Introducing: “The Bossip 5” ft. NE-YO

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip recently caught up with Neyo to help us premiere our new segment, “The Bossip 5”.

Bossip: Name your perfect threesome. Male or Female. Dead or Alive.

Neyo: Definitely female, don’t believe everything you read. Me, Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson.

Bossip: Out of the three celebrities given, you have to choose one to “do” one to “marry” and one to “cast away to a remote island”. Celebs – Beyonce, Jada Pinkett Smith, Nia Long

Neyo: Well, Beyonce’s already married so…we would cast her away to Jay Z’s remote island. Jada Pinkett is married too, so I wouldn’t do her. So, I’d “do” Nia long.

Bossip: Name your favorite curse word, and use it in a sentence.

Neyo: My favorite curse has always been f*ck. I don’t know why, just the way it rolls off the tongue. As in – If John McCain wins the election, we’re f*cked.

Bossip: What’s your most recent embarrassing moment?

Neyo: I was doing a show in New York and I fell into the orchestra pit that was in front of the stage in front of a lot of very important people. The radio people, they talked about it for weeks.

Bossip: If you were invisible what celebrity would you stalk?

Neyo: Probably Alicia Keys…. because, I love her.

Peep what ya boy had to say about this upcoming election when you pop the hood…

“I’ve already let it known to a few different people on a few different occasions, that if McCain wins, I’m moving to Canada or to France or somewhere. I personally feel like Barack Obama hit the nail on the head when he said that McCain was in agreement with Bush a good 90% of his decisions. He felt like Bush was right. That alone was enough for me to be like this is not the dude that we need running this country. So, God help us if he wins. “

God, Peter, Paul, Lazarus, Jacob, and Mary help us if Old McHeartfailure wins.

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  • helloworld

    yayy first comment!

  • K-mia

    lol@ KJ

    i think he handled it well, good answers

  • Dr. Winkie


  • Kesha: (I BLEED BLACK-N-GOLD) Bush is out...what are we gonna do! Damn!

    LOL @ NEYO! I kinda like him after that interview

    Hey K-Mia, Aunt VIV, and AK STAN


    At least he’s not short on his politics…

  • Aunt Viv

    Hey Kesha!!!

  • Sawyer

    so many people feel the same way…if McCain/Palin ticket wins the united states will be short a few hundred thousand people. Me wanting to be one of them. Here’s to paying off debts and saving money!

  • Fresh Perspective

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a man is “metro” or gay (which is why I prefer alpha males–soap, lotion, deodorant and chapstick is all a man needs…I digress). The verdict is still out on Ne-yo as far as I’m concerned, but he gave a decent interview.

  • JOJO

    LOL @ Neyo.. He is so silly but I feel him on McCain becoming president. I did read somewhere he has a crush on A Keys.. lol

    I liked the interview too.

  • like I see it

    In reality Neyo would want to do a 3 some with Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy. All 3 are single and they all like “MEN”. He needs to stop talking so much about women and just stick to what he knows—MEN.

  • mi pepe

    if u want to move out of america if mccain wins..than move now…LOL

  • mi pepe


  • LB

    I love that he loves Alicia. he complimented her style very well when he was on tour with her. his set was insane!

  • thickems

    I said the same thing about moving out of this country. I am going to keep the faith and pray that Obama will be our next President.

  • YoYo

    That was wack

  • K-mia

    hey kesha!!

    @Ak#1 stan

    hey girl! and good choices! nuthin’ wrong with a fantasy!

  • It's whatever 2day...


  • It's whatever 2day...


  • pm

    3 and then some ..Megan goode and Zoe kravitz she legal right?


    I would love to have a threesome with Neyo and Jon Legend. Seeing that we all are gay and seeing that I am trying to get into the industry with my singing, all three of us could really have a concert in my bedroom. Neyo and Johnny boy and myself could really make beautiful music together.

  • bria

    How very silly. I think every female he mentioned in this article is being disrespected by the mere mention of their names.

  • OldSoulNewEra

    I wanna know what Alicia Keys thinks of all the crushes on her cuz she’s pullin em in like clockwork. She’s got Ne-Yo, Janet Jackson, John Mayer (I’m sure), and it just so happens that she’s requested in a threesome by two people (Ne-Yo and Janet) that already have gone public with their crushes on her. Now she gotta make her move….

  • I got that good good

    LMAO! It is so got damn funny to me how people claim they’re moving if McCain wins. WHAT? They know damn well they aint going nowhere. Where will they go? Most claim they are going to Europe. Umm, I lived in Europe not too long ago and some of my sisters are still over there and it is not any different from over here. TRUST me. The economy is not doing any differently from what it is doing over here. So, let them move. But they will feel stupid while doing it. Huuu…I just want to LMAO when McCain wins. Like these black people swear the know everything. AND I don’t give a damn if any celebrity moves out of this country. What will change? I don’t see a celebrity on such a regular basis that if they move a part of my life will be affected. PLEASE. Ne-Yojust wants to be gay freely and McCain won’t allow that so he wants to leave the country..GTFOH!

  • Mistah Swirl

    Is that his woman in the brown dress?


    @Ms.Pharell Williams

    Hey I have the right to express my views and thoughts just like you do. Please keep your negative comments to yourself concerning my fellings and or expressions. No one expressed the fact that you think that you are Pharrell Williams. (How Nerdy…anyway…BIATCH stay away from negativity it isnt becoming of you)

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