her belly, she’ll share it with the world.

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  • Blue Moon

    Lmao “gut full of bench-warmer”

    • nissan

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  • shynehead

    She already got a face full of Ray-J.

    • iHeartConverse

      lmfao…thanx for the laugh

  • smart kimmy....get rich!

    That’s right kimmy its enough baby mamas and baby daddys…..folks having to legalize the of the residuals of their random hump festivals. Gurl aren’t you glad you did settle for that soon to crippled football player or rapper singer!

  • JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)

    Whenever it seems like this chick is going away,something keeps popping up with her to keep that dim light lit

  • Chaka1

    Fat azz liar. All she does is lie. Kim, where’s your record at?


    Of course, she’s pregnant why else would he marry her? She has stated in the past that she wants a baby to look just like Kris but that will never happen because Armenian genes rule.

  • Lisa

    Hmmm I see the fat miserable haters were out on this post. BY the way for the person with the meal ticket comment you do know that she is richer than him right? She made more this year than he has made his entire career, so get the facts straight fool.

    • Daniel

      @Lisa Before you call someone a fool you should check your facts. That woman spends money like its water, and no celebrity has a endless well…except bill gates/Carlos Slim, but I digress! He has steady income because he has a real job, once her 15 minutes of fame is up and her spending habits persist, she will need those 15K a month child support checks! Ask Octo-mom who gets no child support.

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