For The Ladies… Some Serious Man Banger Action From Shemar Moore And Lance Gross

- By Bossip Staff

Ladies… you likey? We thought we’d give you some real good man banger action to make sure you start this Hump Day the right way. Shemar Moore showcased his fine physique on the beaches of Miami yesterday. Mmmmmm, that’s nice. And if you like your man-meat a lil darker —

How does Lance Gross work for you? The actor was spotted shopping it up at The Grove on the West Coast. Very nice!

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  • Truth

    I reallu believe SHEMAR Moore is GAY

    • lhk88888888

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    • Amber

      they are cute, But both of them are so smug and arrogant. exactly when has that been appealing..???

    • Beautiful white woman

      Great eye candy!

  • Truth

    I really believe SHEMAR Moore is GAY!! Yes sir

    • kerry (winn dixie is a real place)

      I agree. Something about him is off.

  • gina

    He is sooo gay! And he is starting to crimp his lips and do the gay man pouty mouth…..but its ok girlfriend! DLs are so mad at Twan and dem these days outting everybody :-). Thanks Twan

    • kerry (winn dixie is a real place)

      “crimp his lips” BAHAHAHAHAHA

  • chaka1

    My radar says Shemar is not gay. He tries too hard to act “blacker” than what he is. I like the photo. It looks like his skin is so hot, that it would burn you if you touched him. hmmmmmm…

    I LOVE Lance too. So dayum cute…

    • Exotic coco

      I agree, he’s not gay! just fine… They both are

    • kerry (winn dixie is a real place)

      Look at the difference in the pant roll. Lance has the masculine roll, Shemar has the feminine boat roll. Plus flip flaps like those are never ok for a guy. Neither are apostle sandals.

    • Beautiful white woman

      He is half White

  • Uhh Yeah Ok™

    lol. Let’s not start a ruckus like the last Shemar thread LMBAO…

    They both look good however I’d take Lance,mhm …

  • Littleenglander

    Nice very nice. Fit and muscular, me likey!!!!!

  • Yes really

    My radar started beeping soon as i saw this pic// so i had to right him(Shemar) a gay ticket!!Chaka1

  • Gretchen

    Exactly how does a black man “try to act blacker than he is?”

    • Amber

      by generally acting more dumb stupid, thick, dull, foolish, dense, dozy ,dim, obtuse, unintelligent, asinine, braindead and dim-witted. who came up with this dumb idea you ask.??? BLACK PEOPLE

  • C@ssidy

    that man aint gay!! but he sh0W IS FINE!!!!!!!! not that Lance guy!! EW! SHEMARRRRR!! LOVE HIM!! YUMMY!!

  • chaka1



    Dozy? Obtuse?

    I am going to use those words today for real…

  • Queen Beef

    Whew,those men are fine!Don’t need my Starbucks this morning now.Already got my coffee and cream.*fans self*

    • anewme

      Amen….and it saved about 4-5 bucks!

  • CBAM

    Shemar you sure tan nicely! And what is everyones obsession with celebs being gay? very suspect behavior for a bunch of so-called straight posters!

  • Matix Double Negative B

    She-Mar is fuqing HOOOTTTTT- We met him at a night club and he soooooo wanted to get with my sister in law- He kissed every girl in that club though and touched up on every body part he could get his hands on. I’m not into pretty light skin guys -but SHE-Mar is Over hot.

  • Fashion Yaa

    They both look yummy. Why did Lance go bald? ‘had no idea he is this swole, good for you Lance

    • la di da

      i’m actually loving the bald-chic look Lance got going

  • Love Me

    These are the ONLY 2 in World that I would have one nights stands while lying to my husband.

  • 2Sweet

    Both of them are allegedly gay, but they’re definitely fine regardless! Whoever gets a piece of that, man or woman is lucky!

  • 2Sweet

    Oh shyt that’s Lance…I thought it was Tygga. LOL…disregard that last gay comment.

  • JustAshley

    Now THESE are man bangers. 😉

  • Darlin

    no 2 men should be that fine……..

  • tommykimon

    Both are HOT!! finally some eye candy.

  • bia mys

    This is soo off topic but have ya’ll seen the spinoff to balleralert called balleraddictcom? That sh*t is crazy

  • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

    What is wrong with some black women? So a black man has to be gay because he looks more handsome than your baby daddies?

    You all act bitter when they get fed up with your ignorance and marry white women. If a white woman sees a good looking black man, she’ll say DAMN he’s fine. No need to try to disect the man and call him gay just because he’s got a good job and looks better than any man in your empty lives. get it together.

    • Sasha FLOPPED!


  • ken.calm

    and also wear flip flops…in reference to the brainfreeze who said str8 men don’t wear flip flops…ladies don’t let your wigs slow your brain function.

  • NuJeruBAP

    Gay or not Shemar is GORGEOUS!

  • Nae2Timez

    lmao@ lady boner…. sadly you are not alone they are bothe fine as hell gay or not and could get it 3 ways from sunday

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