*Exclusive* Superhead Karrine Steffans Says “Confessions Of Video Vixen” Was A Lie…Not Her Titling! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

No Such Thing As A Video Vixen?
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Part 2.

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She Says Here… The Confessions Of A Video Vixen Was Not Her Doing!

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Karrine is shooting a documentary and these are some exclusive clips!

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  • apple

    this hoe is a loose cannon #literally..she has some mental issues

    • abcde12345

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    • Greeneyez712

      Is this chick Bipolar?!?!?

    • http://www.7stage.com eaststank

      Don’t be surprise if this HARLOT ends up
      DEAD!!! Theres nothing left for her.
      A nice body just aint good enough!!!
      Her son is crazy just like her, but what choice did he have????

  • lovensmutts


  • Bea

    Wow! I don’t know what’s up with her….please seek help!

  • the weeknd

    in the third clip, you knows the song in the background?? it sounds like the weeknd, bt dont know the track.

    • thevoguestone

      its called “wicked games”. (such a good mixtape)

  • Illuminate Truth "GroupThink Brings Death to Free Thought"

    D@mn….irrelevance wins again.

  • http://www.nike.com Kimmy J

    Black people she has 3 new york times best sellers.. Go and try to make that happen.

    • Boondock Saint

      She said it herself… she “writes SHIT.”

    • virgo 06'

      hell best seller good be # 213 as many lists of best sellers’ the NYT has. lol

  • shyanne

    We’ll I guess some hoes can change

  • https://bossip.com/371447/madeas-big-happy-whatever30346/ cc

    She needs to go see someone about that sexual abuse she experienced as a child. That has been put on the back burner for way to long.

  • Ik

    She’s crazy!

  • HAZE

    LMAO I can’t stop laughing. It is so sad this beautiful woman is so fvcked up in the head. It’s clearly something wrong upstairs..I wonder has she ever at least tried to talk to someone about her issues..Man I feel so bad for her.


    HO CARES H?OE?????


  • Mrs Steez4Steez

    I think she’s brilliant. She’s taken the hand she was dealt and played it to the fullest. At this point, women wish they had her skills (Mr. Marcus–WOW) and beauty and men want to give her a throat-swab test with their schalongs. The truth is, she’s lived and has been brave enough to cop to many of her mistakes. Most of us hide behind Bibles, insecurities, and hypocrisy.

    *In my Johnny Cochran voice*If the hatin’ shoe fits, go eat a dyck! #JillScottHateOnMe


  • Trublu

    Drugs Are Bad…MmmmKAYyy

  • FTW

    i know right. despite all of her issues, she’s still a very attractive lady. Hey, i guess you play the cards you’re dealt.

  • Big Dave

    Career issues aside, no one wants to see anyone in the bathroom in their underwear brushing their teeth except voyeurs and creeps, and maybe spouses/partners.

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    Karrine confuses me! She changes her story so much. !i think shes pulling out all the stops in order to avoid the inevitable fading into obscurity.

  • kerry (black woman, queen of civilization, why are you so beautiful?)

    Oh boy.

  • chicot

    Always amazes me how this particular women gets called everything but a child of GOD yet Kim Kardash…is all over TV, Mags and Black gossip blogs being praised! I don’t get how the two are any different aside from race….

    • Blkluv

      Kim K agent is smarter than Karrine S’s. She’s a really smart girl with tons of potential too bad she went down a bad road. I was deeply involved with a bipolar woman and Karrine seems to display these tendencies. I give her some credit though, she’s right in the in the fact that she didn’t own her product(Book) once she submitted her manuscript; her publisher probably took more advantage of her than the people she wrote about it her book.

      By her own admission, she’s not a person who’s footstep you want to follow in learn from her lesson and do better.

    • G.M.

      u know ur the crab in the bucket u speak about in ur comment right lol XD


      Why are you surprised by the double standard? It has never been and never will be acceptable for a Black Woman to openly prostitute herself and then attempt to cash in on it!White woman can get away with sleeping around and cashing in on it,because that culture has no prolem with it,but with all that the Black Woman has to struggle with in this society,going the SuperHead route,only serves to knock Black women further down the ladder. Just because a lot of peole buy her books,does not legitamize her or her past. If anything,her books have a train wreck appeal,in that people want to witness the carnage. Kim Kardashian is a joke,but she’s a joke with a very solid stable of savy business minded people around her,who turned her into a brand, Being an attractive White woman in America poens those kind of doors,being an attractive Black woman,who sleeps with rappers and R & B artists gets you on the D LIst. Sorry,but that’s the TRUTH!

  • She been a dumb bitch!

    Hmmm…checks must’ve stopped rollin in.

  • mis me with that wack shi!


  • Boondock Saint

    She’s handling that toothbrush like a pro, huh? I guess she has to have SOMETHING stiff and frothy in her mouth. 🙂

  • 2Sweet

    It’s not 2005 anymore hoe your time has been up!

  • JustAshley


    • Queen Beef

      Thank you!Best comment on this thread…

    • EXTREMELY facetious

      Wake up! You might miss something relevant……

  • Youknowwhatitis

    Author gear: black turtle neck, minimal makeup, lip gloss, black skinny jeans, flats, hair in pony tail, or cascading gently around the shoulders.

    Karinne sit your azz down, nobody told you to market yourself as a slore. “Beauty doesn’t last forever,” really? It’s chicks like you that made these young impressionable girls aspire to be hoes in the first place. Before you write the next “great american novel,” you need to practice being seen not heard; you need to learn to listen with your words and not your ears, and more importantly stop being a narcissistic attention seeking has been. Reinvent yourself by completely denouncing your former life/profession through your actions not just your words.

  • lt

    this beautiful woman is so screwed up, poor thing. i really feel bad for her son. ain’t no telling how he’s going to turn out.

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