Video Director Vashtie Kola Calls Out Beyonce For ‘King B’ Reference [Photos]

- By Bossip Staff

Famed video director Vashtie Kola caused controversy on Twitter this week when she subliminally took a shot at Beyonce for calling herself ‘King B.’

As previously reported Beyonce released her new single “Best Thing I Never Had” and included a promo picture for the new track.

The picture featured Beyonce standing in front of a mirror with the words ‘King B’ written in lipstick.

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  • nike

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  • Leelee

    Who is this broad…??? You’re only claim King or Queen when the whole world knows your name…lol. Who is she again???

    • kemsey

      Exactamundo 🙂

  • lovensmutts


  • WithAllHonesty

    Women could be kings in ancient Egypt. This isn’t all that unheard of. People just like to hate Beyonce. For either good or bad reasons.

  • Harli

    I freakin LOVE Vashtie ❤

  • Nayya

    That’s the problem with the black man & woman. So chick stay in your freakin lane and try to claim queen instead. #NOTKINGORQUEEN

  • ~ChynaPeach~[Team Nymphis]

    Im no Beyonce fan, but come on. There is no use trying to bring her down. She isnt moving especially for someone who is as famous as my Uncle Oscar. Dont know him? My point exactly.

  • ?

    Who is this Vashtie chick???? She mad because she is not FAMOUS??? If she had any type of common snese she would know Bey was being tongue in cheek with the king reference. this woman needs to sit her azz down somewhere and get a clue and a life on top of it. What a hater!!!

    • kemsey


  • JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)

    This reminds me of when JAy was on top,and everyone from JAdakiss,Fat joe you name it was throwing shots Jiggas way,so much hate and jealousy moajority of it from black women

  • WhatTha???

    Vas…Who? Thats what I thought now in my Jay Z voice on to tha next next one…

  • Lea

    How do we know she was talking about B? Some of u need to take a chill pill, it could be about anybody, but bc Bey called herself king, this chick made a comment re:King, its fair to say she was talking about Beyonce….some of u need to relax n not stir the drama. And stop acting like whenever Beyonce does something she should be void of criticism just because she is a good artiste. This chick could well be talking about B, but it would be nice if independent thinkers give this Vashtie chick the benefit of doubt and stop acting like Beyonce is ur sister

  • B stands for Biter

    Why is it so far fetched to *think* Beyonce is bitin’ off of her? Beyonce is a biter…get over it.

  • Los Rule The World

    Well just look at it if it was str8 man calling hisself Queen _! Talk about an attack, thereafter lmao….

  • pumpkin

    Maybe beyonce called herself king B because queen B is already taken if she would have called herself queen b you people would say she’s biting of lil Kim no matter what beyonce does you people will find fault with it

  • Cinderella

    Yo Vashtie just chill

  • Iguessso

    V didn’t cause a problem, Beyonce crazy behind stans did. They always do when someone says something about Beyonce that doesn’t smacks of worship to her. Face it, people will have positive things and negative things to say about you. Anytime you cause a uproar over the negative people say, you’re thinking too much about yourself. Let it be said and let it go if you’re secure within yourself. Beyonce fans are delusional because nothing bad or critical can be said about her, yet they’ll turn around and say negative things or critical things about other artists. If it’s good for other artists, it’s good for Bey.

  • Unico

    Another female who decides to build her career by hating another female. We are getting less and less supporting females entertainers due to such stupidity as names, costumes and soundbites.

    Bey and Kel better stick together, because none of these fools are going to support them and be nice about it.

  • Nima

    Beyonce isn’t as gorgeous as people are trying to make her out to be. This so called Vashtie Kola girl is far more attractive.

    • JustAshley

      So??? I don’t remember anybody (except her hubby) claiming Bey was the finest, hottest chick on the planet.

  • Daylite

    Nicki refers to herself as “King” as well, so what?

  • Real Issh

    Nima were talkin about looks u c*nt . V whoever will NEVER NEVER amount to anything Bey has done . She called herself ah King , so what ! Let her be a King .

  • Los Rule The World

    Well just look at it if it was str8 man calling himself Queen _! Talk about an attack, thereafter lmao….

  • Lola

    Hmm who is this girl? Exactly

  • simone

    jealously gets u nowhere in life Ms Vagisil!

    • SayCheese

      Vashtie mad because Beyonce wrong her. Why don’t people like you see who really is behind stars fame. If it weren’t fro Vashtie and other people. There would be no Beyonce.

  • Day Day

    Point blank it is a damn picture. Get over it. If this V girl really is the ” king ” she just got dethrowned. Move on

  • ms. d

    is it really that serious? did either or them come up with the word King. She’s lame for that and if she ever become as big as Beyonce, she will never get my support just for being so immature.,

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