Rihanna Gives A Lapdance To A Lucky Female Fan At Loud Tour [Video+Photos]

- By Bossip Staff

It seems Rihanna as taken out a page of Nicki Minaj’s book and is giving away free lapdances.

During her “LOUD” tour kickoff at Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena on Saturday night (June 4), RiRi dressed in a white bondage-inspired outfit invited a female fan onstage and straddled her.

Peep Video at HipHopWired.com

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  • joanna

    first she copied beyonce now nicki mstzzzzzz …. her time is running out, do yourself a favour and get a VOCAL COACH/CHOREOGRAPHER asap

  • Mz Goody

    So Chris did a lapdance last week so she figured she should give one also. Go ahead Rihanna and show your man what he’s missing.

  • wiz

    Bey is the business when it comes to performing and you know this…….. y do you think jay didnt marry little ms no talent????? bey is the shit… Jay played rih and now she is resorting to touching herself, lapdancing etc, to stay in the spotlight mstzzzzzz

  • Christielove1468

    I would had rather been treated to a lap dance by Chris Brown than Rihanna. Sorry,but that looks so gay whenever a woman gives another woman a lap dance.

    • wiz

      very true… chris can wine real good

  • laura

    ZERO talent ..when she’s gonna go away LORD plz SOON

  • trinitee

    cott dag on lucky Becky

  • Lisa

    @laura keep wasting your life waiting for her to go away while she is living hers. Good Luck with that hater.

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  • Maggie

    The orginal Queen of Lap Dance is Millie Jackson from back in the day. RiRi please sit down and get Theraphy, Christ Brown really did damage to you, and this is the way you respond to him??? how sad.

    • real ness

      bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ christ brown……lol @ that domestic samurai and christ in the same sentence, my eyes pop out my head im laughin so hard lmaoooo

    • What?

      Lmbo @ real ness.

      Didn’t Chris Brown just recently give some girl a lap dance? He’s no better than Rihanna, Nicki, and Trey.

  • so you say?......

    Rhianna is very very lame.

  • Machelle

    She’s a freak!

  • Juliemango

    A lil bajanamerian wine no hurt nobody!!!

  • 2012NOW

    No talent skenk desperate to remain relevent. Tho whole lot of them have flamed out already – too bad they are too greedy to bow out gracefully – but skenk’s never

  • kit

    I thought janet jackson was the firtst to do this nonsense

  • Michelle


  • whyohwhyboy

    What, who, where and when will this chick go away. No talent equals I will do anything to stay relevant. This is why they talk negative about her.

  • Ricki Lake

    H*e Sit DowN…LOL



  • Unico

    I’d more more supportive of this, if she could actually dance.

    She’s got moves like a dead tree trunk.

  • garul0

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    @@@@She’s got moves like

  • xclusive

    @ unico….LmFaO

  • bob

    Lil Kim already done that I think!!!

  • What?

    Another celebrity, another lap dance. SMH

  • coolone

    LOL, Bey this, Bey that, where is she today somewhere scratching her lacefront wondering how she’s going to recover from all that flopping. She’s only about performances. Nothing else!!!! Who cares about her stage act nowadays because by the next day she’s exposed for stealing it. LMFAOOOO Beyaki is washed up and thank goodness her music sux because we needed a break!

  • Dindi

    Lucky ?..I hope he doesn’t catch anything…

    • daddy

      lol i was thinking the same thing bwaaahhh

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