Toni Braxton Announces To Mother She Is Doing Playboy On “Braxton Family Values” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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Did she say only $8900?

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  • JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)

    Cant say im shocked,but i will be checking for those photos

    • dgcvg

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  • RogerThat

    The show should be called “Braxton NO Values”

    • spa

      lol good one rogerthat!

  • ACE

    $8900???? times are hard

    • KrysTheGreat

      If you have the body and don’t give a damn. Why not!

    • Elward

      She said that her boobs cost her 8900 dollars. That’s not what she’s being paid. I’m sure that that will be in the 6 or 7 figure range. She’s not that fiscally irresponsible.

  • adele's number 1 fan

    i absolutely love this show. com! tamar is my!
    but i don’t think toni finally made the cover though!

  • Ms. Gottabody

    She got that boob job like 15yrs ago believe me a boob job back then was only $8,900

  • Amber

    i like this family. toni comes across well too.

  • King Beef (betta known as)Wisdom

    Damn Toni, for real! I?m not knocking the hustle, but how do you go from award winning artist how made millions, to a playboy centerpiece. What?s next Toni, a scene in Ghetto Gaggers?

    • Shynehead

      Lol @ghettogaggers
      I wouldnt be surprised…

      Doesnt she have Lupus?
      This will be a great look for her sons… The jokes will write themselves on the playground. Kids can be cruel…

  • WTF1

    $8900? Did she say $8900? Not $89000 but $8900? That’s less than a girl off the street. I’ll be looking for the pics but Toni get some pride, if you’re going to bare it all at least make more than a common stripper.

  • Youknowwhatitis

    She said her boob job cost her $8900! GEESH




  • Trina

    Toni shouldn’t have to do that. People look up to her as a respected R&B singer. I know she needs money, but Playboy’s the last resort and she has sons too. Go back to broadway or Vegas.

  • always knew

    Trina 6/3/11, 07:03:PM

    Toni shouldn’t have to do that. People look up to her as a respected R&B singer. I know she needs money, but Playboy’s the last resort and she has sons too. Go back to broadway or Vegas

    agreed..but she can’t when is the last time she had a hit?

    I thought Toni was too c.l.a.s.s.y for this kind of garbage, apparently not..

    Anything for money..

    disgusting toni and I can’t believe you just disrespected your mom like that, ON TV!

    WOW! I am so glad that I am NOT famous or have to live in a spotlight.. the things you have/choose to do… 😦

    WoW! done with Toni Braxton, she’s just like the rest of tise $2.00 tricks.. 😦

  • Cadence

    Dang, I think Smooth or King would pay more than $8900… isn’t she at least per episode of the show…. I can’t see the clip but maybe its $89,000.

  • gretchen

    This is sad. Toni is truly talented and now she has to sink to this level to make a dollar. She would have been better off marrying a man who could help her provide for herself than the pretty boy.


    Bad ideal, her sons will be humiliated.

  • babygyrl1982

    she said her breast cast her 8900…. get the information right…

    • babygyrl1982

      typo cost

  • Youknowwhatitis

    Thank you, DAMN! I’m mixed on the Playboy thing though. On one hand if done respectfully it could give her exposure to different markets, on another hand, Playboy is often a come up for lesser known starlets. Toni obviously doesn’t need the money, she may need the ego boost though.

  • JaZzIe91

    Ok what happened with Toni Braxton’s husband? Why did they break up?

  • David

    They broke up because the relationship essence was diminished , and love was gone.

  • jayluv

    Toni tryna get her hustle on…yall know she broke, so leave her alone. she does have bills to pay just like everyone else who has done playboy and got paid stacks.

    • Youknowwhatitis

      Home girl is not broke, did you see the house she just “purchased” in Cali before she even sold the one in Atlanta? She only filed bankruptcy to protect her @ssets (house, money, catalog, etc.)Even Tamar said Toni has more money than Vince…

  • clockwork

    Love Toni, love that show!

  • Bribrie

    Loveeeee Toni but playboy thats a NO NO!!!!!!!!

  • LAMO


  • Ricki Lake

    If her Breast Cost $8900 girl you need a Refund…lol

  • brittany

    and she’s supposed to be preacher’s daughter smh

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