Introducing: “The Bossip 5” ft. NE-YO

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip recently caught up with Neyo to help us premiere our new segment, “The Bossip 5”.

Bossip: Name your perfect threesome. Male or Female. Dead or Alive.

Neyo: Definitely female, don’t believe everything you read. Me, Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson.

Bossip: Out of the three celebrities given, you have to choose one to “do” one to “marry” and one to “cast away to a remote island”. Celebs – Beyonce, Jada Pinkett Smith, Nia Long

Neyo: Well, Beyonce’s already married so…we would cast her away to Jay Z’s remote island. Jada Pinkett is married too, so I wouldn’t do her. So, I’d “do” Nia long.

Bossip: Name your favorite curse word, and use it in a sentence.

Neyo: My favorite curse has always been f*ck. I don’t know why, just the way it rolls off the tongue. As in – If John McCain wins the election, we’re f*cked.

Bossip: What’s your most recent embarrassing moment?

Neyo: I was doing a show in New York and I fell into the orchestra pit that was in front of the stage in front of a lot of very important people. The radio people, they talked about it for weeks.

Bossip: If you were invisible what celebrity would you stalk?

Neyo: Probably Alicia Keys…. because, I love her.

Peep what ya boy had to say about this upcoming election when you pop the hood…

“I’ve already let it known to a few different people on a few different occasions, that if McCain wins, I’m moving to Canada or to France or somewhere. I personally feel like Barack Obama hit the nail on the head when he said that McCain was in agreement with Bush a good 90% of his decisions. He felt like Bush was right. That alone was enough for me to be like this is not the dude that we need running this country. So, God help us if he wins. “

God, Peter, Paul, Lazarus, Jacob, and Mary help us if Old McHeartfailure wins.



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