Hate It Or Love It?!?! Breezy Has A New Creepy Tattoo

- By Bossip Staff

What in the holy purple Hell is this? Breezy took to Twitter to show off his new tat, that looks like the Wal-Mart smiley face on acid.

Is this some sort of twisted response to the Rihanna video? What do you think this all means?! Did he go double or nothing on the same bet that made him dye his hair blonde? We need answers!

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  • Blue Moon

    I don’t even like dude no more but I like this tat..being a creative person myself *cough* I think da thing is dope..y wud it have anything 2 do with riri?? Its a “two face” type thing..smile on da outside evil on da inside

    • nike

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    • kalifa

      that’s for whoever is riding his booty 🙂 they see the innocent smile but underneath is a freak 🙂

  • JM@gic(Trini Boy 4 Life)

    Is that tat for Omarion or whoever is behind him giving the bizness

  • Bossip These Hoes Be Hatin

    Chris got tht idea from some artist. The guy did tht with charlie brown… tis old.

  • What?

    It looks like him 🙂

    • What?

      ‘It’ as in the tattoo, LOL!!




  • cap'n obvi

    Wolf in sheeps clothing

  • King Beef (betta known as)Wisdom

    “It?s only so long, fake thugs can pretend!”

  • Rem

    2words…… Ron English. Chris has done some work with him in the past, and this is one of his iconic images

  • laura

    Love it..btw its his body NOT yrs

  • always keepin it 100

    i feel so srry for breezy..the skeleton shows hes dying in the inside but the smiley says he looks happy on the outside.damn smh

  • tela

    well its creepy like the demonic symbolism on his cap

  • Except for a 1 or 2 Posters

    STFU….he can do wut he wants. Thats a grown azz man doing his OWN THANG…smdh

  • bubbles

    Waste of Money

  • diamond4171

    Thats not Breezy. Where are all his other tats. Google people, Google. Dont beleive me,Google the GMA situation and you will see he has tats all down his arm and and in the front of his chest. Come on people look at the pic closely does that look like Chris Brown’s back?

  • kristen

    I think breezy got some sugar in his tank!

  • Unico

    Smiley Face with a skull inside it. in case you can’t tell.

  • rudie

    Loser,i knew the boy was demonic.

  • Dindi

    Can you say Bi-Polar ?

  • maru-chan

    That SO is not Breezy, the ni99a in the pic has a short a$$ neck

  • Mzmystic

    @Diamond4171 if you actually look at the pick close enough you can see that he does have tattoos down his arms. And yes it does look like chris browns back b/c he always hunches his back. Even when he’s walking he hunches over a lil. So before you criticize ppl for believing that’s it’s him with INCORRECT info.

  • Just20

    Chris Brown is always being different.Standing out. ——– Chris Brown has always had bad posture.———– He might have an illness or somethinng.

  • AnnKim

    I love it. It’s very creative

  • Dana

    If u can recoginize a celebrity from behind, by his posture, and neck length… GET A HOBBY!

  • Brandon T

    Really Chris Brown? Really? GTFO with that bull ish!

  • Honut Sinti

    Bi-Polar. Are those big bears that live at the south and north poles?

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