Epitome Of Bad Parents: Louisville Couple Leave Baby In Hot-A** Car While They Make It Rain In The Strip Club!!

- By Bossip Staff

So you’re just gonna look at cakes and ta-tas while your child burns up huh?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Two Louisville parents are facing charges after police say they found them drinking inside a strip club while their baby was left in the hot car.

Police went to Déjà Vu on Taylor Boulevard around 11 p.m. May 31. When officers arrived, they say they found the infant strapped in the car seat crying and soaked in sweat. The car was not running.

Soon after police got there, officers say 43-year-old Laura DiPrimo, the child’s mother, ran out of the strip club and jumped in the car, started it and put down the windows. A short time later officers say the baby’s father, 28-year-old Thomas Lee exited the bar.

An arrest report says both DiPrimo and Lee admitted to drinking. The reports also states that Lee was wearing an ankle bracelet because he was supposed to be on home incarceration in Clark County, Indiana.

The child was OK, but both parents were arrested and charged with wanton endangerment.

At the time of the arrest, the heat index was 91 degrees. Officers say on the way to Louisville Metro Corrections, Lee complained that the police car was too hot.

Pieces of sh*t might be too nice a term to describe these two scumbags…


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  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    He got the nerve to complain that the car was too “hot”. They should lock his a$$ up in the car for a couple hours then he would know what it feels like.

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    • kalifa

      sometimes you just gotta make it rain on hoes…. 🙂

      when i feel the urge i usually tell my kids we’re playing “sauna”…..if they complain or sell me out to the cops they lose and will have to live in a foster home 🙂

  • Blue Moon

    White people..would you look at that…smh her azz is married to a 28 year old wtf (1st sign of stupidity)..he said da car was too hot..nw u know how ur child felt dumbo..ankle bracelet n all..wana go c cakes while ur baby bakes..sum ppl don’t deserve 2 be parents wtf..wat ur wife’s wrinkly cakes aren’t good enuf..n her old azz agrees to go with? Freakin Idiot..

    • geemoenettie

      They weren’t married. Just some old cougar ish. Her old rice paper cakes was just trying to keep up with a young cub. SICKENING

  • Leyondra

    Tf wrong wit them?

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    Lord have mercy what is wrong with people, if you have money to be at a strip club at least pay a D### babysitter, I mean really?….really?!…..SMH!

  • carebaer


  • Low self esteem hoe

    I thought they were black!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg lol when r ppl gonna be smart enough to get it… Don’t bring children into this world if u can’t care and be responsible for them!!!!!!!! And if u have no money!!! It’s not hard to comprehend… Jeez!!!!!!!

  • lady L

    That just sad and a few of these comments are sad ppl find JESUS or some other spiritual thing but you have to have morals thats just sad everyone shouldn’t have kids or only have them to get a check. JUST SAD!

  • prissa

    I didn’t mean 2 but @Blue Moon, your comment made me laugh 😦

    “go see cakes while your baby bakes”

  • Unico

    The thought of a child being left to die in a car is just sickening.

  • Lele

    Rich white people have children for one reason tax write offs. Poor white people have children for one reason welfare checks. These two are the welfare kind. They are animals.

  • 00000001

    That ankle bracelet must be solar powered.

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