Pre-Matrimony-dom: Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Engagement Dinner (Photos)

- By Bossip Staff

Khloe Kardashian was nice enough to share family photos of her sister Kim’s official engagement party to her baller beau Kris Humphries

Via Khloe’s blog:

Hi dolls. I just wanted to share these pics from the night Kim and Kris got engaged. The entire family got together at my mom’s house for a “family dinner” — none of us thought it would be any different from our usual family get-togethers. Kim walked in late (OF COURSE) and nonchalantly flashed that rock of hers and we all started screaming! Well… It took us a few minutes to notice, but once we did, the everyone started freaking out LOL. My mom obviously went all out with ponies covered in glitter and a magnificent princess cake. Would you expect any less of her??

It was such a happy night — so much love in the air. I know that sounds cheesy, but that’s the only way to explain it.

SMH at the “ponies and glitter”…peep more shots below:

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  • Hannibal


    • ffdfg

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    • LaWhat

      When is it lucky to have trash in your house?

  • Tanya.p

    Who cares?

    • RHONYC

      so uh…wait!
      he’s got the same name and SPELLING as her mom Kris?
      so like in bed it’s what? “oh Kris, oh Kris!”
      GROOOOOOOOSSSSSS!!! *vomiting*
      yuck. 😦

    • chaka1

      There’s so much comedy and falseness here that I can’t even absorb it all. This is more fraudulent than her singing career.

      The broad knows she is so full of ish.

      Ya’ll know no one paid for that ring. It’s on loan for photo shoots and publicity for the jeweler. All this is for the new season of the show.

  • JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)

    Everything just looks calculated and scripted,and why the need to send them end to the media,just to show they love each other,the shyt is wack

    • luVn_liFe

      @ JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)
      i totally agree with,especially the photo with Kim with her left hand going up to her mouth…
      Kim should feel like a real heel now that everyone knows thats the same ring she tried to get Reggie to claim he gave her.
      The older that Mason gets the more he looks like Michael Gergenti his REAL Daddy.
      And the Jenner girl with the pink on looks high as a kite.
      Lamar is just an a.s.s

    • chaka1

      Plus the big ring still doesn’t hide the fact that she is fat.

  • Whit

    Awww it was so nice of Kim and Kris to pose next 2 Khloe and Lamar while holding them on a leash lmao!

    • the one and only

      (*slams phone on the ground laughing)

    • chaka1

      I swear I can’t tell them apart

  • She so pathetic using a second hand engagement ring

    She bought her own ring! Kris makes 3.2 mil only a fool would spend there whole salary of 2 mil on a ring! Notice Kim k never denied it! E! Reported on it but u know she is on there network so they make money by her being engaged, they wouldn’t expose her!

    • chaka1

      These people are so fake. First, you can’t even finance a ring that costs 66% of your salary. Second, rich A-list white women don’t floss like that in public. Third, they make “money,” but they have pay managers, publicists, agents, attorneys, taxes, etc. Their take home is not that much. Fourth, he might actually like her but this insanity will drive him away. Finally, the ring is gaudy…

  • Blue Moon

    Move over Kendra Wilkinson’s son Mason is sooo cute…its a pity his fruity father dressed him tho…oh yeah nice ponies???


      Hopefully no ponies were harmed in the making of this made-for-tv mess of a monstrosity.

      Does Bruce Jenner have Down Syndrome? He is looking a little on the 47-chromosome’ish side.

    • Lynae

      @U no comprende, No Bruce doesn’t have down syndrome that man had WAYYYYY to much plastic surgery in his younger days!

  • funny

    Mason is simply adorable..on another note, this ish is for publicity! Who has their engagement party the same night, really? Come on son, get outta here with that –

  • spongetta citronella

    Arent they movind kinda FAST??!!! This is toooo soon. Enjoy ur engagement for at least 3-6mos b4 throwing engagement parties. Enjoy each other first & continue to grow 2getha! SMMFH, this is ALL for publicity!!!!

  • Kayla

    We will be hearing about the divorce in no time. But to all the people who think im negative i will say this ” i wish the best of luck to both of them”

  • Shynehead

    He really marrying ole slurp & burp
    Cornflake RayJ bustin in his wife face is on camera forever…
    This can’t be real….

    *Ezell(Friday)Voice* LaDiDa…

  • Allie

    LMAO @RHONYC: Exactly!!!

  • Trina

    Dude just signed his life away to the Kadashians….smdh. I feel bad for him. On the other hand, maybe he’ll get more endorsements being with Kim.

  • Brap Brap

    Lovely looking family. Mason is just too adorable, but why does he look like a mexican kid and none of his person are? hmmmm..

  • Y'all Be Trippin'


  • Ashley

    Notice she is wearing the same Dress from the peopl cover. Now how can she not know he was proposing if she booked a cover story later on that night #publicitystunt

  • YourDelusional01

    Humphries looks like a light, skinned money!!! Oh, Im sorry MONKEY, cus WE ALL know he HAS NO MONEY!!! She was better off with Reggie, he looked SOOOOOOO much better!! I have to say Im bias A Lot, but in this case, light skin doesnt mean BETTER looking!! They dont even know each other to get married. Its just so funy to me how she was on the tabloids complaining about being 30 and NEVER thinking she’d be single at that age, and voila, Kris proposes after a whirlwind courtship!!! Same with Khloe and Lamar, ALL THIS SHYTE IS SUSPECT to put MONEY in ALL their pockets!!! TOO bad people are to stupid to see this!!! Ugghhhh

  • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

    Yaaaawnnn….Still can’t make a Ho a housewife Kris…….since you went this far….don’t knock her up unitll after 7 yrs of being married lol!


    It’s really saddening when we can’t simply be happy for other! Negative comments come from a negative and bitter place and it erupts like a volcano. Imagine what life would be like if we would just wish someone well during their happiness, no matter who they are, instead of spurring hate and hopes of failure. If it was you, would you not want other to celebrate and look forward with you in hope of a brighter future? There are so many strikes against us just trying to cope with the challenges of this world as it is. A kind world goes a long way; encouragement can lead a person from astray!

    • chaka1

      She’s not black, she’s a fraud and a publicity ho. She’s the one who put her life out there to be judged by the public. She does not want privacy. She even stole Reggie’s Superbowl shine by climbing on the platform to be interviewed. Who does that? If she demands to be in the public eye, then this is what she gets. It’s the price of fame, baby.

  • Juliemango

    I like the way this fam celebrates eachothers milestones/growth. Whats to hate???

  • Ashley

    Its not about hating real recognizes real and I think a large percent of the public views them as fake and that’s were the so call “hate’ comes from

    • JustAshley

      I agree. They don’t even look “right” together. Couples “in love” just LOOK entirely comfortable together and these two just don’t have it. This is a marriage of Entertainment conveniences.

  • michele

    Am I the only one who is asking WHERE IS THIS FOOL’S FAMILY? why is it all her family members.

    • starlite

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • KKO

    OMG has anyone else seen the new promo for their show? Kris sounds like a total douche, and I was LMAO when Rob called Kim a wh*oree. But I can see why people think its scripted…. It does seem a little fake. And I don’t see Kris and Kim being together for much longer you can tell she wants it more than him. And 3.2 a year? And your girl rockin a 2 mill ring? Anywaydoe….

  • KKO

    OMG has anyone else seen the new promo for their show? Kris sounds like a total douche, and I was LMAO when Rob called Kim a wh**ree. But I can see why people think its scripted…. It does seem a little fake. And I don’t see Kris and Kim being together for much longer you can tell she wants it more than him. And 3.2 a year? And your girl rockin a 2 mill ring? I think its wack if she received that ring for publicity and what not, that takes the whole meaning away :/

  • prissa

    Good Point!



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