Some Sunday Swirl: Reggie Bush Hits Up Hollyweird Hotspot For “Alleged Girlfriend’s” Birthday Party

- By Bossip Staff

Reggie Bush was spotted heading to one of his many random jawns, Melissa Molinaro’s, birthday party last night at Boa Steakhouse…

Peep more pics below:

Pacific Coast News

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    • A Jealous Brown Football

      I wander if he would be a better running back IF> the football was white?


      @ A Jealous Brown Football

      That’s SO SILLY! (lol)

    • A Jealous Brown Football

      Um just sayin. When he’s holding me, I can tell his heart is not really in it.

    • Used to You Ninjas Now

      This “woman” is a man…sorry, but until I see a birth certificate with Melissa and no Michael, I gotta go with man Maury. LoL!

    • roamcoude12s

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  • dareeda


    • JM@gic

      LEarn to date black women?so basically its a study course on how to deal with black women,theres a reason he left school early

  • Tia.

    a bootleg kim kardashian…

    • Hmm....

      A male kim kardashian…..

  • Ben

    Enough already mar ve you and your white husband should go to counselling if you want a black man so much get one.We want to see black couples, only you obsess with swirl.

  • Magister (RNI)


    So I gather black women who date and marry non black men are sell outs also? I’m sure you’ll find a reason to offer why they are not.

    • JM@gic

      You would think black women marrying white guys or latinos was doing it because they loved dude,but they actually do it because they think there getting black men back,when theres a reason black men dont marry black women,were just not attracted to you or the bullshyt,not saying we wouldnt sleep with you,but thats why they went apeshyt about that Japanese guys survey,they dont want everyone seeing how crazy they are,but they proved it by going crazy

    • okay

      Not trying to troll but most if a black woman is dating a white or latino guy its mostly bc they are gentle and respect the woman they are with. No one is trying to get a black man back. A lot not all black men have a godlike or p.diddy/jayz complex that leaves black women tired of being disrespected. Not all but some other types of non black men know how to cherish their women better.

    • JM@gic

      Yeah because the firs thing black chicks say”Black Men do it so why cant we”that lets you know there main reasoning is to get black men back

    • okay

      JM I will agree some black people think white is right and some black woman are misguided when dating interracially and will date non black men out of spite. If bw are dating to get back at black men than they are pitiful. But the majority of black women who date interracially really are looking for a man who is serious about her and is looking to cherish her. This is a patriarch society and white males have been taught for centuries to take care of family..find a wife, start a family, build a future. This falls in line with what black women want.

  • Nathan

    I think it is odd that he is dating someone who portrayed Kim K in that Old Navy commercial…kind of strange….

  • WTF1

    who is it? this woman or that claudia chick? but good looking but I’m thinking is posting reggie with any white woman to draw attention.

  • LoveChild

    Smh @ the MAN in the red dress. What next?

  • confessions

    He really doesnt appear to be happy. I really think he wants kim but to ashame to admit it.

  • Storm

    Hmmm, the way he’s “HOEING” around, he may catch something that he can’t get rid of!! SMH!

    • Hmm....

      Im sure he already has that

  • YourDelusional01

    Shouldve KEPT that HOEDASHIAN!!! However, IM sure she’ll take him back BUT it will be terrible terms! I hate to admit it, but they look good together!! That Kris guy, its just ewwwwwww

  • TDR_of_Bossip

    That’s right Reggie, do your thing man. F*ck the haters!

  • JM@gic

    She aiight,but shes not like 06-09 kim K,and the Cuban chick he was dating,so hes taking a step back

  • okay

    Just for clarification, “on the regular” is slang for as a job. So now you get it!

  • okay

    @Going back..what are you talking about lol! I was with at first lol but then you went so far gone with it, I think you missed my point too lol. I happen to like attractive men…sorry you don’t agree with that..we like what we like..

  • Going back to aFreaka as we speak

    Au contraire mon frere. Most black men are married to black men despite the popular images.

  • Jay

    Okay@ You do know that Derek Jeter, The Rock, Shemar moore and a slew of black and mixed black men date white and nonblack women exclusively right.

    Your comment and post showed that you are insecure about something. For a woman who likes attractive men, you sure sound real insecure about black men who date out level of attractiveness. My guess is that you are not attractive and insecure about this issue so that is why you made your comment. You are so insecure that you want to believe that unattractive black men date white women but that is not the case, some prefer white women just like some black women do.

    You need to get some self esteem and some pride about your life. Also, attractive men want attractive women. I doubt you are an attractive woman, let alone one that could get a real attractive black man. Your insecurity is showing and it sounds pretty sad.

  • Going back to aFreaka as we speak

    Ha! Typo πŸ™‚ Most black men are married to black women.

  • okay

    You are mincing words. I never labeled black men as self haters? You did lol

    • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

      You intentionally failed to answer my question from above. All you did is divert around it on purpose.

    • okay

      @Magister I am not avoiding anything..I can’t have a debate with someone who get his facts straight first..YOU CALLED BLACK MEN SELF HATERS I DIDN”T–ACKNOWLEDGE THAT FIRST THEN I MAY ENTERTAIN YOU. okay

    • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

      No thanks, after reading your response to BlackHitler, I now see you use sarcasm to avoid answering questions.

    • okay

      @Magic I have respect for you. You know you can’t win a debate against me. Thanks for realizing it.

    • okay

      @Jay you sound like a child whose toy was taken away. Its very simple I don’t find Lamar, 50 Cent, Seal, Reggie Bush, Ice T, Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods to be handsome men..You just have to accept that statement and these men happen to date white girls. Just an observation…Nothing more too it. Nothing subminal, or bitter or whatever think it is..just the basic cute factor and Im my opinion thats all.

    • okay

      @Jay I don’t find them to be handsome men..You just have to accept that statement and these men happen to interracially. Just an observation. Its nothing subminal, or bitter or whatever you think I mean is..just my opinion…

  • TheBlackMaleHitler

    A black women saying reggie bush is unattractive is like rosie odennell saying rihanna is ugly. JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! You are on here hating on reggie because he’s with a beautiful women, BUT you don’t have NOTHING to say about eve and her old white man. HOE SIT DOWN and gtfohwtbs!! You f!ckin weave head. White women NEVER get jealous who white men is dating because they know they have NO problem getting a man of ANY RACE!

    • okay

      @The Black Male Hitler You finding Reggie Bush more attractive than I says a LOT more about you LOL. Ohh I see you don’t like black women cause you want all the black men to yourself!!! OHHH okay now it makes sense. And sorry to disappoint but white girls have BIG problems with white boys dating interracially and don’t be mad this has nothing to do with black men.

  • Magister Veritatis (RNI)


    Your above comment hit it right on the head. I don’t think black women like the idea of IR dating because they are on the outside looking in. Most of them can’t jump the fence and get the type of non black man they would prefer. Knowing this, they decide to bash black men who are easily able to obtain non black women.

    Secondly, I truly believe black women do not want to compete with other races. I have heard hundreds of blk women admit this on the radio and also in person. They don’t want to compete because in some cases they haven’t been taught to compete for men. All other races are taught to pursue the best man they can find. Big Momma was busy telling Mashonda not to chase after boys and we see how that has worked out.

    • Jay

      Something tells me that black men dating nonblack women is the real reason why they are so unattractive. Yet black women who date out are supposedly beautiful while the men are not attractive. It Sounds a little to close for comfort, these black women like Okay@ just bitter and childish about issues that surround white women and black men. Its not black men, its white women dating them that is the problem. I wonder if that observation would also be used to describe black women who date out, but probably not. These black women really think black men are idiots. We can see through that bullsh1t.

  • okay

    @Jay Derek Jeter not attractive to me. The Rock is cute but he’s never really been into black people so he doesn’t really count but okay I will give you 1. Shemar Moore girlfriend is black..

    I am not insecure about anything. I just made an observation. As I said before, I like cute like cute women right… I have a terribly handsome good black man..sorry to disappoint ya lol.

  • IMPRESS ME....

    Cut the crap! Black men and women date outside of their race for many different reasons.

    Most black women could care less if a brotha date someone other than a black woman. What’s insulting is when black men degrade black women in order to take a stance on IR dating.

  • Magister (RNI)


    You make a good point but what do you attribute this difference to? We all know men raised by single moms have a greater chance of dropping out of school and being incarcerated. But why are children of non black mothers doing better than men raised by black women? Nobody wants to answer this question.

    • Keep it Real

      A community can absorb 28% illegitimacy it can not absorb 72%+ illegitimcy with no men in the homes (ie matriarchal society).

      If the white community had 72% they’d have a lot of the same problems the black community has.

  • Jay

    Shemar moores girlfriend is not black. You are talking about homeboys model girlfriend right. That little model piece he walks around in LA with, she is not black.

    The reality of it is that this garbage isn’t about jeter or whomever. Its about insecurity and people making comments based on opinions that come from insecurities and dejection. Some black, Hispanic and white men don’t find any black women attractive, that does not mean that all black women are not attractive. For a black male to make the comment that all black women are not attractive because he does not find them attractive would be asinine. It is an opinion from one individual but far from factual. You almost come off as child with your little back and forth. Your ideal of attraction is not the justification of attractiveness. Your statement was not an opinion, it was a statement. If you would have wrote “in my opinion”, I think all black men who date out are unattractive then you would have some footing but your comment was far from what you are now stating. Act like an adult and keep it real, you were insecure and you made a comment based on that insecurity.

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