This Guy Is Officially E-V-E’s Rap Retirement Plan

- By Bossip Staff

This is Eve‘s British race car driver boo Maximillion Cooper.

Back in October, Eve professed her love for Maximillian via Twitter, in an attempt to kill rumors about her and another Brit. This week, while in Europe promoting, co-hosting and recouping from Maximillian’s “Gumball 3000 Rally” in Barcelona, that love had Eve letting her ovaries explode all over an interview.

She said: “I want marriage, I want babies, soon, but later.

“I’m seeing someone at the moment. I’m not saying [who it is], but it’s been a year. It’s not a secret. He’s not a music celebrity.”

But before wedding bells are in the air, the ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ rapper – who has also appeared in ‘Glee’ and starred in ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’ – is concentrating on her music and snubbing any movie roles, though there are projects she would jump at the chance to be part of.

Eve added to BANG Showbiz: “I haven’t read any scripts, I don’t want to, I want to finish this record – that’s like my top priority. I’ve read some stuff but nothing that has really grabbed me at all.

“My dream, dream, dream would to be directed by Quentin Tarantino. I want to kick somebody’s ass or shoot somebody.”

We can’t exactly knock Eve for not being in a rush on the music or acting tip though: in just a little over ten years, her not so secret boo has built up a fashion and racing empire that has left him with a net worth of $50 million. And he is just about to turn 39 this week.

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  • 223

    Opportunist stripper turned rich white man digger

    • LoveChild

      lmao @ Sarah. Agreed. Good for her,her music career is pretty much over,so she needs some financial stability

    • Youknowwhatitis

      WOMP! LMAO

    • exotica

      @ sarah…AMEN!! +10

    • kerry (next time get pedicure, bring plip plops!)


    • Ridiculous 1

      She’s doing no more than what black men are doing-dating outside of the “black box.” Good for her!

  • Mrs. Rance

    He’s not her retirement plan yet. They are not even married.

  • u got it

    @ Sarah: you hit the nail right on the head! Literally lmfaooo

  • 2damnfunny

    Eve has her own money. She’s worth about 18 million.

    When she started making money, her mother would always get her to invest her money and purchase real estate (back when she was with Stevie J). She’s pretty money savvy so don’t get it twisted.

    • G.M.

      The housing market is in shambles in this country…u either cant sell ur home or the sh1t wont sell for a lot less than the homeowner bought it for.

    • G.M.

      *will sell*

    • WithAllHonesty

      her sh!t is/was in foreclosure. maybe she can move into one of the others until it is foreclosure lol.

      Strippers or ex strippers don’t know anything about managing money.

    • 2damnfunny

      I didn’t read anything about foreclosure but I did see that she listed a home in LA last year. I was referring to a few purchases that she made and flipped around’01. Everyone knows what that housing market has been like in the US for the past 4 years. That was an example of some of the investment she made I read in an article years ago.

      Fame doesn’t always equal wealth.

  • Keep it Real

    Good for Eve. I keep telling these delusional Negro’s these complaints about interracial dating by black women isn’t about brothers dating white and non black women. It’s really about black women not having as many options to date white and non black men. As soon as interracial dating becomes more common and acceptable for black women, they aren’t going to give a fyck about what the black man is doing.

    • IceT

      You fake mother f*cker,you be on NEWSONE talking sh*t about black women.Then your fake punkazz come up here and sing a different tune.

    • Getem

      Many of us already could care less. And who said that the options aren’t open? Black women have only been limiting themselves.

  • Keep it phoney

    Say what? Black women have the same options in regards to dating as do black men. Don’t play yourself. Quit trying to pretend like black women are at the bottom of the totem pole. Black men aren’t necessarily at the top of everyones must have list. Good for Eve for finding true love.

    • Keep it Real

      I never said black men were at the top. 🙄 I’m just telling you that black men currently have more options. And that’s a fact and that’s the root of black women issues with black men dating interracially. Go to any blog and look at the difference in comments when the article is about a black man and a black woman dating interracially.

    • kerry (next time get pedicure, bring plip plops!)

      Black men ONLY have more options because they date outside of their race more. Black women don’t do that as much but that is rapidly changing.

  • YourDelusional01

    @ Yes: R U kidding?!! I mean are you serious? YOU are apart of the degeneration of WOMEN not black women but ALL women!! Its 2011, today BYTCHES HAVE THEIR OWN SHYTE and thats what men respect!! He had to move you out the hood? What are you his ghetto hoodie-rat whoe concubine? YOU my dear need to get off your lazy BLACK azz and get your OWN identity!! Eve has MADE HER OWN MONEY AND CELEBRITY, so she has something to fall back on and is respected! YOU sweety have ONLY ONE thing to fall back on AND THATS YOUR BACK!!!LOL. Since your so lazy, you better make sure you act like Vanessa Bryant (without the looks of course), AND KEEP YOUR WHITE MAN ON A SHORT LEASH cus they CHEAT too!! Idiot. SMDH

  • confidently_ugly

    Im just glad she is with a man…

  • Christielove1468

    Media*fake*out lied a few days ago claiming that Eve is about two months pregnant with Maximillian’s baby,smh! I am glad that Eve is back in the studio working on another album now,i really missed her music. Best wishes to you,Eve Jihan Jeffers!

  • Fab.

    Know how I know he’s rich? His name is Maximillion

  • JM@gic

    This typical black woman shyt,white man black woman thats great,black man white,latin,asian,indian chick hes a women hate on black men because they know there options are limited because of there shytty attitudes

    • Youknowwhatitis

      A black woman’s options are only as limited as her mindset. Black women are traditionally very loyal to men of their own race even when evidence has shown that white men have always been attracted to black women. The kicker is since white men are at the top of the power structure many don’t feel the need to date someone based on hair texture or skin complexion. That’s just my personal experience.

    • Marquis de Sade


      Don’t you mean a “CRUMBLING” power structure? :mrgreen:

    • WithAllHonesty

      I find it funny how Black women go back in forth with their claims. White men don’t feel the need to date out based on hair texture, yet so many Black women who date IR always say white men love our chocolate skin, and unlike black men love our natural hair. Whoo keep ya stories straight.And then the next minute the european ideal of beauty has made it hard for black women and women of color.

      SMH…y’all losing ground…

  • Daisy Jay

    Hmmm he’s about a 7 on the scale IMO.

    Welp, I only have to say this: You black men try to defends yourselves all the time by saying that black women need to chill and be cool with black men dating interracially. How about you take your own advice and stop getting so hot-headed over seeing a black woman with a white man?

    Stop with the hypocrisy. As long as two people love each other, it’s fine. The outside is a mere shell.

    • WithAllHonesty

      Most don’t care, we’re tired of the hypocrisy–especially the Black males who get the backlash.

      But to go further, I don’t think others would be critical if Black men didn’t degrade, disrespect and make generalizations about Black women all the while dating a non black woman.

    • kerry (next time get pedicure, bring plip plops!)

      “You black men try to defends yourselves all the time by saying that black women need to chill and be cool with black men dating interracially. How about you take your own advice and stop getting so hot-headed over seeing a black woman with a white man?”

      *applause* Standing mother f!ckin ovation!

    • Getem

      Cosign Daisy Jay.

  • Rayya

    To all, I don’t understand why everyone is so bitter! All, I hear on this site is negativity. I realize the people that use all the racist comments are very unhappy with themselves. I’m a beautiful attractive black woman and would not change anything about myself and, so sad to see so many unhappy flocks!

  • jay32

    I hate when my comments don’t post.

  • Youknowwhatitis

    You sound ridiculous…it’s a shame you didn’t bring anything to the table in that relationship but your puzzy. Just because a black man isn’t in the position to pay “captain save-a-hoe” doesn’t mean he can’t be a good man. Have some cl@ss.

  • Youknowwhatitis

    Until it has completely crumbled, they’re still on top like it or not. And once it does crumble you think Tyrone will be in the position/mindset to take the helm for his people? Not while he’s chasing after Becky he won’t.

  • G.M.

    and y’all wonder why im always sayin to treat women like wh0res lol XD…y’all basically are h0es who pu$$y goes to the highest bidder..and i dont mean all women, just the attractive ones. 😉

  • exotica

    Lol @ “retirement plan”…. I need to get on that a.s.a.p
    Eve is very pretty. I’ve never understood why some rich black man hasn’t scooped her up already. Who cares though, true love is blind. Get it eve!

  • keebler mf elf

    I’m sure he gonna hit it and quit it, because rich white men usually go for darker black women, not pitbull’s in a dress!

  • banter

    de Sade, Kebbler and G.M all of you failed your race and gender baiting quiz today. Y’all usually post better ignoring stuff. Step up your game fellas.

    • CAN AM

      G.M. is dead on with that thesis. Yes in deed!

  • Daisy Jay

    I’m starting to believe that you’re turning into a troll because now you’re just saying some off the wall stuff. Love and marriage is for poor people? What does money get you? Material bull that can easily vanish? We all know that golddiggers exist and many women today are too focused on having a certain lifestyle, but quit with your irrational generalizing because females like me are quite the opposite. I don’t sit and think about a man’s pockets or what he can buy me, so stop.

    • G.M.


      listen to whatever topic catches ur eye, i was just listening to #16

    • G.M.

      also, in the top right corner u can put in words like: rich, #22/23 talk about rich ppl marriage bad and how rich ppl both men/women hated it which why i say “marriage is for the poor”…other words like: kids/black(talks about blk issues)/marriage/money/chicks/men/young/dates…and get a whole list of topics dealing with those keywords…u dont have to believe me im one person so hear from many of those who experienced marriage & dating in general if u dont believe me.

    • G.M.

      no, i’ve never got my heart broken…and yes attractive women can use their looks to get a mans money…only women that dont know that are the unattractive ones…why do u think u see women who have never worked a day in their life pushin luxury cars and living in penthouses etc…like i said, u dont have to listen or believe anything i say, thats ur choice but i will share with u a way to hear from many ppl in this country, both men/women and their views on marriage from experience…whether u listen to it or not is up to u, i dont care either way but for those wondering why i say what i do & wonder where i get these beliefs, im more than happy to share.

  • Daisy Jay

    I’m not understanding that either. I feel that it’s not right to hold that against her. Yeah what she did was grimy, but doesn’t everybody have a skeleton in their closet? And like you stated, she has worked hard to build a successful, legit career – unlike many “celebrity” skanks who just stay in front of cameras and don’t do anything productive.

    If Eve was still hoeing around and being dirty, then maybe the stripper argument would have some kind of strength. But it doesn’t. She’s not like that anymore.

    • Youknowwhatitis

      These black dudes think our loyalty to them is out of desperation…not because we understand the struggle of the black man and empathize with him. Not because we’re more attracted to him than other races, but because nobody else wants us? Well what does that say about you, brothas? You hate yourselves so much you are amazed that a group of women could love you despite your lack of finances, common sense, and respect for yourself? Yet you run to becky or maria once you get paid because they’ve always respected and loved black men throughout the history of the world. Please, it’s not our fault you weren’t strong enough to recognize game.

  • kerry (next time get pedicure, bring plip plops!)

    Ya damn skippy! You sistas are giving me butterflies today!

  • exotica

    I just realized that he is British. British white men love black women. You will see the most suited up, posh, white man trying to holla at the most ghetto-looking black female in the room. They love them some ebony

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