Twitter Files: Mister Cee Takes To Twitter To Let Off Some…Steam

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like “The Finisher” isn’t quite finished.

As we reported yesterday, Legendary New York DJ Mister Cee pled guilty yesterday to his homosexual-prostitute transgressions. Despite the fact that we already knew he was guilty, Cee took to his Twitter page to re-address an issue that we had pretty much moved past. Clearly it’s still a very touchy subject for him.

Peep his iRant on the following pages below

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  • Shilee

    oh he MAD huh???
    WHY SO SERIOUS??? hahaha

  • TriniSaz0n.

    Be free Mr cee ..Be FREE!

  • Geep

    But answer me THIS, Mister Cee–was it good haaid?

  • robbie

    that is how most of em are from getting caught – it is the purpose for DownLow – get it.

  • Frankie

    Sit ur azz down! U did the crime so pay the time. I know that was corny but negro please! u was trying to get your ish off and got busted. Loser.

  • CrankDatSnackWrap

    He Sounds Like A Little Kid. “So, You Cant Play With My Kickball Anymore, *humph*”

  • nicca_please

    Mister Cee needs to shut up….He is funny bunny.

  • Ejay

    He should have never said anything! That would’ve been a better move. SMH!

  • Kome one


    • prettyplease

      lmao..sak pase mr cee! lol

  • jah

    i lost mad respect for this “man”. not because he’s a h0m0 (well that too) but because of the way he lied thru the whole ordeal! Now he wanna be mad at the world for enjoying head from another dude. eat a d!c and stfu

  • jah

    admit it Cee – you love the way a man’s mouth feels around your c0ck – just admit it! hahahaha

  • JaZzIe91

    He need to sit his fat down low a*s down somewhere. If you’re gay, keep it 100. He’s trying to get mad because his secret life was exposed. #F*uckOuttaHere you lame a*s n*gga. With ya scary a*s.

  • Lola

    Its okay to be gay, but dont walk around acting u something ur not and act tuff…Its not fair to other straight ppl…

  • robbie d

    Joker – refer to Robbie’s comment.

  • ohsotruetrue

    This dude is a str8 punk!!! I would have more respect for him if he came out and admited what he truly likes. To go a couple of blocks from his job to pick up trannies and then act like he is all MAN is totally actions of a soft in the pants nicca…. I guess DJ Flex and CiCi and go around the corner together.

  • November

    He should’ve taken the Queen Latifah route when she was outed by those vacation pictures with her girlfriend… DON’T RESPOND!

    • JustMe


  • mimi

    Feel bad for his wife and kids.

  • nike

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  • Mrs. Rance

    DJ Envy said he spoke to Mrs. Cee himself and he told him that Twitter is a fake. I think it might be a fan that started that page.

  • Sepia830

    All I want to know is…just how well DOES he know Diddy?

  • trinitee

    hey its not a verified account



  • Should be called Sis Cee now on ....

    … fudge packin nigguh

  • C Allen

    This is the same Mister Cee who was telling his listeners to “rise up” and he was going to show his accusers “how they do it in Brooklyn” ?????……now he is saying he made a “mistake” and everyone should mind their own??? Chanhe your name to Mister G and the G stands for gay.

  • C Allen

    …I meant “change” not chanhe…. dam u sticky keyboard!! Mister Cee must have used it.

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