Congratulations: Lauryn Hill Announces Gut Full Of Marley Number Six

- By Bossip Staff

Now we feel kind of bad for making fun of Lauryn’s get up in Detroit on Saturday.

During her performance, Ms. Hill made the announcement, without much fanfare, that her brood of baby Marleys is set to grow by one very soon.

And all she said to the crowd was: “I’m going to be taking time off to give birth.”

Lauryn and her still married baby-daddy “spiritual husband” Rohan Marley currently have five kids: 13-year-old Zion, 12-year-old Selah, 9-year-old Joshua, 7-year-old John, and 3-year-old Sarah. Considering the vice grip Rohan Marley has had on Lauryn’s life since they got together in the late 90s, we would be really surprised if he wasn’t this kid’s dad too. Still, Lauryn didn’t come right out and say the new baby would be Bob’s grandkid too.

This isn’t the first tie Lauryn’s hinted at a sixth pregnancy. Back in March, during a show at Club Nokia in L.A., Lauryn told the audience “I keep having these children. I don’t know if I’m the most fertile woman in America.”

Congratulations to Lauryn and the Marley bunch.

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  • Cake

    Love them both really but are she and Erykah Badu in some type of amazing race to have the most kids?

    • abcde12345

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    • Greeneyez712

      Has anyone every live with a person with mental issues?!?!? Its not fun….It hard on the children and harder on families.. Isnt she knocking on 40yrs old too?!?!? Smh

    • kalifa

      lauryn needs to get off the d!ck and start making some music with sense….. 🙂

      i miss the quality of music she used to provide….now i gotta listen to these hoes (rihanna, beyonce, gaga, keri hilson) 😦

      i’m tired of seeing these young hoes grinding their cooch on the floor and singing garbage…..

      lauryn too busy being a baby machine & riding d!ck to care about me 😦

  • Donta

    CONGRATS Lauryn!

    • jayluv


  • 7lady

    Oh Lawd here come GM azz.

    And she can have as many babies as she want! I aint got to feed them! That girl got money

    • Greeneyez712

      Ummm…she moved in with her mother early this year or last year….That doesnt strike me as having money… Smh

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      Lauryn Hill Lived with her parents while she was in the Fugees.. So moving in with her mother is not an indication of her bottomline… Her mother obviously helps and supports her with the children and her work.

  • thruth

    good music is gonna get pushed back another few years. damn…i mean congratulations 😦

  • lovensmutts


  • gina

    Acknowledging her delicate emotional start and that it is hereditary somebody needs to consider!

  • gerren

    oh plz…this heifer popping out kids only because they will have marley’s name! If dude wsn’t Bob Marley’s son her azz would only be focusing on music and being a jump off.

    • laurenbaby

      I so agree with you. I am so over this crazy bat, she acts like she is a marley and I notice that any thing to do with Bob Marley she is always putting herself at the fore front. This man have several children who are all successful musicians in their own right, so Lauren needs to STFD and stop acting like the Marley’s PR. Cant stand her with her obnoxious self. But she gets mad love and respect because she is dark skin and she dont show skin . Just remember she is sleeping with another woman’s husband which makes her just as big a skank as the Rhi and Bey of the world.

  • CAN AM

    She’s working on having a Marley Choir. Have the multiple kids that I didn’t. 🙂

  • Fridayspecial

    Smh, every time she bout to make a come back she get pregnant. If I was a child of L.Boogie I’d have to spazz on my mama.

  • afro british

    Move over octom mum……

  • Atl_Finest

    Somebody need to inform her about the Ensure procedure. It take 15mins in a doctors office. It’s permanent & there are no scars. You’re awake during the procedure & while it’s being done you feel like you’re having cramps. I just don’t understand how women are dropping babies like crazy & most black women I’ve talk to have of the Ensure procedure.

    • goin deeper

      yeah my girl has those…I can feel the copper wire because I hit and fill tha bottom of the hole, but they DO work, cuz Lord knows I release DEEP inside(which women love) and dont have to worry about kiddies popping up in 9 months…but 4 THIS story,to me Lauryn is wasted talent. She could have been the 1 to mold these younger girls but now there is Nicki Minaj and the N.O. Walmart bounce girls….oh well.

  • Matix B

    Who the fuq cares how many children she has?- are you paying for them?-HELL NO.

    She is married and has been for over 13 years-let her live-y’all have graveyards for wombs- kick fuqing rocks.

    Only black people get mad an multiply children-when white people breed that rabbits they get a reality show- SMFH.

    • resurrected

      They are not married and he does not even live with her. She has been living with her mother for all of these years but they still are together in some shape or form.

    • confidently_ugly


      I really hope you are kidding , surely Lauren has not settled for being a “baby moma”

    • NunyaBizness


      This is true.She lives wit her her mother and children in NJ.Her ‘spiritual husband’ is still married to his first wife Geraldine.I think he lives in Jamaica.

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      This thread is a glearing light on the ignorance of the American public when it comes to spiritual beliefs and cultural diversity.

      And I bet most of those calling Lauryn a Baby Momma… a side piece ect… claim to be Christians and you have no TRUE Knowledge of YOUR so called professed Religion.

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    How many kids does Rohan have with his actual (real) wife?

    • Lovely One


  • Christielove1468

    Rohan Marley probably figure he has the best of both worlds:he has his wife and baby mama,Lauryn Hill. L-Boogie has a strong,healthy uterus.

  • Matix B

    WTF do you guys think the song ZION was about- this woman put her whole career on hold to raise a generation- there is nothing wrong with that!

    SN: none of y’all realize that she is as Rasta-hence the lack of birth control. SMFH. not everyone wants to live by the status quo.

  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    It was obvious! Congrats to both of them……@Matrix, isn’t the kid father married to another woman? Well i hope they’ re divorce ……Whatever work’s for them.

    • Matix B

      No, he has other women YES- but Rohan and Lauren are married and have been married for 13 years. It’s a cultural thing-no shade.

  • dd

    at least her uterus is not a cemetery or grave Yard like most black women today

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      I find it so sadly hilarious how the black man will make comments like this about the black woman and her abortions yet when she has the child he abandons it like trash and then blames the mother for his unwillingness to be a father to this child because “she chose to have it”.. SMH!!

  • Darlin


  • LaDiva

    Ummm no he is not married to L-boogie. He is still married 2 his wife. This man won’t even honor Lauryn Hill. And Lauryn, u popping all these kids for him ain’t gonna get him to divorce his wife. Time to wrap it up after all these yrs wasting it on this waste.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      You mean to tall of these children with Lauren?? SMH!! Six kids with another woman and she’s still with him?? What does that say about the wife??? Are him and his wife together in matrimonial sense or is it something where they are separated but it’s easier not to get “divorced”??

  • hotbitch

    As long as she can afford them I don’t give a damn how many kids she has. Just like Brad and Angeline can keep cranking them out because they CAN. The only thing I’m pissed about is the fact that she’s left us hanging for over a decade. Damnit, L-Boogie! 😦

  • Matix B

    Y’all don’t understand- they are RASTA-they do not follow the laws of your society-

  • LaDiva

    @ DaHonest…
    It says a lot about the wife but it also says a lot about lauryn hill. As far as how this marriage is, I don’t know. But if I was the wife and or lauryn I sure as hell wouldn’t waste my life on a man that doesn’t know the meaning of being in a committed relationship. B/c he sure dishonors his vows before God and he sure dishonors Lauryn as well.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      I agree!! All three are pretty darn sad!!

  • Nic

    Lauren cooch must stretch from here to Alaska DANG CONGRATS!!!!

    • jayluv


  • LaDiva

    @ right. I agree. It sounds incredibly stupid to refer to pregnancy as a “gut full of human”.

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    Well as long as they are not asking anyone else to take care of them then hey it’s their business, her mom helps them as well so she seems to have a system in place as far as support goes. I read an article while she was off the radar that talked about how and what she was doing, and she seems to live her life just as any mom with kids that are involved in activities would, she gets up and is very hands on with them. So congrats to them!

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