Ram-Pa-Pa-Pam: Rihanna Claps Back At Critics Of “Man Down” Video

- By Bossip Staff

It didn’t take long for Rihanna to respond to all the chit chatter about her new video. She did it twice yesterday.

For BET’s 106 & Park, Rih Rih came with the politically correct, PR approved response and made her purpose in making this video very clear. She explained from jump that her intention was not to create pointless controversy, but to make a mini movie that explored something very real in “raw, artistic” fashion.

“Rape is, unfortunately, happening all over the world and in our own homes and we continue to cover it up and pretend it doesn’t happen,” Rihanna said. “Boys and girls feel compelled to be embarrassed about it, and they hide it from everyone, including their teachers, their parents, and their friends. That only continues to empower the abusers.”

She pointed out that the song’s lyrics show that her character is remorseful about the killing. However, the lyrics don’t mention a rape, but Rihanna said that part was added to the video to flesh out the story.

“Making that into a mini-movie or video, we needed to go back to why it happened,” she said. “Obviously she’s not a cold-blooded killer. It had to be something so offensive. And we decided to hone in on a very serious matter that people are afraid to address, especially if you’ve been victimized in this scenario.”

Adding that she, by no means, condones murder or any other form of violence, Rihanna added:

“I’ve been abused in the past, and you don’t see me running around killing people in my spare time,” she said. “I just really want girls to be careful. Have fun, be sassy, be innocent and sweet, be everything that you are. But just try not to be naive.”

Her response on Twitter, while being respectful, was a little less polite.

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  • lola_uk

    I completely agree with her twitter response.

  • Sasha FLOPPED!



  • lola_uk

    parents need to stop leaving the responsibility of PARENTING their children up to celebrities.

  • plunta


    • UMMA

      yehh we know right she was being abuse soooo baddd in the caribbean and then by that chris brown guy i feel so soory for poor riri

  • Tia.

    very beautiful promo pic.

  • lala

    I need to follow her on twitter, she cracks me up. I agree with everything she said. Parents are lazy these days. She’s 23 wtf you want her to sing about? Bananas in pajamas, my little ponies, come on.

  • ShortStuff


  • Lola

    Poor Rihanna cant catch a break…I totally agree with her… Parents need to be in control of their kids and not expect celebrities to raise them…She is an artist and she is entitled to do whatever she wants wit her art…

  • chrissy17

    Love the song can’t get it outta my head….

  • 2Sweet

    Lol. Parents tell their kids stuff is bad all the time but the kids will still do it. People act like the media doesn’t have any influence over kids and that “parents need to be parents.” It ain’t that easy. I know people who were seemingly good, providing and loving parents and their kids still f*cked up majorly. Come on, we all know those kids who grew up without TVs and they were weird as hell and didn’t fit in. So where is the happy medium?

  • nycTAY

    & Them Lyrics Could Have Gone Another Way Then Just Abuse. It Could Have Been A Love Story.

  • adele's number 1 fan

    did she say “art”? wow! rihanna you reall think what you doing can be called art? i don’t think so.. get some vocal lessons first! she needs to know that she’s just a commercial product, which’s sold thanks to the way it looks ! point blank period!

  • spongetta citronella

    This girl is always POPPING OFF at the mouth.

    She has had numerous #1 singles, but I really dnt consider her a “rock star.” She cant sing, she cant dance. They dress her wide nosed azz up & lighten her skin & PROMOTE the he11 out of her- – THAT is y she is popular

    She is DISGUSTING! All she wants is a man with a big dyck…she never mentions future goals or charity work…just a BIG DYCK

    Well, smbdy PLEASE put a big dyck in her mouf so she can STFU & STFD!!!!!!

    • Aries79

      You are probally a single parent with
      10 kids…. You just mad!  #raiseurown

  • adele's number 1 fan

    LMAO !!spongetta citronella, i soo agree with you! could’nt have said it better!

  • Daisy Jay

    I like what she said. Both in the interview and on Twitter.

    Of course it’s wrong to cross that “line” in music, but it’s selfish of parents to demand each and every artist to compromise their ideas and music just so it can all be “kid-friendly”. If you don’t want your child witness to it, don’t show them.

    And like I said yesterday, you can’t shield your child from everything in existence. When they’re exposed to something “bad”, you need to make sure you’ve taught your child right from wrong and good from bad. Prepare them for seeing stuff like this. They’ll know what to do. If an artist has more control over your child than YOU do, #ParentingFail…

  • NoneOfYours

    Okay so I am confused…Lady GaGa can walk around in a condom outfit, but this is wrong??

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