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Mr. Trump, you’re fired.

Donald Trump continued to dig into Barack Obama during his appearance at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s conference Friday, pointing to a major media bias when it comes to coverage of the president’s mistakes.

The business mogul mocked Obama’s rise to the presidency, saying that he endured many primary losses to then-Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton and “limped over the finish line barely.”

He also called attention to Obama’s gaffs during his visit with Britain’s royal family.

During his May visit at Buckingham Palace, the president toasted the Queen during a dinner prepared in his honor. However, Obama said the phrase “To Her Majesty the Queen” early in his speech, cuing the band to play “God Save the Queen.”

Despite the mistake, Obama continued to speak over the music. British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg later defended him saying, “I thought you did exactly the right thing.”

Still, Trump said, “He made a horrendous toast, a very inappropriate toast.”

“I watched the news the next day and they’re saying, ‘Isn’t that cute?’ ‘Isn’t that wonderful?’ ‘Oh that was so funny when he said that;’ ‘oh, oh, he’s so smart;’ ‘It was so funny,'” Trump observed. “I said to myself, ‘I wonder what would have happened if George Bush signed it May of ’08? I wonder if almost anybody was three years off.'”

He summed, “That’s part of … the problem that the Republicans are going to have. Nobody is protected [in the press] like Barack Hussein Obama.”

Trump called for new leadership in the White House and said, “If we have the right leadership this country can be great again.”

So, the country is no longer “great” because we don’t have the “right leadership?” “Right,” as in white, perhaps? Sure didn’t fuss while Bush was destroying the nation. His arguments sound more personal than political anyway, so we need for him to sit all the way down. Quit bein’ a chump, Trump!




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